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Review for Paul Campanella's Auto & Tire Center
DAN M. on 08/25/2011
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"Expensive Service "
I took my car in becaues the windshield wipers weren't working, the driver's side door lock/window wasn't working. I mentioned that I was leaving for vacation in two days and was driving my car, in hopes of getting my car in and out of the shop quickly. They took that to mean I wanted a pre-trip inspection of the entire car. To their credit they did the work quickly but it cost $1,750. I got a couple estimates using several online auto-repair-calculators - which ask you a variety of questions about your car troubles and then spit out an estimate range. Assuming all the work they did on my car was actually needed - and that's a big assumption - they were at the top of the estimate range or over it. Lastly, they failed to tell me that replacing the windshield wiper motor was a Honda recall and could have been fixed for free at a Honda dealership, and they did something to the car so now it doesn't respond to the remote controls that I have to lock/unlock the doors, open the trunk, etc. However, considering the entire experience I would still consider going back there given the quality of the other shops in the area. I continue to be amazed by the general misery and stress that always accompanies a trip to the car mechanic.
Service Date: 08/05/2011
Review Created: 08/25/2011 02:14 PM