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Barb W. on 06/11/2013
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Barb said the business overcharged her without her approval. The vehicle turned out worse than when she came in.
Vehicle: Chevrolet Sportvan
Category: Service
Service Date: 05/17/2013
Review Created: 06/11/2013
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Bob F. at Bob's Automotive responded on 06/13/2013
MS Wilson brought her vehicle to us with a complaint of failing Washington State Emission Test, running pooly and stalling. I explained honestly, it would be impossible to give her an estimate of repair simply because of the nature of her issues and the age of the vehicle. I explained the WA. State Waiver requirements and told her the best case scenario would be $180 - $200. I explained, we charge $119.65 for Emissions Diagnostic Analysis and the waiver requirement require the customer spend a minimum of $150 of qualified expenses in the area the vehicle failed in, in an attempt to improve emissions. Also we would call her with an estimate of repair. We spent several hours chasing the cause of her issues because as it turned out the Fuel Injection wiring harness had a short in it. During the diagnostic process we found a very, very dirty air filter, a restricted PCV Valve and a severly restricted fuel filter. We attempted to call MS Wilson twice and there was no answer. We had several other vehicles waiting and we needed the stall space for our other customers. I decided that it would be foolish to re-install the filters and pcv. I authorized the technician to install new ones. When MS Wilson came in to get her car, I explained what we did and offered to show her the worn out filters we replaced, she declined and had no problems with what we did at that time. She said that what we did was OK and she understood. Her "Best Case" estimate was $180-$200, Her invoice total came to $246. We always prefer to keep the customer advised and participating in our repai process, but when the do not answer the phone or respond to messages with return calls, I will always error on the side of safety. The basic maintenance of MS Wilson's van had been ignored for years. For MS Wilson to look me in the eye and tell me what we did was ok and she understood, then to turn around and give us a poor review doens't speak to well for her character! Dissapointing for sure!
Mark H. on 04/17/2013
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Mark said he was very upset about this visit because the owner was very rude and would not answer his questions. He said the owner told him to step out of the office at one point. He said he ended up sitting in his vehicle for over 20 minutes waiting for someone to help him. He said he will never use this business again.
Vehicle: Chevrolet Pickup
Category: Service
Service Date: 04/11/2013
Review Created: 04/17/2013
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Bob F. at Bob's Automotive responded on 04/25/2013
Mr Higgins called us because his truck would not start after he stopped at a gas station. He stated had a very important appointment that he absolutely had to get to, then he got upset because we wouldn't come to the gas station, 3 miles away and work on his truck. We provided him a phone # for a local tow company and he had his truck towed to our shop and the tow truck unloaded the vehicle inside our shop! Even though we were very busy, we got him to his vehicle right away and diagnosed his issue as a bad starter. All the while Mr Higgins insisted on assisting the technician working on his truck. Several times I had to advise Mr Higgins, our insurance doesn't allow customers to help or wonder about our shop unsupervised, yet he kept looking in tool boxes, looking into other vehicles and asking the technicians questions. He was never asked to "step out of the office", he was asked to stay out of the garage working area. We advised him and gave him an estimate. Then he was upset that we wouldn't make a special trip to Portland, get his starter and not charge him for the 40 mile round trip. At no time did Mr Higgins wait 20 minutes for service, the only waiting Mr Higgins did was for the starter to be delivered and during that time his friend picked him up, he returned after the truck was finished and ready to be delivered. Now, after reading his review I am saddened that I took him in right away in front of several regular and excellent customers. Far too many people in this country feel their situation is absolutely the most important and trumps all others. I long for the day when the citizens of this country actually cared for one another!
DON W. on 12/01/2012
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"$2000 brake job and radiator exchange"
I know that you do estimates right out of the "book" but I also know parts for this job are $500 so $1500 labor is out of line. I have always trusted and recommended Bob's but no more.
Vehicle: Ford Pickup
Service Date: 11/28/2012
Review Created: 12/01/2012 07:00 AM
Bob F. at Bob's Automotive responded on 12/02/2012
Mrs Woodhouse brought their Ford F350 4X4 to us and ask us to look at the heater and to look it over for a trip to Utah, We did and gave them a legitimate estimate, i even suggested to Mrs Woodhouse the vehicle may not be worth the repair, given the 200,000 miles and overall condition. The truck was not safe to drive and this I told Mrs Woodhouse as well. Everything to do with brakes on all 4 wheels should be replaced, the rear wheel cylinders are leaking, the shoes are worn to metal ruining the brake drums, the front brakes have been seriously overheated damaging the brake caliper movement, overheating the brake rotors causing both to have cracks completly through the outer surface! Being a 1996 4X4 the process for relacing the rotors is very involved and because they haul horses regularly, we will not sacrifice their's or the public's safety for a small cost savings on inferior, low quality parts or service. Additionally we found the radiator leaking, the thermostat is not working properly, should be replaced and the cooling system needs to be flushed. Mrs Woodhouse also requested an oil change & lube. Throw in nearly $200 sales tax, the estimate of repairs was and still is legitimate. Note we didn't start any repairs and try to force a sale, we kept the customers best interest in mind through the whole process, for Mr Woodhouse to be upset with us is grossly unfair, a lack of maintenance, concern and attention for his vehicle on his part in no way should be construed into us attempting to rip him off. Vehicles are merely machines and proper care and maintenance is required of the owner, neglect IS COSTLY. I'm sure Mr Woodhouse is upset that his vehicle is in the condition it is, and that it is going to be costly, but that is not the fault of Bob's Automotive Inc. We performed exactly as requested and reported our findings. I am positive Mr Woodhouse can find someone to use low quality and used parts to piece his truck together. Sometimes people are their own worst enemy, not us! By the way the estimate read $875 parts and $890 labor + sales tax. For God Country and All Veterans, Sinceley, Bob Ford
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