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Tammy F.
Radford, VA
Chrysler 300M
Verified Customer
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Will find somewhere else to take my car
Modern Automotive was where I felt like I wanted to take my car. I felt like I was treated respectfully and I thought they took good care of my car. Beginning of June was crunch time for me to get my car to pass inspection. They wouldn't pass it due to needing new tie rods. Then an alignment and whatever else they did that the bill totaled about 650.00. Fast forward to last weekend and my right front tire was very low and same side headlight was out. Fix a flat got me to Monday morning. I took my car in and asked them to fix the tire and the headlight. For a total of 446.00 and some change. Turned out I needed a new tie rod on the right side this time. I thought it was something that was recently fixed but I didn't question. I needed my car. I was talking to my ex about it and found the receipt for the tie rod replacement in june. He told me if one needs replacing they should both be replaced at the same time. Apparently in june only the left one was replaced. By the time I got my car in on monday the wheel was able to move freely in directions that it shouldn't which is terribly unsafe. My second job is a delivery driver and I use my car. I work 2 jobs trying to support my children as a single mom. That 400 was supposed to go towards my November rent. New engine light was on when I got the car back from them fixing it. Just got the engine light cleared out for something having to do with my gas cap. This new engine light is saying my mass air flow sensor is bad. Wasn't the message I got before they took my car back to get it fixed. I felt so violated.
CHUCK S. from Modern Automotive responded on 10/21/2019

Tammy, I am so sorry that you continue to have challenges with your car.  I understand that it is upsetting.  But to be clear this is not an issue that was caused by our repairs (which would be covered by our warranty)  Your Car Failed Va State Inspection in June.  It required Rear Brakes and a left inner tie rod to pass.  We performed that work.  Your ex probably was unaware that the original repair was only to get the vehicle in a condition to pass the Va State Inspection Standard. At that time the right tie rod met the standard to pass Va State Inspection.  When you returned 4 months and 6,000 miles later, with a nail in your tire and a headlight out, your right tie rod had gone bad and needed to be replaced as well.  I hate that the timing was bad for you.  We have worked with you when you needed a place that would accept a 3rd party payor and have continued to do nothing but work to keep your vehicle operating.  I do not understand what your comment about the check engine light is about.  We were not asked to diagnose a check engine light issue except in September when you had an issue with the Camshaft Position sensor, which was replaced and is no longer an issue, to my knowledge and again if it were an issue it would be covered under warranty.    Sincerely,   Chuck Swain, Owner

Verified Customer
Christiansburg, VA
Volkswagen Jetta Wagon
Verified Customer
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Took to long for inspection sticker
Had an appointment at 1:30pm and they called me at 3:30 that they finally finished then didn’t even put a rejection sticker on my car they put nothing on my car.
CHUCK S. from Modern Automotive responded on 05/23/2019

We were asked to perform a Va State Inspection on the Jetta, it arrived without a sticker on the windshield.  It failed due an exhaust leak.  Unfortunately, it had been rejected by another station and arrived without a sticker on it.  Here is the regulation reference (19VAC30-70-60 para A) therefore we are not allowed to issue a second rejection sticker.  


Chuck Swain
Modern Automotive

Hunter H.
Radford, VA
Chrysler Town & Country
Verified Customer
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Not great
My husband also came with Hunter Haynes with my Lexus ES 350 and it was scratched in the front . My husband called and the man wanted to make sure he didn't do it I just bought the car five days before have pictures of before and after so he did do the damage.
Chuck S., Manager from Modern Automotive responded on 01/02/2018

Yes.  Hunter and your husband brought in two vehicles a Lexus & a Chrysler for State Inspections.  The Lexus passed Va. State Inspection (had an out of state temp tag) & the Chrysler failed.  Terry who conducted both inspections worked with Hunter to help him understand what would be needed for the Chrysler to pass Va Inspection, as he indicated he planned to perform the work himself.  
There were no issues while on site.  There was nothing done here to cause any damage to either vehicle.  The inspection bay is outfitted with a two post lift and nothing came in contact with the bumper area (where you indicated that the scratches are).  I am sorry that you have a scratch (or scratches) on your car's bumper.  But we did not cause them.  
I am not saying we are perfect, we aren't.  But we are honest and if we had damaged your vehicle we would have told you and we would have worked to make it right.