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Jasmin J.
Baltimore, MD
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My originally review still stands
I absolutely was NOT GIVEN AN ESTIMATE for the work done in 2019. I had absolutely NO idea what the tune up would cost at all. I only agreed to the turn up because Avi had me under the impression that he could not pinpoint anything else that could have been causing the check engine light to be on.

How could I contest a charge for work that was already done? I was in shock—that was more than an entire month’s pay. At the time I was embarrassed that I had not asked—lesson learned. Now, I realize a mechanic should give an estimate before doing work—this is why I feel I was taken advantage of.

I’d also like to clear up: I said “I want to get an estimate so that I can figure out *whether to sell it as is” as an effort to clearly communicate that I was still considering all options, including getting it fixed. Your response and tone was RUDE. A spade is a spade.

Did not get an apology during your follow up call after I left my initial review, however I guess it was easier to give in writing. Thanks for calling to try to clear it up. Still would’ve have appreciated an estimate in 2019 and some understanding in 2020.

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A Rip Off, Rude and Dishonest
Brought my car here for a check engine light, issues with starting, and power/acceleration in May 2019. Dropped $2500 (!!) (they did not give me an estimate, I'm new to all of this and had heard they were honest people so i did not know better) on diagnostics and repairs only for my check engine light to be back on in THREE MONTHS (Aug 2019). Now, (Mar 2020) I finally somewhat have the money to start getting repairs. I call for an estimate and the owner, Avi, is a complete asshole about me calling for an estimate on getting one particular part replaced. I will never return. You literally steal my money and now i come back trying to be a more informed customer and you're disgustingly rude? Nope.
Avi A., owner from Roland Falls Auto Body responded on 03/11/2020

First , I am surprised at your rudness and name calling, especially from an educated young lady. There is no room for this type of behavior in the professional world.
Secondly, here is some historical data about your experience with us here at RFAB that is correct and not exactly as you described it. You first came in on 3/2019 for a quick oil change, as I recall you were very happy with our services. You came back in on 5/2019 with many issues: brake noise, bad motor mounts, hard start, rough running, cracked windshield, check engine light on,among others. We discussed the repairs needed after we preformed the diagnosis and you were given an estimate. It is and always has been our practice to get approval on repairs needed after the diagnosis is completed. There is no way that we did $2500.00 worth of repairs without your approval. For the $2500.00 many items were repired/replaced including: front brake pads and rotors, all 3 broken motor mounts, cam/cranck sensor, wiper blades, 120k mile service with a complete tune up, all the filters, and all the fluids flushed, reset cel also among other maintenance items. When the car left here, it was running great and we also told you that the windshield is cracked, and turn signal assembly was bad. Overall, the car was very poorly maintained prior to all our services and repairs. You paid the invoice and did not contest any of it (indicating that the price was in accordance and in line with the estimate you were given prior to repairs).
You then came back again in 8/2019 for an oil change service. So, I ask myself in according to your review, if she was that unhappy with our services and our prices, why would you return for an oil change service 3 months later?? just doesn't make sense.
Today 3/11/2020, you called and requested anestimate on replacing a catalytic convertor that you have purchased online. We are not in practice of providing estimates over the phone when customer brings own parts. There are too many variables that we have to check for before quoting a price. I understand your battery is dead, and I asked you to get hot shot and bring it down for us to look at and then we can give you an estimate. You said if you cant give me a price I over the phone, I will just sell the car as is. I said , then sell the car as is. Yes , I did have to speak louder because i was speaking from the shop phone, and there is lots of noises there ( I was not intending to sound rude, sorry if you felt I was rude). You have been here several times, and you saw that we run a clean, honest, and a reputable business; you said so yourself that you were recomended to us from people you know and trust.
Lastly, I know that car repairs can be frustrating at times and costly. I want you to know that we are here to help you, if you allow us to do so. If you would like to bring your car so we can look at it, and see if the part you purchased online is the correct one, you are more than welcome, it will take a few minutes and will not cost you. Once we give you the estimate, you can decide wether to fix or not? Our experience has been that purchased parts online by customers come in more wrong than correct. We just try to avoid un-necessary issues before they arise.
I am sure that you wrote the review out of frustration, and now that you took the time to read my reply, I hope you would consider re-evaluating.
Thank you for taking the time to read my comments.

