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Napa, CA
Nissan Xterra
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Can't get a straight answer from Silver Auto and basic repairs take too long
Whenever I take my car in, they can never give me a straight answer on when my car will be ready. I've had some simple repairs that other dealers said they could do within a 4 hour window. I've waited 2-4 days for minor repairs with a scheduled appointment. They seem to to work on a couple cars then after a while your car goes up for some diagnosing, then without completing the diagnosis or work they go and work on some other cars. then in a day or two they get back to yours and if you're lucky they finish the work. In my experience they don't. They diagnose some more and eventually they get to that phase where they are about to work on it. After a couple of disappointing times with this A&Bing they do on cars, I called a few other dealers and they were able to give me good time frame estimates on repairs. I don't think I've ever once gotten a straight answer from silver about a time frame or anything. They never call me with updates. I always have to call them only to hear they are busy with other cars. They usually call only when they figure out what to charge me. They've done some decent work, but the length of time it takes and the lack of informing the customer is too much. The end costs repair are always more expensive then the initial diagnosis. They need to hire more mechanics and give customers better time frames and call them back. I'll be taking my business elsewhere.

Carla H.
Fairfield, CA
Hyundai Santa Fe
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02/27/2016 Category: Service
Carla said the counter person at this business was very nice, polite and helpful. He went above and beyond to assist her, but the service was a lot longer than promised.
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