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Marietta, GA
Toyota 4Runner
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what is happening with this shop?
Things are not the same I had a tuneup a while back and my vehicle is running worse than ever it runs like a three cylinder my gas mileage has gone from 18 miles to the gallon to 10 With Dave gone things are just a mess

Sina D.
Marietta, GA
BMW 3 Series
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02/06/2018 Category: Service
Sina said the service provided by the business was too time consuming and the staff didn't follow-up with him in a timely manner.
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Marietta, GA
GMC Yukon XL
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Yukon XL
Thank you for looking for the issue with the noise we had. While your estimation was something going on in the rear differential, it turned out to be in the front and it had to be rebuilt. I had hoped it was still under warranty when we went to the dealership but it was not at this point. This was a follow up to the noise issue we had in June when serviced where after servicing the front and rear differentials, the noise came back and even louder.

Hillary B.
Canton, GA
Honda Ridgeline
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11/22/2016 Category: Service
Hillary said she first went to this business for an alignment and they only aligned one tire. She had requested a printout. The printout showed that the job had not been done well. Her husband took the vehicle back the next day. They yelled at him because he asked them to do a better job, aligning the vehicle. They finally did the job. It wasn't a nice experience the second time either.
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David T. from Tribble's Automotive Inc responded on 11/28/2016

We apologize for any inconvenience with any customer experience. 

Hillary had brought in the vehicle for an alignment, the alignment was done to exact specifications, Our printer wasn't working that day and we apologized for the inconveneince and within minutes we had the printer issued resolved and gave Hillary a printout of the alignment.

The following day, Hillarys husband came back the next day and asked us to come closer to specifications.  He clearly stated, he had worked for a tire store that is not only discrediable, but no longer in business and wanted the alignment again fixed and closer to specifications. 

Not only did the owner of Tribbles Automotive go out of his way to ensure customer satisfaction,, as did the rest of the staff for a $59.99 alignment, wanting to make sure the customer was satisfied. 

The husband had left and the following day Tribbles Automotive received a negative response to the service. 

Tribbles Automotive has been in business for over 20 years and serviced more than 4000 customers. Its our promise to make sure we explain both sides of every situation. 

Thank you


Simone C.
Marietta, GA
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Overall Rating 2/5Overall Rating 2/5rating 2rating 2rating 2
11/02/2016 Category: Service
Simone said it took longer than they estimated. The vehicle was delayed several days and the cost was several hundred dollars over the estimate. After the work was done and she had the vehicle at home, she found more problems with the vehicle. As a result of this experience, she will not recommend this business for service.
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David T. from Tribble's Automotive Inc responded on 11/04/2016

We as Tribble Automotive want to clarify this issue, Customer had her Jeep towed in at a busy time and we got to it A.S.A.P. The key was completely broken in the ignition switch, so we had to order a OE lock and cylinder and then we had to get a lock housing  from the dealership due to broken key. After the part arrived and was installed. We had to call a lock smith  due to installing a new lock housing, Although until taking it apart we did not know it  was needed. After we replaced electronic housing the lock smith had to program new keys to the system. That the customer approved the repairs and seemed understanding until the final day. Customer was aware that the  vehicle was not completed and took it on her own to pay before completion. When the Certified Locksmith came out and programmed the key to the vehicle, we were charged 165 dollars. At that point we only charged her what we were charged to hopefully satisfy the customer. So we do apologize for any issues you think we did wrong, We at Tribble Automotive have a very high customer service ratings and would be happy to address any issue we could. Thank you

Marietta, GA
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Overall Rating 2/5Overall Rating 2/5rating 2rating 2rating 2
Radiator installation
Radiator installation looks ok. However, the long gasket to seal and cushion the hood when it was closed wasn't reinstalled. It was laying on top of the engine and one end was almost in the fan. Also a piece from the air cleaner assembly is completely missing so dirt and debris can get into the fuel injectors.
David T. from Tribble's Automotive Inc responded on 10/31/2016

Customer had called and left a message what had happened, we returned his call and left a message to bring the car in and we will take care of it. This is long time customer at tribbles automotive and im not sure why he would not recommend us, we are human and every once in a while people make a mistake and we will be the first to admit it and resolve the issue. What I did not see in the  customer review was that he called us and had a emergency and we changed our scheldue to get his car in and repair it as quick as possible as a favor to the customer, still no excuses for our mistake if we have made one but as I have  stated we will take care of the issue. I just think some people or to quick to say something negative online. This particular customer knows he can call us anytime at Tribble Automotive to take care of any issues, he may be having. He has came in several times for tail light issues during our busiest times. We still seem to get him in/out the door fast as POSSIBLE without a charge. So our team at Tribble Automotive highly thinks a 2 star rating is quite unfair. Thank you.

Andy H.
Woodstock, GA
Ford Windstar
Overall Rating 2/5Overall Rating 2/5rating 2rating 2rating 2
02/04/2016 Category: Service
Andy said there were some problems associated with what they did and the communication. They did not communicate well on the pricing.
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David T. from Tribble's Automotive Inc responded on 02/09/2016

We sincerely apologize to Mr. Harrison for the miscommunication on our part.  We take full responsibility for this and appreciate the fact that he would still recommend us.