Avi Amoyal

Baltimore, MD
Honda Odyssey
Verified Customer
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Overall Bad and Frustrating Experience. Not Recommended.
I bumped a short concrete post getting out from a parking space. It didn’t seem anything major, but unfortunately, it was enough to slightly damage a corner and misalign one of the sliding doors of my minivan which consequently was not closing anymore. I contact my insurance, and after its assessment, I brought the car to Roland Falls Auto Body LLC. A few days later the car was repaired and ready to be picked up. Once at home I inspected the door more carefully and noticed that two metal pins that were originally there (they go into two corresponding holes in the car main frame) were missing and one of the hole accommodating them in the door was covered with a plastic piece. Plus, I did not have anything written about the actual repair, just the insurance estimation. So, I went immediately back to the shop and asked the owner (I assume) a written document describing the repair performed, and why those pins were taken out. The only answer to my first question was “I can make a copy of the insurance estimation”, i.e. he repeatedly refused to provide any additional more accurate and legible document about the actual repair. When I showed him the location where the pins were supposed to be he immediately, in a very guilty way, took out the plastic piece that was covering one of the pins threaded holes, and started to make contradictory excuses like “they were bent”, “the guy ordered them”, “they are on the shelf”. Clearly, he did not know what to say and was trying to quickly get out of that awkward situation. So, I had to leave my car there for another day. The pins were put back in the door, but they were visibly sanded down and shorter than originally. My educated guess at this point (without any accurate description of the repair) is that the repaired door was closing well only without those pins, and so he purposely took them out. Asked to put them back he just used the shortcut of modifying the pins, instead of reviewing and adjusting the overall repair.
A week later the door was not closing again, and I noticed another problem with another supposedly repaired component: the bumping door strip was not completely stuck on the door, i.e. the double-sided tape used for the repair was not working. Again, I went back to the shop (third time) for the door and the strip. Unfortunately, when I showed him the door, it worked! Anyway, I asked him to have a look because for more than two days the door was not working. His answer was: “Well, I don’t see any problem. The door is working”. He was not believing me; very frustrating. And his answer for the strip was: “I’ll need to ask the insurance for more money to replace the whole strip. They only told me to repair it”. What? He saw that the double-sided tape was failing; clearly a consequence of his poor repair. No need to replace the whole thing (BTW only about 3 or 4 inches were repaired). Plus, as an expert, he should have realized that the repair was not working, communicated that to me and the insurance, and possibly changed strategy. Eventually, he said that he found a stone in the door track, but didn't fix the strip. I obviously do not believe any word coming out from his mouth anymore, and I did not want to give him any more money, even insurance money. I did not leave the car there for the fourth time.
To summarize. The work on the body of the door is fine, not perfect. The door movement is working, but it is not as smooth as originally was. Those alignment/security pins are now shorter, and part of the bumping strip is not completely attached. Plus, I don’t have an accurate description of what was done, I wasted way too much time, and I did not like how the owner talked to me.
I do NOT recommend Roland Falls Auto Body LLC body shop. I question both their knowledge/skills about repairing cars and most importantly their honesty/attitude towards their customers.
Avi A., owner from Roland Falls Auto Body responded on 11/06/2017

Dear Jennifer,
I am very sorry that you did not have a great experience with your repair. We pride ourselves in great customer satisfaction and service. I take the time to respond to each and every concern my customers have. I was under the impression that once we removed the stone that was rolling around in your door tract that eveything was working well with the door.

I would like to address your comments at this time as I did not have any communications with you but with your husband throughout the process. I did see you when you guys picked up the car.

Concern#1 the pins: your husband came back on Friday around 4pm to show me that the pins were not there, unfortunatley, the body tech that worked on your car had to leave early that day (his daughter was having emergency surgery). I was not aware that the pins were not in, I actually ordered a new pin because one was bent (you were not charged for it), and I knew that the tech would know where they were when he returns on Monday.Your assumption of akward or guilty situation is not accurate. I asked your husband to please bring it back on Monday so we can install them. He did and we did install them, and door worked perfectly. He got the car back in a couple of hours.

concern#2: The molding strip. The insurance company paid to reattach not to replace molding, that is exactly what we did. 
Most of the time that works but there is always a chance that it may not hold. When you picked up the car the reattchment seemed to hold, so we didn't pursue anyfurther. When your husband said that he was not satisfied I indicated to him that it is not a problem, I will get a hold of your insurance adjustor and submitt a supplement to replace, but with insurance companies now days it always takes 3-4 days to get the approval. Once we got it we can have it ready where he could stop by and we can put the new one on. HE DECLINED.

concern#3: After a week your husband stopped by and said that the door was not working properly, but when he got here we both opened and closed the door several times and it was working perfectly. I did suggest for him to leave it and we could try it again at different times during the day in various inclines. He  agreed and left it. We put the car at a slight decline and heard and saw a small stone that rolled on the door tract and we removed it and all was working well again. I showed the stone to your husband (not sure how the stone got there).

concern#4: Not getting a description of what was done on your car. You brought us an estimate from your insurance company and we followed it exactly. We didnt want to supplement the $3 pin as that would have have delayed you getting the car by 3-4 days later. The estimate was the exact work we preformed. If you still want a receipt and description of what was done, we would just recopy the estimate on to our invoice software. It will be the same. Maybe that was not communicated to you properly and if so I appologize for the misunderstanding.

I take the time to respond because every customer matters, every repair we do matters, and we only want our customers to be satisfied and happy with our preformance, as many other customers have (see other surecredit reviews on our website).

Again, I appologize for any inconveniences you had, and want to assure you that if there is anything we can do for you to correct the situation please let us know.
Most situations can be corrected, they only have to be communicated. I hope this helps to clarify the situation.
Thank you for taking the time to read our response, and we hope that this will change how you feel about us and possibly consider a revission of your review of us.
Thank you again.

Avi Amoyal