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American Canyon, CA
Chrysler PT Cruiser
Verified Customer
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2 grand... ?
Feel foolish. Minor leaking from the area of the coolant reservoir and very intermittent over heating. Over 2 grand later has me doubting that all of the work was essential.
Water pump, timing belt, radiator, fan and fan motor, all drive belts, hoses numerous gaskets,seals and o rings . More, but I think I made my point.... the parts removed seemed to be in decent condition. I only hope that I did not burn hundreds of dollars that I do not have. I was told that once the water pump were removed that all of the additional work was simplified. Opposed to having to gain access to the parts by taking all of the the water pump related parts off a 2nd time. 70,000 miles seems low to be in such disrepair. I kept hearing that the time to address the "problems" was when the pump assembly was torn down. Seems logical, but the sick feeling that I spent hundreds unnecessarily is haunting. They were generous with their prices of parts, and actually threw in the radiator at cost. Not sure yet what I feel about the company, but pray that my trust was warranted.
Pat & Jackie S., Owners from Silver Auto Service responded on 04/21/2017

We are sorry that the customer feels this way and we did not perform any work without his consent.
We knew from the start that his finances were tight, and due to that we informed him of the leaks, but made sure that he understood that the fan motor was causing the overheat due to not working at low speeds and at idle. However, it was his decision to repair the leaks, which under pressure were constant and moderate to heavy.
Due to the water pump leaking we recommended changing the timing belt as well since it would only be the cost of the parts. He agreed.
Once the timing cover was removed we found the camshaft seals leaking as well. On this vehicle there is an o-ring that goes on the water pipe that connects to the water pump and is recommended to be changed at the same time. We recommended this.
Serpentine belts were cracking, so those were recommended as well.
When putting the vehicle back together the upper radiator hose connection on the radiator was crumbling on the outer lip. We could not ensure a proper connection. Due to their financial situation and this being an additional and unexpected repair, we recommended it and offered it at cost.
All additional belts, gaskets, seals, and radiator were given with no additional labor either, and they were given a 20% discount as well.
The customer was given a choice all along the way and no work was completed without his decision. We understand that 70,000 miles are low, but the vehicle is also 16 years old, and we are more than happy to supply them with the pictures of the leaks as they were seen on the vehicle and the puddles they were making under pressure.
He and his wife were very nice people and we know that they are carrying a huge responsibility in their life. We honestly do not know what more we could have done to earn their trust, but we do hope they will consider us again in the future. 

Steve G.
Napa, CA
Ford Ranger
Verified Customer
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10/11/2016 Category: Service
Spoke with Marilyn. She said they were not happy with the repairs done at this business. They had taken their vehicle there before for a tune-up. This time it needed a fuel pump replaced and it was put on the diagnostic machine for $900. After the service, her vehicle was still not running right. They wanted to charge her again for a diagnostic which she cannot afford.
Pat & Jackie S., Owners from Silver Auto Service responded on 10/12/2016

Unfortunately, what the cusotmer neglected to mention is that the vehicle was towed in for not starting and that no other symptoms or concerns were expressed to us by the customer. The diagnosis was one hour of labor only, and the total for diagnosis, parts and repair were actually $819.59. It was only after the vehicle was repaired, running and picked up that the customer returned days later and informed us that the vehicle was running poorly on the freeway prior to the no start issue. They also explained that even after the fuel pump was replaced they were still encountering the issue on the freeway only. We explained to the customer that the initial problem of the vehicle not starting was rectified, and that the issue he was now describing was a separate issue and would require additional diagnosis. We also informed them that had they let us know that their was a prior issue, and other symptoms that we could have helped them while it was still here. They said they would bring it back at another time and we were waiting for them to schedule an appointment.

Yountville, CA
Buick LeSabre
Verified Customer
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I am not quit sure how to express myself with regards to the pricing. I am a retired Veteran in Yountville. I believe I was overcharged. I was charged 67.50 for 15 minutes work. I did ask for Patrick (owner) was told he was not in, bummer, I hope. I did not ask if that charge was a flat rate or what, but still. At $67.50 X 4 (15 minutes work) equals a lot.
Pat & Jackie S., Owners from Silver Auto Service responded on 04/20/2015

The customer was provided an estimate prior to the work being done. According to Mitchell1 labor price guide the flat rate is .3 of labor for one Headlamp Bulb, and .1 for each additional. We replaced a total of four Headlamp Bulbs which totals .6, which equals to just over 1/2 an hour of labor. Due to the vehicle being damaged on the passenger side, the replacement of the bulbs on the passenger side did require more labor, of which we did not charge our customer for. Additionally, we extended a 10% senior discount. The total for all labor was $67.50. Therefore, they were not charged $67.50 for each bulb. We appreciate our customers voicing any concerns and disapproval at the time, so that we may have the opportunity to ensure the satisfaction of every customer.

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