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Roger B.
Melbourne, FL
Nissan Maxima
Verified Customer
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09/17/2018 Category: Service
Roger said he is extremely dissatisfied with the service this business has provided or with what they have charged him, not only for this past visit but also the one before this. They are not helpful in any regard and they overcharge. They don't provide any efficient insight and they do their best to exploit people and to take advantage of them. They take advantage of the elderly and charge as much as they can. He would not recommend this business for service.
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Kary S., Office Manager/ Media Specialist from 2000 Auto responded on 09/19/2018

There is some confusion in reading your review. This car has only been here once and you were only charged the minimum diagnostic fee and a AAA discount was applied to assist you. After looking into our archives we found another 2 invoices in early 2016 for a different car but the confusion remained as there was no charge on one invoice as no problem was found and the other was for a loose part. It all seems to be resonable and straight forward. We do understand your frustration at our diagnosis on your most recent visit, after towing the car to us only to find the engine in your 2000 model car had locked up. The unfortunate news was in no way hard to explain or designed to be exploitive in any manner, the engine simply had an internal fault and failed. We have many clients- young and old- that rely on us to provide good service and we work very hard to meet that goal, earn that trust. In closing, we wish you the best of luck going forward and we will keep striving for the best auto care for our clients.

Kary Spina
Office Manager/ Media Specialist

Melbourne, FL
Toyota RAV4
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
car repair
quick & efficient service
Kary S., Office Manager/ Media Specialist from 2000 Auto responded on 11/21/2016

Thank you sir! Always happy to help.

Kary Spina
Office Manager/ Media Specialist

Melbourne, FL
Cadillac DeVille
Verified Customer
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Rip Off Estimate Given
Brought in my 2002 Cadillac Deville which had a passenger rear window malfunction.
Mech. exaimed car and foreman gave me estimate of $600, roughly $400 for the part. When I stated that that number seemed excessive, he revised the estimate to $400, saying he could use an after market part. I brought car home and looked up window actuator and motor for my vehicle online. Part ran from $50 to $114. I ordered a Dorman part for $87, part included shipping and was delivered in 2 days. I installed myself in about 2 hours, saving over $300 from estimate or over $500 from first estimate. A mechanic would have installed it in about an hour. I did call two other shops and got prices if $275 and $259 for the removal and reinstalling a new part. I'm sure glad that I did not leave my vehicle at Auto 2000 (which is where I purchased it last year). I also removed the tag frame that advertised Auto 2000, I will not recommend them anymore.
Kary S., Office Manager/ Media Specialist from 2000 Auto responded on 03/31/2016


I'm sorry that you were unhappy with the price quote that you received from 2000 AUTO but I'm glad to hear that you were able to replace the failed part that we identified and get your window back operational.  You can always save a significant amount of money doing work yourself home repairs, appliance repairs,  cooking for yourself rather than going to a restaurant, or fixing your car it's always much more expensive to hire a proffessional. The reason we originally recommended the OEM regulator and motor is because we have found these parts to have a much longer life than the aftermarket parts.

You are correct, you can purchase parts online cheaper than we can purchase them from the local autoparts supplier but the autoparts supplier can usually get the parts to us in a couple of hours rather than waiting a couple of days.  Could you imagine what would happen if we had to order parts online and wait 2 days and if the part was wrong and we had to ship it back and wait 2 days and then then wait 2 more days for the replacement part to be shipped.  Yes online parts are less expensive but we can not properly serve our customers by using these parts and waiting on shipping.  We do on occasion have customers that purchase their own parts and we strickly provide the labor to install the part.  If you had requested, we would have installed your parts.  The down side of providing you own parts is that you are solely responsible for the quality of the part so if the part was defective or failed, there would be no warranty.

As far as your comparison to other shops is concerned, 2000 AUTO is cost competitive with any shop in the Viera and Suntree areas, much lower cost than dealers and we operate at lower margins than the industry standards.  Our goal at 2000 AUTO is not be the cheapest auto repair but to provide the best automotive service available in the county.  The way that we save our customers money is by providing acurate diagnosis, using quality parts so that repairs we make will last and not recommending unnecessary repairs.  To provide the best diagnosis, 2000 AUTO only uses the best technicians and the latest diagnostic tools.  All of our automotive technicians are A level techs with at least 30 years experience.

I think the 1 star rating that you gave us was unfair since this should be a rating of our overall performance and not just one aspect of our performance.  Was our diagnosis correct? It seems like it was since you said the part we told you needed replacement fixed the problem.  Did we perform the diagnosis in a reasonable period of time? Was are staff polite and courteous?  Was the repair required properly explained to you? Did we recommend any services that you did not need? Was our facility clean and well maintained?  I feel these items should all factor into your rating.  Since the only complaint you had is that you thought the cost estimate was too high, I don't think the one star was fair.  Should a premium brand hotel receive a one star rating because they are more expensive than a budget priced hotel?

Again, I'm glad you were able to get your car fixed at a cost that you were happy with.  I'm sorry that you were unhappy with our cost estimate.  Feel free to contact me by phone or email if you would like to discuss this further.

Kevin McCarthy