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Kelly W.
Stockbridge, MI
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Bummed 🙁
Brought our truck in here, to have them look at it and see what the noise could be, that the truck was making. After not hearing from them (but had drove by and saw it was being looked at) called them the next day and they say “yeah we’re not really sure what we’re looking at here” I said “well it’s making a noise and my boyfriend had told you he wanted you to check the front end and see what the noise could be coming from” they told me all they saw was a bad wheel bearing, so I said, “hang on, I’ll have my boyfriend call you”. So he said they said the same, and was like I guess fix the wheel bearing. We pick it up, truck is making the same noise, still driving terrible. We call them, just brought it back, and now
they say it’s his struts. You didn’t notice this last week?! After he just shelled out $350 for a wheel bearing. Very obvious they never drove the truck once to see if they fixed the problem. Totally bummed as we love to give our money to local places, but this was a total let down. Next time, I’d rather just pay double to have the work down by someone else.