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Ivanhoe, NC
Toyota 4Runner
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Bad day for uou
The person you had at the front desk needs to be fired! He was a total ass! Tried to make me buy synthetic oil change! Other workers said he had been being rude to customers! Get rid of him

roger d.
Hampstead, NC
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Just plain terrible
Took my truck in for a front end alignment and they said it was missing 2 bolts so we got 2 bolts and they charged us $100 to put the bolts on even though they had to take the same bolts off to do the alignment. Will never go back and then didn't offer the military discount.

Hampstead, NC
Subaru Outback
Verified Customer
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Left disappointed
We took my teenage daughter ‘s Subaru in for alignment and to fix a leaking tire. They said they replaced an old plug in the tire and completed an alignment. The very next day my daughter complained the car was still pulling to the right and her low tire pressure warning light was on.

When I called the office I spoke with a mechanic who answered the phone and said to bring it back around 2:30 pm the next day. When we arrived the shop manager said he couldn’t fit us in and was very agitated his mechanic didn’t check with him before setting an appointment. So we wasted our time and he wouldn’t try to squeeze us in.

We dropped the car off the next day and was told the tire had a screw in it and the alignment checked out fine. So they charged us another fee to fix the same tire and told us to take it to the Subaru dealership if we still had alignment problems. I complained that we had already paid for the tire to be fixed but was told it was a separate leak.

The next day we drove the car to Virginia for Christmas break and it kept pulling to the right the whole trip which made it very annoying.

I’m disappointed as the shop is fairly convenient from our house and we had them replace the AC system in an older vehicle which held up for a little over a year before it started leaking Freon again. Hopefully they will improve on service but I don’t plan on going back.

Ron K.
Hampstead, NC
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Did body damage to my car install rack and pinion wrong and then the night at all still have not heard a word back from owner or Rick called them basically everyday waiting on other repair shop to correct the damage they did to my car chicken shits
Will not return calls Redken flied every time I talk to him on the phone owner will not return calls have posted pictures on social media just a worthless company

Ron K.
Hampstead, NC
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Liars cheats and could screw up a bicycle
Damage both steps on my 33 Chevy install rack and pinion incorrectly that had vehicle over 3 weeks rack and pinion come off going down the road made a makeshift or homemade rag joint which come apart within 5 miles did over $2,000 in damage to the running boards and paint will not return calls

Claire J.
Hampstead, NC
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Was charged 4x more than what I could have bought the parts for on my own. Absolutely scam. Do not take your car here, and definitely don't go here if you're a female who doesn't know anything about car parts and what they cost. That's how they get you.
Craig S., District Manager from O'Leary's Automotive Repair - Hampstead responded on 10/17/2017

We didnt charge anywhere near 4 times the price for the part.  We didnt even come close to charging double the price.  We dont take advantage of anyone, woman or man.  The fact that you would make such a negative claim that we are a scam and that we charge 4 times the price for parts is asinine.  Its not even remotely close to the truth.  

Hampstead, NC
Ford Taurus
Verified Customer
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My wife went to Wilmington for Dr's visit a few hours after you fixed two tires. Leaving Dr. to come home the warning light "low pressure" was seen . Halfway home my wife became alarmed that the right tire sounded like it was wobbling. She pulled off the road and called for help. The right tire was totally flat. It was scary for her and I am very shocked and disappointed in your professionalism. Supposing we were on a highway,far from home thinking O'Leary fixed the tire. We hope to hear from you with an explanation.

Brendan L.
North Carolina
Chrysler Concorde
Verified Customer
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11/02/2016 Category: Service
Brendan said he was not happy with the service. The vehicle still stops because the problem was not resolved.
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Sue J.
Hampstead, NC
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Check your nuts!!
Had an appointment for an oil change and tire rotation. Rick was very nice at the front desk. They had me out of there in 30 mins. Thought they were awesome!! Fast forward to this past weekend, my car was running like crap (grinding noise and shaking). I had my husband come and pick up my car since I didn't feel safe driving it with our 3 yr old son. When he got to the shop and jacked it up, he found the lug nuts on ALL 4 tires were loose and my wheels were about to come off. He literally removed the lug nuts by hand. We went to Oleary's this morning to tell them about their negligence and the "gum snapping" service manager was shocked and slightly apologetic. He offered me a free oil change and tire rotation. WHAT???? My son and I could have gotten seriously hurt!!!! I could have seriously hurt someone else. So no thank you Oleary's!! Be safe people....if you had your car serviced there around May 28th or later, you may want to have your car checked.

Frequent D.
Holly Ridge, NC
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Shop Around
Had AAA drop vehicle at O'Leary's as it was under 3 miles. Held door open for little old ladies while I waited. Estimate given seemed high and got second quote at 40% less from my usual shop. Even after $80 tow, saved $100 on costs. Hope Hampstead's little old ladies read this.

Hampstead, NC
Lexus RX 350
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I went to this location as it is near my home. The estimate was less than I had elsewhere. I have noise and shaking now after the work was completed, a brake job, that I did not have previously. I took it back two weeks later and I feel they were patronizing to me and my concerns were not addressed. the problem is getting worse and I feel I will have to pay more money to get the job done to my satisfaction, most likely at another shop.

Hampstead, NC
Chrysler Town & Country
Verified Customer
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What can you do for me?
Broken alignment equipment, TIRE MACHINE too old to change my tires without damaging the rim? 2005 Chrysler town and country 11 years old not a Ferrari! Oil change went well...nothing else got done....

Hampstead, NC
Volkswagen Jetta
Verified Customer
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Not Happy with service
Took my daughters car to the Hampstead location for a tune up and to check the tires , brakes and fluids. My daughter had to travel 4 hrs by herself and wanted to make sure she was safe as she complained about loud squeaking noise in tires. They informed us that the tires were 40% until needing changing. She drove the 4 hrs back and forth and a couple more days to school. She was getting more and more worried with the way the car was driving and sounding. She begged us to take it back to O'leary's Dad drove it and said for sure there was a brake issue. We took it back and sure enough the brakes where gone , this had only been about 1 week since we brought it to them prior. When inquired about why they said a week ago the brakes were fine they had no answer. I will not be going back. They may have damaged her rotors as they said they look fine but who knows.