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Los Angeles, CA
Verified Customer
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Very unhappy
I went in for a ignition timing adjustment and left with my vehicle running extremely rough and not starting. I had to get my vehicle towed the night after I drove off from rony’s. My vehicle would not start and it never had that problem before. I was also charged for the misdiagnosis and so called repair. The mechanic blamed my vehicle for the lack of experience that he had.
I would never recommend this group to anyone!
It was a very stressful and horrible experience.

Mike B.
Los Angeles, CA
Buick LeSabre
Verified Customer
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04/17/2018 Category: Service
Mike said his vehicle's transmission was ruined and the staff didn't change the mass air flow sensor. He wasted $500 on something that wasn't even fixed.
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Rony H. from Rony's Car Pros responded on 04/25/2018

Mike, we are saddened to hear that your car is experiencing transmission issues. The repair that we did on your car included  MAP and TPS sensors, according to the diagnostics run while we had your car in our shop for a stalling problem. And such repairs are not inviolved with a car's transmission. We can still look at your car for the subsequent issues it is having, rather than leave it that you are unsatisfied with our services. We respect your right to choose, of course. 

Marissa M.
Venice, CA
Honda Accord
Verified Customer
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03/29/2017 Category: Service
Marissa said she did not have a good experience with this business. She noted there was a miscommunication from the start. She had concerns about her vehicle and when she told them about them, they said they would do what they could. When she went to pick up the vehicle, they told her they did not have enough time. She also noted they just rambled on.
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Rony H. from Rony's Car Pros responded on 03/30/2017

Hi Marissa, I'm sorry we could not help you this time. In the future we suggest to making an appointment, as the day that you came to our shop we were completely booked for the day. Again thanks for stopping by.

Los Angeles, CA
BMW 325Ci
Verified Customer
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client should be water in advance for fees
I dropped off my BMW with a check engine light on, Lilli signed me in saying they would have let me know what the issue was.
After some time I get a voicemail, without listening to it a call Lilli back, she explains that I need a spark plug replaced and a coil is leaking ($500 to $1000 with of work). Nothing too urgent, car is still drivable. I decide to go pick up the car and have the work done later on since I need it to commute to work. Lilli presents me a bill for $98 for diagnostic. I asked her why I had never paid such a fee in the past and why she did not let me know in advance when I checked in the car that it would have cost me $98 just to know what was wrong?
She apologized saying that she SHOULD HAVE let me know but she FORGOT. After admitting she forgot to let me know at the time I checked in she still wanted to be paid and she would have considered to discount %50 of that fee if I decided to do the job with them (from $500 to $1000 worth of work).
Well not the way to do business and to gain trust, they definitely just lost a client.
Rony H. from Rony's Car Pros responded on 02/27/2017

Your review describes the scenario played out every day in our shop: customer drops off car after describing issues with it, leaves with some idea of cost and time to fix, is updated as to repair status, ultimately picks up car when done and pays balance. Same scenario each time, but each car and each client is different. Some cars are straight forward to fix, others very complex. Some clients take notes on everything said by the service writer before agreeing to leave car, others drop their keys on the counter and say, “call me when done.” We aim to tell all our clients our policies of charging and repairs upfront and every time. But such a one-size-fits-all approach does not apply in the real world of such varying clients/cars. Unfortunately in your case it was forgotten, but not with any intention to deceive or manipulate a repair agreement. We apologize for your experience, and don’t mind refunding what you spent.

We will take this opportunity to point out that the auto repair industry now relies heavily on high-tech scanners and properly trained techs to diagnose the multitude of computer-related faults on cars today. We are equipped to do such work on most makes of cars, as we try to remain a general auto repair shop, as opposed to a specialized one that only serves 1 or 2 makes. It can take many hours to find a problem plaguing a car, and such labor must be paid to the tech, whether the client selects to fix the car or not. Hence, diagnostic fees exist and are justified.  Progress, like everything else, comes with a price. We all enjoy our “smart cars” and must be prepared to pay for the smart fixes they require.

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