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Charlie L.
Henderson, NV
Chevrolet Silverado
Verified Customer
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11/18/2016 Category: Service
Charlie said the overall experience was average but he would recommend them.
Dave B., Owner from The Muffler Shop responded on 11/21/2016

Hello Charlie,

We appreciate you taking the time to give us feedback on our performance, thank you.

We take pride in providing good customer service and would like to hear from you about what we could have done, or do in the future to make your experience better.

Please consider this my personal invitation to contact me with your concerns, thank you.

Thank you for your business,


Henderson Chamber of Commerce, Finalist for 2014, 2015 and 2016 Small Business Customer Service Award.

Tom G.
Boulder City, NV
Ford Ranger
Verified Customer
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03/28/2014 Category: Service
Tom said they could not fix the vehicle and the problem it was having.
Dave B., Owner from The Muffler Shop responded on 03/31/2014

Tom, I appreciate that you will still recommend us. I have a concern that when you say “we could not fix your vehicle” it may be somewhat misleading. We absolutely can fix your vehicle and I would appreciate the opportunity to share the rest of the story.

Here is what our diagnosis was after you replaced your own plugs and wires and the vehicle was still running rough:
1. The #6 cylinder has low compression.
2. It is leaking past the exhaust valve.
3. The cylinder wall also showed signs of scoring when inspected with a borescope.

We recommended a new engine assembly. We gave you multiple options to repair the engine that has 145,000 miles on it. Install a used engine from LKQ or new engine from Jasper. We also advised you that a valve job may fix the problem but unfortunately we could not guarantee that it would fix the problem.

You chose to do nothing. We always appreciate our customers giving us reviews; it helps us get better at what we do. Naturally we also prefer to have the complete story told when sending it out to the virtual public. Respectfully yours, Dave Beason/The Muffler Shop.

Brandon M.
Henderson, NV
Dodge Stratus
Verified Customer
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02/13/2014 Category: Service
Brandon said he really respects Jerry and his opinion but is now skeptical of this business because he paid $2,200.00 for a gasket to be fixed and some other unspecified issues. He drove the vehicle for 2 days after the repairs were completed and the vehicle broke down again and will not start. He was told it needs a new battery and computer needs to be replaced which will cost over $1,000.00. His family and friends are telling him to get a second opinion and feels like he has been ripped off.
Dave B., Owner from The Muffler Shop responded on 02/19/2014

Brandon, Thank you for using our services and please thank the other shop that originally referred you to us. I am sorry you feel you have been ripped off. The $2262.27 gasket you are referring to was actually a cylinder head gasket, new head bolts, cylinder head machine work, spark plugs, thermostat, radiator cap, water inlet, water pump, belts, freeze plug, timing belt kit, oil change and coolant service. Most of this could have been prevented by just maintaining the cooling system. Your cooling system was 100% water and rust, no antifreeze. You will also notice on your invoice you may need a radiator and heater core replacement in the near future. We flushed as much rust out as possible to save you money. At the time of the initial repairs we didn’t address the starting or charging system and we never had a problem with the vehicle running or starting after the repairs. There is no possible way to predict that your PCM (computer) was going to fail in two days and 114 miles later. We would love to have that ability but unfortunately we don’t. If your family and friends fill that you have been ripped off, please remind them we installed the PCM and battery $893.10, with no labor charge saving you a couple hundred dollars. We did this because of your money situation not because we felt guilty. If you are looking for a second professional opinion we have several AAA repair facilities that we could refer you to. Please call and I will give you their numbers. Thank you again for using The Muffler Shop and still recommending us to others. Respectfully yours, Dave Beason/The Muffler Shop

Mickey A.
Henderson, NV
Toyota Camry
Verified Customer
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10/18/2012 Category: Service
Mickey said this business charged him a $25 coupon price for a smog inspection, but then he found out the cost would have been $20 without the coupon. He said they also charged him $50 for an analysis, and wouldn't deduct that cost from the repairs completed, as he indicated many other business' would. He said he would not return to this business.
Dave B., Owner from The Muffler Shop responded on 10/19/2012
Mickey, Thank you for giving The Muffler Shop a YES if you would recommend. I would like to apologize and clarify any confusion you may have had after leaving our shop. If in fact you had a coupon from Triangle Smog it would have read $18.00. Our normal price for a gas smog check is $20.00 and if you look at the invoice that you received, you were charged $20.00. If you still have that coupon just stop by and we would be happy to refund your two dollars. We did not charge you $50.00 for an analysis, we charged you $54.95 and this is what you got for your $$$$. A Certified Technician performed a complete analysis on why your check engine light was on and gave you detailed information for the code P0170. He also traced the “fuel trim fault” to a leak at your intake manifold. He did a complete analysis on your automatic door lock system which included the dis-assembly of your driver’s side door panel and gave you detailed information on what it would take to repair that problem. If you would like us to deduct the $54.95 when your repairs are done all we ask in return is that you bring us back the time that was spent by the Technician to diagnose the problem. Thank you again for stopping in. Dave Beason/The Muffler Shop