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Curtis C.
Longview, TX
Mercury Grand Marquis
Verified Customer
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Salesman was pushy and not completely honest
Took car in for water pump. The sailsman called me back and insisted I needed other things fixed, and I agreed to fix these things. This was understandable after he explained. The salesman called me and told me my car was finished and that when it was test driven, it died twice. This is not normal for this car, and I was not having this problem ever before I brought it in for "just a water pump". I was grateful to get my car back in a timely manner because it was New Year's Eve. However I was not happy when I got on the loop my car died and engine started racing. I took the car back a couple of days later, and got a new diagnosis from them to the tune of $1,500.00 I couldn't afford this to begin with, and paid them $112.00 just to have a diagnosis, I was assured that money would come off of the total price. I was told the car had multiple vacuum seal leaks that a smoke test was running on it. However, I took my car to another reputable auto mechanic, who simply put a fuel pump and a EGR pressure sensor for on it $186.00. I did not have to pay diagnosis where I went the second time nor did I have to pay the hard labor prices that Spraggins charges. Maybe Mr. Spraggins doesn't know that his mechanics or the man that waited on me was dishonest about this. I just think God for the intuition to take my car somewhere else. I wouldn't go back because I don't trust them.
Tony and Melissa S. from Spraggins Auto Repair responded on 01/29/2019

We regret that Mr. C didn't have a great experience on his visit to our auto repair facility. We appreciate the feedback, we will use it to try to make ourselves better. I would like to take this opportunity to try to sort some of this out. 1) If our service advisor came across as insistent, that's not how we intend for him to be. He is very passionate about presenting the problems that need to be solved on a customer's vehicle because he cares and doesn't want them to have to continue to deal with these problems. 2) It's unfortunate the vehicle died when Mr. C left our facility. We did mention that the vehicle was doing that when we called him so it shouldn't have been a surprise to him. Due to the coolant leaks, we could not test drive the vehicle before repairs were made. We don't want to cause the vehicle to overheat. If we had been able to drive it first, then we may have been able to spot some of these other problems he was having. There are no repairs that were made that could cause these other drivability problems regardless of what the causes of them were/are. 3) A defective fuel pump normally doesn't cause a problem only at idle. When a fuel pump doesn't have enough pressure the problem usually reveals itself when the engine is under acceleration or it just won't run at all. On our post repair test drives(two-one by tech and one by our QC person) there was no problem on acceleration, but only at idle. 4) The vacuum leaks that were found by our diagnostic smoke test are still a problem. Normally vacuum leaks don't just go away, they are still there. Vacuum leaks are normally what causes problems at idle whether vehicle is dying or idling too high. 5) I am confused on what Mr. C thought our service advisor or automotive technician was dishonest about. We are more than willing to accept that we may be wrong, misinformed, misdiagnosed a vehicle, or any other form of being wrong, not dishonest. It is well known to all of our employees that we do not tolerate dishonesty whether it's with a customer, each other, or a vendor. For all of us in our business the work we do with our hands and the way we treat our customers, each other, and vendors is linked to the relationship we have with our Lord Jesus.

steve f.
Longview, TX
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They charged double compared to other shops in town.
They charged double compared to other shops in town. They also had written items on the receipt that they did not do. When questioned about it, they claimed it was a software over-run and they forgot to remove it.
Tony and Melissa S. from Spraggins Auto Repair responded on 02/12/2018

Mr. Falconer was given an explanation and estimate by phone for all that his vehicle needed before any repairs were performed(as we always do) and he approved the amount that was given. His actual invoice came to $20 less than the estimate that was given. After the repairs were made, the invoice paid/signed(signaling that he agrees with the charges), and the vehicle picked up he brought estimates back to us from other shops that didn't include all the labor and parts that went into his vehicle. After adding the labor and parts amounts that were not included to the estimates he brought in to us, the amount was close to what he was charged.
Our labor entries from our labor guide on the invoices have a generic description that includes all possible scenarios of labor that sometimes don't apply to that particular vehicle. At the end of the description it says "(if necessary)". These statements in the description should have been removed by us but it does say "(if necessary)".
We strive to serve our customers with excellence in quality repairs and honesty with every detail. We would never try to deceive our customers into believing we made repairs that we didn't make. We regret that Mr. Falconer was not completely satisfied.
Tony Spraggins - Spraggins Auto Repair

Terry T.
Honda Odyssey
Verified Customer
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01/20/2017 Category: Service
Terry said she was not happy with the service this business provided.
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Tony and Melissa S. from Spraggins Auto Repair responded on 02/08/2017

After speaking with Terry, she thought she was receiving a call about a different shop that she went to before coming to us.  She indicated that she was not unhappy with our work.

Jackie C.
Longview, TX
Nissan Altima
Verified Customer
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03/11/2013 Category: Service
Jackie said he was not satisfied with the business because his service light is still on and the business did not repair the problem with his vehicle. He will not recommend this business to others based on this experience.
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Tony and Melissa S. from Spraggins Auto Repair responded on 03/14/2013
We have attempted to contact Mr. Christian about his concerns but have not yet received a response. We were not aware that he was unhappy with the service he received. The customer brought his vehicle in for a general check over and we discussed the service light with him, but we thought he had decided to not have the light diagnosed.