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Dodge Nitro
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Charged me $60 for something they didn’t fix
Blinker isn’t working and was told it would be $800???!!! I told them to forget about it and fix everything else and they still charged me $60 for them looking at it? I did get a refund after going over the invoice and noticing the blinker was on the same condition. I’ve never had anyone charge me for something they are just looking at. I already knew what the problem was. Most likely won’t go back.
Mike M. from Scorsone's Service Center responded on 04/20/2019

We apologize for not better explaining the charge for the diagnostic time needed to diagnose the intermittent turn signal failure. Customer satisfaction is of foremost importance to us always and we gladly refunded the $60 diagnostic charge and $4.80 for the applicable taxes paid on those charges. We sincerely apologize for your unfavorable experience with us.

Geneseo, NY
Nissan Quest
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Couldn't diagnose a blown fuse
My 2013 van would not start unless the keyless fob was touching and pushing the ignition button in physically. We found that both sets of my key fobs wouldn't work so logically, my husband and I came to the conclusion that the fobs weren't the problem. One fob battery dying is one thing, but both dying at the exact same time is very unlikely so we suspected it problem to be electrical. When I called shortly after finding this problem, they told me to come right in, however, after sitting in the office for almost an hour, the guy working on my car still couldn't tell me what was wrong and that I would have to bring it back the next week so he could take pull things apart to get to find out what the problem was. Despite telling him that both fobs didn't work unless they were touching the button, he changed the batteries of in our fobs. I ended up having to pay $60 for an hour of labor and he didnt fix anything. With the holiday weekend coming up and having to travel, I decided to just take it to the dealer that evening. Within ten minutes, they were able to figure out that it was a blown fuse and replace it. This was a simple electrical issue that he was not equipped to figure out and a waste of my time and money. If he couldn't run a system diagnostic on the electrical system, which seems like an obvios thing to do first, then he should have said that he couldn't.
I gave two stars because they got me in right away and told me my battery was about to go so I had that replaced. My door adjar indicator was on, and he unplugged a wire that he said was an aftermarket wire, however, the dealership said that he had unplugged the wire to the automatic window. I will stick to just having my tires changed from now on here and I will leave the electrical issues to the dealer, which I guess I will have to pay more for now...
Mike M. from Scorsone's Service Center responded on 12/25/2016

Sorry to hear this happened,please contact us this coming week I'll gladly go over this you and refund any diagnostic time that you were charged.
Peter Scorsone 

Mike M. from Scorsone's Service Center responded on 12/29/2016

I reached out to the customer on 12/25/2016 have not heard back. I would still like to discuss the situation with them to see if we can come to a resolution.
Peter S