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Bill B.
Rhode Island
Ford Pickup
Verified Customer
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02/15/2017 Category: Service
Bill said this business is not nice to their customers. They did good work, but they seemed to be stressed out. He spoke with one of the employees and they hung up on him. He said he felt like now that they have his money, they don't care about the repercussions.
SHANE M. from Shane's Auto Truck & Performance responded on 02/17/2017

First and foremost Bill thinks he is the only client we have. yes he had work done on his truck 2 times once in JANUARY 2014 and again this past January 2017. January 2017 truck presented with a noise in engine and Transmission Fluid getting into radiator due to a cracked radiator cooler. The truck had to be sent back to the previous place it was worked on so they could rectify a scituation related to thier repair under warranty that was cause of noise in engine. We received the truck back from said shop at 5pm on a wednesday afternoon for us to perform our repairs. At 10AM the following morning Bill was at our shop looking for his truck. We advised him we got it back at 5 pm and had a full schedule as WE ARE A EXTREMELY BUSY service centerHis vehicle was placed in line and was comming in late that afternoon or first thing am and he would get it back the following day.. He refused to accept that is was going to take another day as the truck had been here for several days. HOWEVER truck was at the shop he had previous repair work with. On Wednesday 2/15/2017 Bill contacted me in the afternoon to state he needed a thermostat. UNRELATED to any previous repairs. He had diagnosed it himself and told us what he needed and that it would take a few minutes he was going to wait for the repair. That is  Fine however we advised Bill that we are scheduled full until Monday the 20 of February. If he wanted to schedule a wait time that day we was more than welcome too. We also advised him that if he could drop it off we could try to get a look at it it in between other SCHEDULED jobs. That was unacceptable to Bill. His 1996 Ford F350 thre hundred and fifteen thousand miles was only going to take a few minutes to fix as he knows what is wrong and it only needs a thermostat.  He was rude and persistant in telling me how long it will take to do it and we can get him in right now. He had to wait the last time to get his truck back. Therefore we should just get him in and fix it right away. . As does the fuel pump,  timing belts tune ups clutches etc that were all scheduled prior to Bills call.  As we kept trying to explain that we have cars scheduled before him and resolve the issue to make an appointment or drop it off I was told we were difficult to get along with he doesnt understan what my problem is. He waited the last time several days to get his truck back. He had to make an appointment last time so he shouldnt have to make ont this time That we needed to fix it at his convenience not ours. As I felt I was being lectured on how I neded to run my service department.....Yes that is when I hung up.

Shane E. Metivier
SHANE M. from Shane's Auto Truck & Performance responded on 02/17/2017

Shane E. Metivier

Jacques C.
West Warwick, RI
Jeep Cherokee
Verified Customer
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12/15/2016 Category: Service
Jacques said they did the work but the vehicle is still messed up.
SHANE M. from Shane's Auto Truck & Performance responded on 12/16/2016

This Jeep Chereokee was submitted 11/21/2016 with 235000 miles with a engine coolant leak and a bad clunking in the front suspension. We tested and found a severley lose track bar in the front suspension was cause of noise and a leaking water pump. Owner opted for repair of water pump only, and declined track bar repair. Upon vehicle pick up the serpentine belt started to squeak possably due to antifreeze contamination.  Shane's Auto Technicians emmediately brought the vehicle back in and attempted to clean belt and related pullies. After cleaning we performed multiple adjustments to the manual tension pulley to no avail.  We were still unable to rectify the squeak with the old belt. AT NO CHARGE TO THE OWNER we replaced the belt with a brand new one. 12/1/2016 the driver of the vehicle came in with a chirping sound in the belt area again. Being a manual adjustment tension and possability of "NEW BELT" stretch. Again at NO COST TO OWNER We performed a manual adjustment of the new belt and noted the tesnioner pulley was appearing to not run true due to bearings in the old pulley. The pulley angle in relation to the power steering pump may be causing a mis aligned "chirping" of the belt at idle. We offered the driver replacement of the pully at a $30 cost of part only. The driver stated she needed to speak with the owner.  A few days later we spoke with the driver at a local donut shop and she stated all was well and that the chirping had subsided. Shane's Auto will be contacting the owner of the Jeep 12/16/2016 to see if we can rectify any concerns the owner may be having. Customer satisfaction is our number 1 goal.

Shane E. Metivier