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Jacksonville, FL
Volvo S40
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Extremely high prices
I would recommend your service to a friend, but as far as fair prices are concerned I believe you could do better. I realize parts are marked up so you can make money as a business, I feel like they are marked up quite a lot. Also, my biggest grievance is that I explained that my cooling fan most likely needed to be replaced and you charged me $55 dollars to diagnose it when that was indeed the issue. Also, a headlight needed to be replaced and it would have cost me close to $80 to go through you and I changed it in 5 minutes for $20. Again I realize you are a business, but that is not fair pricing in my opinion. If I have you guys diagnose a problem and I have you fix it, with upcharging for the parts and the labor and shop fees I think that the diagnostic fees should be waived. That’s how it’s always been at every other shop I’ve been to. As far as the cooling fan, you quoted me $470 + $55 diagnoses when it cost me $140 for a new fan and about 10 minutes unplugging two electrical plugs and 4 bolts to remove and replace old fan. That is extremely unfair pricing.
John G. from Maxi Auto Care responded on 10/01/2018

Thank you so much for your kind words, Brandon. We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us. We count ourselves lucky for customers like you. We look forward to working with you again in the future!

Yulee, FL
Chevrolet Silverado SS
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My recent visit
My family and I have been bringing our vehicles to Maxi Auto Care for years. We have also recommended Maxi to many of our friends.
On Monday September 25, I called to make an appointment to bring my truck in for one last service, as I am moving to North Carolina. I indicated I would like for everything to be checked, including all fluids, tires rotated and balance. I also informed them my A/C had been acting up and was told by a friend that it may just need "to be recharged." My check engine light also came on recently and wanted that checked out, even though my truck had been running just fine.
I confirmed an appointment for Wednesday, September 27 and I would drop the vehicle off first thing in the morning. By 4:00 pm, I had not heard anything so I called. I was told the mechanic just started looking at it, but was assured it would be ready by 5 pm. Once I arrived, I was told "the problems would need further diagnostics to fix them and that they ran out of time." Additionally, I wasn't charged anything for the services.
Like I said in the beginning, I have always been satisfied with the service from Maxi, however this final time, I was not. I brought my vehicle and intentionally left it here all day for the problems to be addressed and repaired. I also wanted my vehicle to be serviced to make sure everything was good. I am very disappointed in the fact that now I do not have time to take my vehicle elsewhere to get it looked out before I move to North Carolina. I feel my vehicle should have been looked at before 4:00 pm, had I received a call in regards to the problems and that they needed additional diagnostics, I would have seen if i could arranged another appointment the following day. I was prepared to pay for services requested, but instead I wasn't charged anything, due to nothing was completed.
Thank you for your past services and I hope this issues may be addressed so that other people do not have this problem in the future.
JOHN G., Owner from Maxi Auto Care responded on 09/29/2017


Thank you for taking the time to write this review. I am as dissapointed as you are that we let you down, on of all things, your last visit. 
We have appreciated yours and your Families business very much over the years. While we have not been perfect we have always strived to offer good, honest service. Obviously this time we fell short of good service by not communicating the problems we were experiencing on the day you gave us to work on your truck.

Our failure was ours and I sincerely apologize. If the opportunity arises that we can rectify this problem, please let me know.

Good luck in North Carolina, I hope everything else on your move is without complications.

John Gordon
Owner/ maxi Auto care

Leron H.
Jacksonville, FL
Chevrolet Aveo
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10/20/2016 Category: Service
Leron said he ended up going somewhere else because the installation wasn't installed correctly. It created repeat trips. He wouldn't recommend them for what he had installed and it was for an intoxa-lock.
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Marcos M.
Jacksonville, FL
Chevrolet Chevy Express
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09/09/2016 Category: Service
Marcos said the business gave him an estimate for the work and they were not able to complete everything he wanted done for the price they charged him.
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John G. from Maxi Auto Care responded on 09/12/2016

It is true that we had to increase your estimate to repair a power steering leak. The power steering pressure hose was leaking in the same area as the gear box. It was not until after we replaced the leaking hose and double checked our work that we were able to see the gear box leaking from the seal. I wish we could have determined that both were leaking from the beginning. 
When I phoned you to discuss this new finding, I did explain that the leak was present but that you could drive the van. You would have to add fluid occasionally and the leak may worsen over time. I beleive your decision to replace the gear box was the correct decision for your van. 
Sir, we sincerely appreciate your business and we do try to make complete estimates. Obviously we are humans and occsionally we can be fooled. I do apologize for not catching the additional leak sooner. 
If we are given an opportunity to work for you again, I assure you we will do everything in our power to be thorough in our assesment of your vehicle.
Owner, Maxi Auto Care

Edward Z.
Jacksonville, FL
Nissan 300ZX
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12/15/2015 Category: Service
Edward said the business did great work. There is an issue with the vehicle and he will come back if the vehicle gets worse.
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