Woodstock, GA
Mercury Grand Marquis
Overall Rating 2/5Overall Rating 2/5rating 2rating 2rating 2
High cost! Marks up Parts 115%. Has problem finding out what the problem is and charges you for their low knowledge of the problem.
I was told that I would not be charged for them finding out what the problem was. After 3 guesses they think they found the problem. I have to say they were very nice about making sure we were satisfied. The price I was quote was to high for us to pay. they would look ate the price and had me to drive the car so I would be comfortable that it was fixed. It did seem the problem was fixed after replacing several high priced parts, not knowing which one was the real problem. Their was still very high and after comparing the prices of the same parts at what I could have purchased them at, I found there was115% mark up and the labor was 20% higher than most mechanist hourly.
Plus I was charged for the time they said they would not charge us for. I am still not sure my car is wright.
David T. from Tribble's Automotive Inc responded on 11/13/2014

As is always the case, I am terribly disappointed to learn that I have failed to make one of our customers happy. We have always gone overboard to satisfy even the most demanding clients. In Mr. T’s case, I was fearful that we might be biting off more than we could chew, not because of his fault or ours, but because of the situation with his vehicle.

Mr. T brought us his car and it had multiple, inter-related problems, none of which could be properly diagnosed without repairing each. These were within the fuel system; the mass air flow meter; and the ignition. It is not common to have three such problems with one vehicle at the same time. However, I told Mr. T that I would take care of this for him and we set to work, attempting to bring everything back in line. I even went one step further and told him that, if we repaired one of the three problems, but that it turned out NOT to be relative, I would remove the part and not charge him for it, nor for the installation or removal labor. I’m no particular authority on the subject, but I would suggest that very few, if any, other shops of any description would offer a deal such as this.

I’m not sure where Mr. T obtained his competitive hourly mechanics’ rates. But, my understand that our rate, of $85, is as low as any in the metro area and considerably lower than dealer rates, which often run between $110 - $130/hour. Moreover, our markup on parts is fairly standard and, again, competitive with shops located within our region. If you expect your mechanic to sell parts to you at the same price as your local parts store, then you will always find a significant disparity between the two. The parts that we use (and warranty for 12,000 miles) are a cut above in quality and, of course, in cost.

I am happy to sit down with Mr. T, if he would like to do so, and see if there is some way we can resolve this matter to his satisfaction. I'm not sure what else I can do other than that. I have always tried to go the extra mile for my customers, as I have done with Mr. T. I believe that this is well-evidenced by the comments and ratings which other clients have submitted.

Woodstock, GA
Ford Explorer Sport Trac
Overall Rating 2/5Overall Rating 2/5rating 2rating 2rating 2
I never will use this shop again
- I came in to the shop last week and was told by your service adviser that he would "work with me" to save me money on the replacement of the upper control arms and lower ball joint on the Ford. I provided the parts and was told that the cost to install them would be around $500 or so. I explained that I was on a limited budget and vet, and the service adviser said that he would "work with me" to me that means finding a way to save me money - I dropped of the car this past Tuesday the 2nd of September (9am) and was told that I would get a call once the truck was ready, no one called me, so I called after 2pm and was told that the truck was ready. I was shocked when I was told that the bill came to $545+ for the labor. I mentioned this to the same service adviser and he said that is all that he could due. I'm very disappointed with his word and the trust i placed in your shop. I was not even given the old parts back, so I don't even know if all of the work was done.

I do not recommend this place, If you do this place, get a written estimate first.

I notified the owner of the shop and gave him an opportunity to make this right, and he responded basically saying that there is nothing additional he could do.
David T. from Tribble's Automotive Inc responded on 09/11/2014

  I must admit that I was very disappointed to learn that you were not satisfied with the pricing and service that we
provided, while servicing your car.  Over the past fifteen
years, we have done everything within our power to ensure customers' complete satisfaction.  I believe that we've been fairly successful in this endeavor, as our ratings are very high on both SureCritic and Facebook.  That said, we realize that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to please everyone all of the time.

   In response to your specific complaints, I would
respectfully offer the following.  It is and always has been our policy NOT to install customer-supplied parts on their vehicles, simply due to the fact that we cannot guarantee the quality of parts that do not come from our trusted sources.  I made an exception to this rule in your case, due to the fact that you explained that you are a retired veteran.  I even gave you an extra discount on labor out of respect and gratitude for your service to our country. In addition, I provided you with a price of $49.99 for a wheel alignment, when our regular price is $79.95. 

Concerning your comment about used parts, it is not our policy to return used parts to customers UNLESS they specifically ask us to do so.  In your case, I don't recall your requesting that we do so.  But, if you did, I sincerely apologize for
our oversight. 

As far as advising you that your car was ready, the ticket was handed to us by the  technician at just about the same time that you called.

   When you first arrived, I quoted you a price of $574.46.  Yet,
when you picked up your car, your total charges were only $545.83, some $28.63 less than originally quoted.  I honestly don't believe that you would have been able to have this work done elsewhere for less and, in most cases, considerably more.

   I have always found it regrettable to learn that one of our
customers is not completely satisfied.  In your case, I'm not sure what else I could have done to please you.

   If you wish to discuss this further or I may be of any additional assistance, please feel free to call me at any time.

   C. David Tribble, Jr.

Katie L.
Woodstock, GA
Acura 3.2TL
Overall Rating 2/5Overall Rating 2/5rating 2rating 2rating 2
02/15/2014 Category: Service
Katie said they did not fix what was wrong with her vehicle. She would not recommend them because the issue was not resolved.
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