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BOB L. on 09/30/2014
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"Inconsistent service"
Ronny, I admire you as a friend and love you as a Christian Brother, but am afraid that I am not satisfied with the service of your folks. After almost twenty years, I no longer trust the people you have working for you. I realize that if I take my business elsewhere, you will not notice, but as a friend I think it only fair that I tell you why (even if I am wrong in your mind).

My pickup was getting hard to start after sitting overnight, the fuel pump would pump all right but would not start easily. After once starting, it would be fine for the rest of the day. I suspected the pressure regulator which I thought was mounted on the intake manifold rail. It turns out that it is part of the fuel pump.

I asked Rick if I could leave it and check it out, which they did and replaced the fuel pump which corrected the starting problem...good job. When I dropped the pickup off I immediately received a call from Rick that when the mechanic was driving on the the rack, the brakes failed and almost ran off the rack (and over someone?) and that the master cylinder was empty and both rear cylinders were leaking and ruined the pads and the rear seal was bad allowing differential oil to also contaminate the brakes...and the front wheel bearings were so worn that the wheels are about to fall off...OH my God, I had just escaped a terrible tragedy! Also the serpentine belt was ready to break at any minute. I readily agreed to do whatever was necessary because I trust your shop. I asked that the parts be returned to me. I was curious to see whether it is possible to replace the pressure regulator separate from the fuel pump and I use the old serpentine belts in the barn to hang stuff.

When I picked it up (Friday), I noticed the brakes felt a bit spongy and heard a squeal under the hood.

Now I have it home, the brake pedal goes almost to the floor, spongy, with what appears to be air in the line. I'm afraid to hook a trailer of hay to it. Keep in mind that I have been using this pickup daily and it was working fine except for the starting and slack in the parking brake. The air conditioner hose was bent so it is being cut by the pulley . And finally I did not see the parts that were replaced.

What I would have preferred, is that they replaced the fuel pump and then advised me that I should consider some of the other problems instead of “hustling” me like Precision Auto or the dealer. I was having the oil changed so tey would have filled the brake master cylinder and then advised me that it was empty and to check it out.

I realize that I am unreasonable and that you really don't need the hassle of 'malcontents', so I apologize.
Vehicle: Chevrolet Pickup
Service Date: 09/26/2014
Review Created: 09/30/2014 05:19 AM