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Winter Garden, FL
Toyota 4Runner
Verified Customer
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My vehicle stopped going forward on highway 50 so I pulled it to the side. After a few moments I started it up and it drove normally. When I took it to Quality Car Care, they said it was my transmission oil and that it needed changed which cost $258.89. According to Gary it wouldn't happen again, but it did. Shortly after driving it off the lot it did the same thing. I called Gary and he came to pick it up and got a Code from the vehicle. It was found that the sensor was bad and needed to be replaced. Gary said he searched for a used one but couldn't locate one. I decided to take it to Toyota as they would guarantee the sensor if it didn't take care of the problem, Gary couldn't do that. As I brought it to them, they said the codes had been erased. This should never be done until the issue is resolved (2 other mechanics stated this)! I asked Gary what the code was and he did provide it, however Toyota asked if they could talk with him about the vehicle and he said it wasn't necessary to do this so he refused to speak with them. I've been a customer for a while and have been satisfied, but this time I was completely dissatisfied and let down.
Gary K. from Quality Car Care Inc. responded on 02/21/2017

First I would like to start out by saying we starting this business to provide Great, Quality and honest work
to all of our customers and this have led us to get to where we are today. We Thank you for being apart of
helping to get us here and let you know that we take great pride in the work we do. Customer service is the most important thing to us and we would like to apologize for any inconvenience you may have encountered at your last visit with us.

As you may recalled when you brought your vehicle over to us for diagnostic we contacted you to let you know that we couldn't get it to do what you were complaining about and there were no check engine light or any other lights on for us to work off of. 

However a recommendation was offered to you on servicing your transmission based on the mileage of your vehicle and after asking you if you have ever had it done before. We provided you with the price and you approved the service. This was a recommendation to you and not to fix the problem you were having. Since we couldn't get it to do what you said it was doing we couldn't fix the problem.

However after you picked up the vehicle from us and you got it to do it again and the light came on we were then able to scan and get a code. Which we provided you with along with the price to fix the issue. You requested to have us look for a used part but unfortunately we were unable to locate one.

We would also like to let you know that we guarantee all of our work and also let you know that we did not refused to talk to Toyota, I called that same day and left a message for the gentleman you ask me to call. You are free to call and check with them.

Once again we would like to Thank You for being apart of Quality Car Care and apologized for any inconvenience at this visit and do hope to see you in the near future. Your business means a lot to us.

Orlando, FL
Nissan Altima
Verified Customer
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additional automotive problems
My car had more problems after I had it was inspected. They denied that the car was worse and even stated they took it for additional test drives. This is not possible, considering the condition of the car.
Gary K. from Quality Car Care Inc. responded on 04/15/2015

Pam, we are not sure what else we could have done when you brought your vehicle in for us to inspect it. You brought it in, we did the inspection and told you what was causing the problem. You said you couldn't fix it at the time and left, then call us back to say it was worse. Since you did not fix the problem it will get worse until the repair is done.
As I said I am not sure what else we could have done but if there is something we're missing please let us know. You have been a customer of ours since 2012 and we would hate to loose you over some misunderstanding.