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Nancy E.
Owasso, OK
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Not a Legitimate Company
Bought tires paid $800. Told the sales person I didn't want Firestone. Spoke to him a long time. He kept pushing Firestone. I and my wife told him no.

We got home and the Firestone tires were on the car. Complained, but was ignored. Go up the street to Discount tires or you can have a bad experience.

Luke D.
Owasso, OK
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Went to Tateboys for a low tire. Two hours later I'm sitting in the lobby. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

Joseph S.
Collinsville, OK
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Could not be more disappointed. Was told they would top off all fluids, they did not. Had to fill washer fluid today 7/4/17. Oil had been spilled on engine and just wiped off. Worst of all they have over filled my oil. Sorry Tate Boys (and i do mean boys) I wont be back. I also work retail in Owasso and will not recommend you to anyone. my invoice # is 4144084.

Tim T.
Claremore, OK
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Had a leak on right front tire of dually after some road trash bit me. Wasn't sure what brand tire I wanted to go back with.
Visited with counter man in Owasso location and decided to pull outside wheels, flip them to the front and run on 4 until I could schedule and decide on new brand. Flip the outsides to the front (done it on the side of a road several times). Hour and a half later they tell me they have to dismount the tires and mount on the rims that are on the front since all 6 tires are not interchangeable... however I know the only difference is 2 of 6 rims are steel other than that they completely the same.
I explained that the tires on the back now are actually from the front (see brake dust) oh ok. 30 minutes later they come back saying company policy does not allow you to show up with 6 tires on a rig and leave on 4.
If they ever get this tire patched so I can leave I'll never come back to this location!
Been running dually' s my entire life and never had such a load of BS served. A dually is the same as a 4 wheel one ton. No difference driving on 4 vs 6 wheels other than the count. If you do not know say you do not know but don't try to sell me services or flat lie to me to make money.

Richard C.
Owasso, OK
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Overfilled and unchanged oil
Took our van in to be service before my wife left on a trip. Got the van home it was leaking oil. Called them took it back down there. They got it in like they said. I told them it's over pressuring the oil. I drive truck and have to do at least two pretrips a day. I know how to check the oil. Said the oil pan needed to be cleaned. Yeah ok.... I pulled a Littlr over a gallon out of the oil system to bring it were it should have been to being with. And it was black(used) oil with a red tint. They just filled it with five more quarts..... I don't know if the filter has been changed or not due to Toyota metal canister design.... Taking to the dealer from now on. Never had a problem before this....

Owasso, OK
RAM Pickup
Verified Customer
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Quality Issue
I brought in some tire sensors that needed to be moved from one set of wheels to another. They all worked when I took the wheels off a week prior. When they moved them they told me that one of them was not working. I believe that the technician damaged it when he was moving it. Now it's going to cost me another $100.

Collinsville, OK
Chevrolet Silverado
Verified Customer
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Shameful and Dishonest Sales Tactics
For the past several years I have gladly purchased tires and services from Tate Boys in Owasso. I have continued to use them to service my vehicle because it saves me time but mostly because there has never been an instance where I have been mislead or felt manipulated into a purchase. This changed during my last visit on 03-24-2016 when I had my vehicle serviced at the Owasso location. I was deliberately mislead and ultimately lied to concerning a service my vehicle "needed". In the past I have dealt with the same couple of salemsmen that have treated me with honesty and integrity but this instance was much different! This "new face" deliberately lied to me and then tried to cover that lie with another lie. It was very shameful for him and Tate Boys!
I am extremely knowledgable and experienced with most every aspect of an automobile. I purchase services and products with Tate Boys as it saves me time and it supports the local economy. I will definitely reconsider my service and product provider in the future!
You lost a very dedicated customer that day.

Tulsa, OK
Ford Mustang
Verified Customer
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Unprofessional, incorrect work
I went in to have my alignment done over a month ago, immediately noticed the steering wheel was not centered! If I straightened the wheel, my car would turn! Took it back in to have it corrected, now it's riding/driving the same as before I took it in for the alignment! So, unhappy!! A man even said he drove it, said "I gotcha taken care of, & that the camber had been done, but not the toe.". WOW!! REALLY?? Maybe if people like myself with solid work ethics, a conscience, & experience in auto mechanics, were working there, instead of "more educated", bachelor degree having people, the work would be done CORRECTLY, THE FIRST TIME!! Gas (not to mention other wear & tear) isn't free! I used to take my GP in there all the time, had no issues. Sure, this car's a little banged up right now -I just bought it- it's a PROJECT, & I THOUGHT I'd start the rebuilding process with Tates, but after this stint of experiences, I'm a little unsure!

