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Michael S.
Oologah, OK
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Not the place it use to be
This use to back a great place with excellent service. NOT any more. It use to be, if you needed and oil change and tire rotation you could wait and you’d be in & out the door in 30 to 45 minutes tops. My wife is there right now and she finally got a friend to come and save her because she’s been there 1hr & 20 min. & her van still hasn’t been pulled into the garage. Last month I had an oil change and it took over to hours to get back out the door. Service use to be everything to Tate boys but now they don’t care how long you gotta wait.

Daniel L.
Owasso, OK
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Good place need better service writer
I've been going to Tateboys for about four years. Bought several sets of tires, had brakes done etc.. Always had a good experience. But this time I had the misfortune to meet Hunter a service desk employee there. I had dropped the car off today to get a low tire checked. Thing is I had it in there yesterday for the same thing (twice). Both times I was told they couldn't find any leak. So today i was less than happy to go back a third time for the same thing. After an hour of waiting I asked Hunter what the hold up was. He said there where three nails in the tire. I said three nails that they misses twice? Seriously I told he they need to STEP it up I needed to go. So Hunter replies they can just leave the nails in it and put it back together and I can go. Well that pissed me off. So after four years of doing business with Tateboys Hunter drives a customer away. Good Job.

Claremore, OK
Chrysler Pacifica
Verified Customer
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Could've been a better experience.
Was asked if I wanted a sensor in my tire replaced and I said no. Spent $700 on new tires and was harassed about getting a protection plan after saying no thanks 3 times. Then while checking out was told receipt would be emailed to me. Later that day I checked the receipt and found that they went ahead and replaced the sensor I said not to do and of course was charged for. Of course I'm sure the old one was tossed so not much I can do about that.

Owasso, OK
Chevrolet S10 Pickup
Verified Customer
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Nice, Courteous and Apologetic
I brought the truck into Tate Boys to find out why it over heated. It was discovered that it had a bad fan clutch. That could be replaced. However, it was also discovered that the intake manifold had a slight leak and you did not want to flush the cooling system for fear of creating a larger leak. That you advised you could not fix. Recommended other repair locations of which none of them appealed to me so I had to find another repair shop to get the repairs completed. I was very disappointed. However, I am having them fix my son in laws truck, we will see if things are better then.

Owasso, OK
Chevrolet TrailBlazer
Verified Customer
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Great customer service
The customer service was amazing. Unfortunately the flat we went to get fixed deflated the next day. We went to a different place to fix our flat.

Dewey, OK
Honda Pilot
Verified Customer
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Broke my TPMS Monitor
I am usually quick to recommend Tate's but after this experience I am a little frustrated. I went in to get an oil change and My tires rotated. I leave and everything is fine but then I drive home only to realize my steering wheel is shaking bad and my TPMS light is on. I take it back to Tates and wait over a hour for them to finally tell me they didn't get the weights in the right place and they broke my TPMS sensor and they have to order a part to fix it. So I leave and have to come back and wait another hour for them to install the sensor. They tell me the TPMS light is still on but I've been waiting so long that it needs to be driven for 15 minutes for it to go off. So I drive 15 minutes and the light is still on. So I have to go back AGAIN for them to fix it and they work on it this time only for 45 minutes or so but still no fix. So I've gone there 4 times only for them to tell me they have to take it to the dealer to fix it. So I have to bring it back and go without my car so they can take it in. I take it in and they finally get it fixed but now I have a grease stain in my seat and grease stains all over my center console and driver side door console!
I usually try to be very patient and understanding but this was a pretty big blow
To my confidence in them. Come on guys! I am going to have to purchase tires in the next few months and this makes me wonder if I should do business elsewhere. And one BIG recommendation I have is that you need to get seat covers to keep the grease stains from getting on seats. You put mats down on the floor but this is the second time my seats have gotten grease on them. But this time I can't get it out!

Owasso, OK
Chevrolet Cobalt
Verified Customer
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Got light replaced and also a run down battery!!!
This is my first time to have a complaint. Unknown to me the mechanic left on my lights which I did not notice for about 5 hours. Had to call road side assistance to jump the car and not be able to drive all evening after this. Always check your car after repairs.

Claremore, OK
Chrysler Sebring
Verified Customer
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Oil change/tires
All I wanted was an oil change and the guys talked me into tires also, I did need them but wasn't really ready for tires. I asked for NITROGEN in the tires and it wasn't put in the tires and I didn't notice it until I got home. Also they left the cap off the Power steering tank. Can I come back and get the Nitrogen in the tires like I wanted?

Claremore, OK
Chevrolet Impala
Verified Customer
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Don't send your 17 yr old
I sent my son to get the oil changed and tires rotated while I was at work. The right front tire leaks and I wanted that checked. Not sure how he was talked into getting 2 new tires .. but to my dismay it happened. Looking at the receipt I don't see road hazard on there. that needs to happen asap. I always get that included. Normally I'd score you guys a 5 but not this time. Sorry.

Owasso, OK
Ford Pickup
Verified Customer
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Normally great service, but not this time
I have used Tate Boys for a number of years and appreciate the courteous service. Took the truck in for the oil change. When I was told my vehicle was ready I noticed that there was a trail of oil from the service bay to the parking spot on the west side of the shop. I partly blame myself for thinking it was just residue from the service. Drove home and discovered that I left a 3 mile trail of oil back home. Took it back and the problem was quickly corrected (wrong filter I believe) which I appreciated. However, I am disappointed that the problem was not noticed by the shop before I was told the vehicle was ready, hard to believe that the oil trail was not noticed by someone, is it not standard practice to check the system for leaks after an oil change? - I always did back when I changed my own oil. I still recommend Tate Boys, but I have to give a below average rating on this one and will have to be a bit more vigilant in the future.

Owasso, OK
Toyota Sienna
Verified Customer
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Are they real mechanics?
Even though the customer service was good, the problems I had with my vehicle was never resolve. I felt I paid for nothing.
Brian C. from Tate Boys Tire & Service Owasso responded on 11/25/2014

Thanks for speaking with us on the phone Carolyn.  We appreciate you bringing your vehicle back to us so that we can address this and make sure everything is as it should be.  We look forward to getting this resolved and corrected!

Owasso, OK
Toyota RAV4
Verified Customer
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Poor communication
Dropped off the daughter's Rav4 for service (oil change & something rubbing on the rear wheels - I think brakes - car has been sitting for about 2 months). After about 3 hours, called and was told service was complete, just checking the wheels / breaks now - come on down and car will be ready. Got there to find out that the car was only now being put up for service and inspection, which took another 2 hours. I was very, very unhappy. The guys did not make me pay for anything - but I'd rather have paid and had things right to begin with. Still a bit unsure about the wheels. Will take car out for longer drive - and if persists - to a different company to work on. You guys really blew it the other day.