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RONNIE E. on 07/26/2017
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$372 for wiper blades,oil change and headlight bulb...y'all suck...
Vehicle: Jaguar XJ8
Service Date: 07/20/2017
Review Created: 07/26/2017 02:43 AM
Randall F., Owner at Randalls Autohaus responded on 07/27/2017

Sir, We are sorry that you did not feel you received the most for your money during your last visit. However,as you may recall, you came in with a " check engine" light on. The first work that was performed was a complete electronic evaluation and physical inspection of your vehicle by a paid mechanic. That inspection noted several faults, including worn brake pads and inner tie rod which you chose not to fix. Also found was a very dirty air filter which was replaced but not noted on your critique.The windshield wipers installed were Jaguar specific and not the off the shelf kind you would get at the "big box" store. They will do a much better job. We hope we have better communication with you in the future.

DENISE M. on 05/16/2017
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"My advice.. stay clear!! "
I called Friday to ask about a noise my ML350 has started making recently and was told it sounded like a ball joint and would likely take 3 hours of service and a new part. I asked about an appointment, the man on the phone obviously thought it was more important to demonstrate his humor than to follow a protocol, he just told me to come in. I arrived Monday without an appointment, not the preferred arrangement and was told that they had no idea how long it might take to look at my car.
I arranged for a pickup from a family member. At 330 in the afternoon I got a call from a male that informed me that his best guess was that the car had a problem with a differential or possibly something else and would require 3 hours to look to SEE IF THAT WAS THE PROBLEM.. at a cost of about $440, then possibly $1500 to repair it. I told him that I was NOT INTERESTED in the repair and arranged transportation back to the shop. When I was told that I owed $115 for the service.. a service to tell me that I needed to PAY 3 hours of labor to find out what the problem was.. I was furious! Women beware!! My perception of this business is.. not favorable. I would NEVER return. The manager or owner came out and made several smart remarks about how he had to operate a business and it took time to put my car on the lift and look at it.
Vehicle: Mercedes-Benz ML350
Service Date: 05/15/2017
Review Created: 05/16/2017 04:12 AM
CHESTER J. on 05/03/2017
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"The absolute worst service experience I've ever had!!!"
I really doubt if I have enough character count space to give the details of this experience as they are many so, I will be brief. I have never written a negative review regarding any experience of this type before. Mainly because I have never had an experience like this before. I came to Gulfport MS to visit with my father who is dealing with some very serious medical issues as well as to visit with my best friend who had just had heart surgery the day before. Let me say that I was very happy to find a shop that by appearance and advertisement, specialized in German auto servicing when the AC compressor on my 2009 535xi blew out.
The best part of this experience was the conversations I had with the receptionist at the shop while waiting half the day for Randall to come in to the shop on the day the services were to be performed on my car. She was kind and attentive. My experiences with Randall and Mike the tech were horrible. I was treated very badly by the two of them.
Randall told me that I needed a complete rebuild of my car's cooling system. The estimate came to over $2500.00. After I reviewed the estimate I explained that I believed the prices of the parts he wanted to order were quite steep and that I could not afford it at that time. It just was not a good time for me financially. I explained in every way possible that I just could not afford the price. During many discussions (some kind of heated), I repeatedly requested that they just replace the compressor, the tension pulley and, the belt. That request led to many very uncomfortable discussions between Randall, the tech and, me. I felt as though they were holding my car hostage. Finally, I got my car back with the new compressor and tension pulley and belt.
After I left the shop, I drove to the interstate to go visit my friend. As I attempted to accelerate into traffic, my car's warning bell and service engine light came on and the car went into limp mode! Before I left his shop, Randall did mention that the car's computer may have to reset itself so I drove carefully back to the hotel I stayed in and hoped the car would reset itself. The next day the SE light was gone and I attempted to go visit my friend again. The same thing happened as I attempted to accelerate and the car went into limp mode again. I contacted Randall's shop and I was given the-run-around and they never called me back.
One of my brothers recommended I take the car to an indy he knew. After scanning the car, the indy discovered that the turbos were not engaging due to some kind of leak. This very kind man and myself discovered that Randall's tech had left the main (large) hose that connects to the turbos and, another hose on top of the engine disconnected!!! The indy was kind enough to reconnect the hoses and the engine returned to normal.
Yes, I'm angry and I feel that I was handled horribly at the shop by Randall and his tech. My God, by the end of the experience, the owner and his brother brought some huge ferocious looking dogs into the shop! I really felt threatened by this and I was very happy to get away from all of them (except the very nice receptionist). Again, this was the worst automotive service experience I have ever had!!!
Vehicle: BMW 535xi
Service Date: 04/24/2017
Review Created: 05/03/2017 08:36 PM
Randall F., Owner at Randalls Autohaus responded on 05/05/2017

 . No good deed goes unpunished

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