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Woodstock, GA
Chrysler Town & Country
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my car
I will not be back

Jenna Z.
Marietta, GA
Mazda 3
Verified Customer
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04/28/2017 Category: Service
Jenna said the experience was terrible. She came to this business multiple times. She stated Discount Tire was paying for the repair so thinks that's why she was treated differently. She needed a type of stud for her tire. During the first visit, she waited an hour for them to tell her the part would not be there that day. The second time, she was there for an hour as well. They provided several excuses as to why the part hadn't arrived. The manger and the employees did not take responsibility. After someone went to a parts store and picked up the part, her vehicle was repaired. It was handled unprofessional and they were unapologetic.
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David T. from Tribble's Automotive Inc responded on 05/06/2017

   First of all,  we would like to say that we sincerely regret that Ms. Z experienced a problem with us.  We try very hard please our customers and have obviously been unsuccessful in this case. 
   Ms. Z was referred to us by Discount Tire, who had inadvertently broken one of the wheel studs on her Mazda.  These customers are sent to us because their shops are not equipped to perform such repairs.  Unfortunately, wheel studs are often unique to various vehicles and, at times, it is difficult for us to obtain replacements as quickly as we would like.  This is why this lady was forced to wait.  We were trying to get her the proper stud, but couldn't locate one immediately.  As a result, we asked her if she might return at a later date and promised her that we would do our best to get her in and out quickly, in order to minimize her inconvenience.   She came back a few weeks later and we finalized the repair at no cost to her.
   I can understand her frustration, due to the fact that customers normally don't realize that all automotive parts are not readily available.  Although we have no control over this, we do sincerely apologize. 
   I suppose that what bothers us the most is that Ms. Z felt that she was not treated professionally and that we were not apologetic.  As I look at our reviews over the past six months, I noted that we have 86 5 star ratings; 5 four stars; one 3 star; one 2 star; and Ms. Z's single 1 star rating.  This represents something like a 96.5% overall score.  In all honesty, I don't think that this would be possible if we were not respectful to our customers.  That said, if Ms. Z felt that she was treated improperly, we apologize.

Marietta, GA
Mazda 6
Verified Customer
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Not the same trusted business!
I recommended that my son take his car to Tribbles because I had been doing business there for many years and had always been satisfied with there service. This time they quoted a better price for the work but now we know why. Paid over $500 for a break repair that was not done properly. Took it back to be done again, still not right. I will not be going back or recommending this business in the future!
David T. from Tribble's Automotive Inc responded on 01/15/2015

I must admit that I am very disappointed to hear that Mr. G is unhappy with the service that we provided to his son.  I am hopeful that this is just a misunderstanding and that I can clear it up with him.  He has been a good customer for a long time and I would hate to lose him.

Mr. G's son brought his car in last November, indicating that he needed brakes.  We put the car in the air and determined that he did, indeed, need brakes all around and, in addition, his rear rotors were below spec and needed to be replaced, as well.  We completed the work the same day.

Two months later, his son called, complaining that he heard a "grinding" noise, in the rear of the car and felt that there might be something wrong with his brakes.   As is our routine, we asked him to bring it in, as soon as possible, and promised that we would investigate the problem immediately.  He brought it in and we put it on the rack once again for inspection.

As it turns out, the left rear brake was metal to metal, once again.  We determined that the caliper had become stuck and felt that it was possible that the car had been driven with the emergency brake engaged.  He said that he was confident that this was not the case.  So, we freed the caliper, replaced the brakes and resurfaced the rotor, once again, at absolutely no charge.  We then test drove the car and re-inspected the caliper.  Everything appeared to be in order.

While we had the car in the back, working on the brakes, the customer asked if we could please change the oil and rotate the tires.  We said that we would be happy to do so and, because we felt bad about his inconvenience, did so at no charge.

That evening, the customer called and said that the noise had suddenly reappeared.  I explained that, if it was, indeed, the same problem, we would need to have the car for a full day, in order to do some additional investigation.  I asked him if he could bring it back and leave it.  He said that he would, but never did so.  Shortly thereafter, we received this evaluation.

I think that we've done everything that we could in this case, but am happy to discuss this with them further at any time.

Adam W.
Marietta, GA
Honda Prelude
Verified Customer
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12/01/2014 Category: Service
Adam said the business did not make all of the necessary adjustments to his vehicle. He would not recommend them because of this.
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David T. from Tribble's Automotive Inc responded on 12/10/2014

Mr. W brought us his Honda Prelude, concerned about his wheel alignment.  Because he was referred to us by one of the tire retailers with which we are closely associated, we performed his alignment at a 38% discount off of our regular price.  We aligned the wheels according to the factory specifications, which are published by Honda Motor Company.
Mr. W called back a couple of days later, complaining that he felt that the car was still out of alignment.  At that time, he explained that he had installed some custom parts on the steering and suspension.  This is something that can have a considerable effect on the alignment specifications.  But, in spite of this, I took the car in, re-adjusted the alignment to the best of our ability and did not charge Mr. W for the second service.  He called, yet again, a few days later with the same complaint.  For the third time, I told him to bring it back and we went through the entire process once more.  I still did not charge him any additional amount.  We've had this car on our machine three times.  It is our professional opinion that the car is in the best alignment possible, based upon the specifications that we have and the custom parts that the customer has installed.   Based upon the fact that we have re-adjusted this car three times and spent over two hours doing so, for less than $50, I don't believe that this complaint is justified.