Richard M.
Owasso, OK
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not sure
I brought my truck in for a oil change,they did it quickly, but when I got home I checked my oil and noticed it was over full,so I called them and they said bring it in and they would take care of it. I haven't had a chance to bring it in, but in the meantime I drove it on the highway for about 25 miles and started getting blow by and smoke from the oil coming out of engine , I had to rush home and I drain off almost 2 quarts of oil to bring it down to the full mark,this made me late for work so I am not too happy with them. Point here is,if they can't do one of the simplest jobs on a vehicle, how can I trust them to do brakes etc,I could change oil when I was 9 years old and do it right.plus they put my oil filter on so tight I can't get it off.

Collinsville, OK
Ford Pickup
Verified Customer
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Estimates time to do work is not accurate
Two different attempts to have an alignment on the same day 6/11/15 started at 10:00 am waited an hour for an empty rack they put it on the rack waited another hour no one touched the truck, we told the sales guy to take it off the rack we couldn't wait anymore for no one to work on the truck. I came back at 3:00 which I called and was told the rack was open I would be first in line NOT I had three people in front of me that we're having tires put on and aligned. They should of told me that on the phone I waited 3 hours. I left right before closing. I realize the guys are busy I would prefer to make an appt or leave it and pick up the next morning. Although I overheard someone that did that and they never touched their automobile all day. Sometimes you just have to tell people it won't be possible to fit you in
today I can put you on the schedule tomorrow. I wasted 7 hours that day with my drive time. I gladly passed the humor on by paying in one dollar bills while oreileys paid me back with for a rental tool. When the owners were present on our past visit everything ran like a charm including atmosphere. Not the typical experience for Tate Boya I'll go back to Hessellbeim.
Brian C. from Tate Boys Tire & Service Owasso responded on 06/18/2015

Thanks for your review and for taking the time to speak with us on the phone about this.  Again, we apologize for letting you down.  We are thrilled that you are giving us the chance to make it right.  We strive to make all customer experiences exceptional, and we will make sure to deliver this kind of exceptional service when you return.

Owasso, OK
Ford Explorer
Verified Customer
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Car has never run the same
I was completely disappointed. Went in for an oil change and my car has never run the same since. I only got a block from the place when my car completely shut down. They did tow it back for me. They reported it was the air filter.....my advice is take your car to the dealership for all care

Owasso, OK
Cadillac SRX
Verified Customer
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Normally a great place that I recommend to friends. Not this time!!!
We brought our car in because it was making a roaring noise going down the road. You replaced one of our hub bearings for $500, and the noise is not only still there, it could possibly be even worse now. I was told for another $500 they can replace the correct hub bearing, and the noise should go away this time. If this survey is truly read by management, lets see if someone from Tate Boys calls us to discuss the issue. Thanks.

Mitsubishi Outlander
Verified Customer
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3 1/2 hour wait
They cross threaded a lug nut I boke it and had to pay for the labor to fix it.If they would not have cross threaded it it wouldnt have broke so how is that my responsibilty?

Owasso, OK
Mercedes-Benz ML350
Verified Customer
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Poor workmanship
After years of doing business with Tate Boys, i will not be back. Had my Mercedes in for an oil change and tire rotation and by the time i got in my garage ,i thought my car was on fire because it was smoking so badly.was very upsetting to me. My husband returned car to Tate and they admitted that oil was spilled on motor. That is very poor workmanship and should have been cleaned before my car left the shop, i chose Tate Boys years ago because i wanted to do business in Owasso and because they should know how to service luxury cars. There is a large oil spot in my garage as well. I hope this review will serve as a reminder that poor workmanship will hurt your business and reputation. Barbara kirby
Brian C. from Tate Boys Tire & Service Owasso responded on 01/23/2014

Barbara --

We are sorry for our failure with your oil change.  We should have made sure the work we did would not cause you any trouble when you left our store.  We know you have choices when you shop, and hope that you would consider letting us earn your business (and trust) again in the future.  If there is ever anything we can do, please give us a call.

Owasso, OK
Honda Pilot
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
There is always someone to help you when you walk in. There is a tv there if you want to stay and wait for your car or it is centrally located to a ton of shopping venues that you can walk to instead of waiting or if you don't have someone to pick you up to bring you back later. Everyone is pleasant with you no attitudes to deal with.
Brian C. from Tate Boys Tire & Service Owasso responded on 10/23/2013

Thank you for your wonderful comments!  We're happy to have met your needs.  We look forward to helping again in the future!