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Chris P.
Kennewick, WA
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If I had the resources, I would sue this place. Never go there!
I can honestly say going to this repair shop was the worst financial decision I have ever made. After my car was up on blocks, with the engine out, for a previously scheduled slate of work, the repairman suggested thousands more in work, as long as the engine was out. This was work that had been scheduled several weeks in advance but only when my car was on the blocks, and we needed to make a quick decision, was this suggestion made. Reluctantly, we agreed to an additional $2000 in repairs, for a grand total of $5000. This work wasn't completed properly, and we had to return to the shop 3 times to get our car functioning. Then, 2 days later, the cooling system went out on the car; unable to pay that $3000 bill, we are now without a car and out $5000. They chose short term profits rather than a long term customer, and that is what they have achieved. More than that, I will never take another car to this repair shop and I warn you all to do the same!
Mirko M., Owner from USA Brake and Auto Repair responded on 07/15/2019

Dear Chris, thank you for letting us know you have experianced a problem after our repair work while your wife is out of town. The  original quote to replace rear main oil seal and power steering hose was to be about $1800 but under $2000, the timing belt replacement and valve cover gasket additional work came to a completed total repair of  $2814.
I have been in contact with your wife and the shop who looked at your vehicle, we are getting a second opinion from another shop for you to ensure what parts actully need to be replaced.
I will stay in touch with your wife and continue to help resolve these issues. Again Thank You

Mirko  Micic

Tarzziccio M.
Hermiston, OR
Chevrolet Camaro
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Kennewick, WA
Ford LTD
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Heather L.
Spokane, WA
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