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Baltimore, MD
Hyundai Elantra
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Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5
Never returning
Though convenient to my home i will not be going back to Roland falls and will ensure nobody in my household or neighbors are subject to your atrocious rates. I’ve received confirmation from 2 other service centers that I overpaid tremendously for the service I received and was quoted $800 for service that was confirmed not to be needed and exorbitant nonetheless.
Avi A., owner from Roland Falls Auto Body responded on 02/05/2020

Thank you for your feedback. We value each customer and always strive to satisfy each one by treating them fairly. Yes we are not the cheapest or the most expensive shop in town. We are fair in our pricing and its always easy to quote lower on the phone until you actually bring car in and then guess what? the price is higher. We do not play that game. I pulled your work order and reviewed it for the work that was done.
Your car came in with issues of check engine light on, service light on, hesitation, possibly a battery issue as well. You were informed that there will be a diagnosis fee of $110.00 (1 hour).
We analyzed the issues, pulled the codes, reset service light, tested battery, charging system, and any other issues we discover along the way. We discovered that the vehicle experienced a misfire in the engine and captured it in the onboard computer.
You also authorized us to do an oil change& filter, additive, air filter, and cabin filter replacement and fill other fluids, and check tire pressure, with 10 point visual inspection. Those items amounted in total to $130.00 which included labor and installation of these parts. I am not sure how you came up with the notion that you overpaid tremendously and that these prices are exorbitant as you indicated.
You were informed taht engine has a very bad oil leak underneath, and that bottom was pretty wet with oil.
You were further notified that the misfire issue is probably not going away and most likely will return. We recommended that you have the coil on plugs replaced and the spark plugs, and since the car is 5 years old you may want to consider a fuel injection induction service also. We quoted you an hour labor for coil and plugs, an hour labor for fuel induction cleaning, plus the parts (quality oem parts, not junk parts made in China). Yes there are cheaper, lesser quality parts that can be used, but its been our experience that they don't hold up well at all, and go bad quicker. You were also told that we cleared the code for now, and that you can wait and see if it comes back on again before repairing coils and plugs; although plugs should be replaced after 5 years anyway.
Here is where I found our error in addition; you were quoted $840.00 plus tax, and it should have been $780.00 plus tax. A calculator error that would have been corrected at time of actuall repairs. For that I apologize. We don't hide or make excuses when we make an error. I have been servicing cars for over 35 years and always conducted my business with great respect, professionalism, honesty, and integrity, and am never afraid to admit a mistake. If you check the many reviews that our business has accumulated, you will see for yourself the quality of service we strive for. I am sorry that you felt the way you did and I hope this helps you understand the situation better. 
Thank you again for your feedback, wishing you all the best, and if you should require our assistance in the future, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Avi Amoyal