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Mathew S.
Ridgefield, WA
Chevrolet TrailBlazer
Verified Customer
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02/22/2019 Category: Service
Mathew said the staff weren't really personable and the customer service was not 100 percent there.
Bob F. from Bob's Automotive responded on 03/05/2019

During the period including late january through the first week  to ten days in February every one of our employees took sick time due to a flu that was being passed through the shop. We are sorry for your less than ideal experience. I even apologized to you at the time for not being at 100%. Your experience certainly is not the norm for this place of business. I do think though that part of the issue was, you were a little upset that you replaced many parts attempting to fix your car, diagnosing the problem by getting "Free Code Reading" at Autozone. Then when you brought it in for repair you found it was a fairly simple repair that you totally overlooked. You felt slighted and had to complain about something!

Josh C.
Ridgefield, WA
Ford F-150
Verified Customer
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08/25/2018 Category: Service
Josh said the staff was nice. He would not recommend the business for service because he spent a lot of money for an alignment, but they did not align the steering wheel.
Bob F. from Bob's Automotive responded on 08/29/2018

Mr Clark's Ford Pick-up has 280,000 miles, he did his own work installing SOME new suspension parts. All Mr. Clark wanted us to do was align the front weels, which we did and the wheels are straight & true. His steering wheel will not stay centered because of looseness in other steering parts he did not replace that are worn, primarily the steering gear box. We were not hired to diagnose the steering & suspension, just to align the front wheels which we did, obviously correctly as Mr Clark is not compaining of steering pull or drift, as he did before we aligned the wheels. Mr Clark's invoice reflected everyting he authorized. The Alignment, 2 Eccentric Caster / Camber Bushings, a small labor charge to replace the bushings and tax, $307. It is not our fault that Mr. Clark's mechanical & suspension diagnostic capabilities are not very good. Have you ever watched a Professional do a job and you think, "Hell I can do that", then you try it and find out it is much harder and there is much more to it than you expected. It is so sad that people think repairing a vehicle is so simple! So we get a bad review for not doing something we weren't asked to do or paid to do. I also find it sad that Mr. Clark spoke to our Asst.Manager and when our Asst. Manager advised him of the steering gear and sysem looseness he told our Asst. Manager, " Yeah, I know, it's a Ford thing" and he hasn't called us to complain or ask us to do anything to correct the issue, mosty because he knows IT IS NOT OUR FAULT!

Lefty K.
Ridgefield, WA
Chevrolet Pickup
Verified Customer
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04/13/2018 Category: Service
Spoke with Lefty's wife. She said the business did not call them when their vehicle was finished and they had to wait an additional day to get it back. This is why she would not recommend.
Bob F. from Bob's Automotive responded on 04/14/2018

We are sorry, it was right at 5pm when the job was finished and Lefty told me that he wasn't in a big hurry. Sad to see you go. I wish you well.

Ted H.
Ridgefield, WA
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Verified Customer
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08/30/2017 Category: Service
Ted said the business is very responsive and quick. They solved the problem, however he had to go back so they could fix a mistake.

Sheena B.
Friday Harbor, WA
Volkswagen Jetta
Verified Customer
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03/25/2017 Category: Service
Sheena said this business was not able to fix her vehicle.
Bob F. from Bob's Automotive responded on 03/28/2017

We were quite able to re-repair this lady's vehicle! She left a little information out of her complaint, that being, she had another shop replace the vehicle engine cylinder head some months ago and their repair job failed miserably (burnt valve). We were told to wait for the repair shop to call us and they never did. She stated she didn't have the money for us to repair it again! This is a prime example of having unqualified people perform major repairs on a vehicle and of course it's our fault that she is in her predicament! We tried to help her, but you can only help those who desire to help themslves first. Vehicles are very complicated and getting more so everyday. This is why our ASE Certified and Factory Trained Technicians go to a minimum of 10 hours of training every quarter. When we replace a cylinder head it leaves with a Warranty for 3 years/36,000 miles Nationwide for parts and labor, not like the shop that did this faulty repair!

Ben D.
Ridgefield, WA
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Verified Customer
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02/25/2017 Category: Service
Ben said he feels like this business overcharged him. He will not recommend this business for reasons already stated.
Bob F. from Bob's Automotive responded on 02/28/2017

This customer brought his vehicle to us after he purchased it with a complaint of an automatic transmission "Hard Shifting" issue, a battery charge issue and a general inspection. First we diagnosed the transmission "Hard Shift" issue and found no fluid pressure or shift issues. Automatic Transmission diagnostic testing takes approximately 45 minutes to and hour. Finding the "Hard Shift" issue to be an engine misfire issue, we finished the overall inspection, removing the wheels to check brakes, testing and checking the steering & suspension. We foundthe right rear wheel bearing begining to fail, all ball joints loose, the steering stabilizer worn out along with the engine in desperate need of a complete tune-up. We also found during this time the vehicle had a parasitic eletrical drain that was discharging the battery when not in operation (this repair was approved and alone took approximately 2 hours to tack down the electrical short causing the issue). With chasing the customer "False Transmission Diagnosis" and completing the inspection we had approximately 2.5 hours work and time into the job before we stated any repairs. We developed a couple of different estimates, based on condition, safety and value. We called Mr. D. and explained his options and the associated costs. We answered his questions and complied with his wishes. Mr. D. chose the repair we completed and approved the estimate, which the final bill was less than the estimate. We used only Original Equipment Quality or better parts, as we always do! This entire process and approved job took approximately 6 hours over 2 days. I would suggest Mr. D. in the futrure find a shop that does not hire dedicated and trained Automotive Technicians that concern themselves with the customes safety and best intrests in mind. There are plenty of shops that will do inferior work for less and use cheap "Knock Off" parts. It is sad that we constantly go over and above for our customers and have for 24 years, yet some feel a burning desire to complain, even after they have approved what you are doing! Just a sad sign of the times.

La Center, WA
Hyundai Elantra
Verified Customer
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Car unsavable
Although we get excellent service at Bob's, the news on our car was devastating financially and for our life situation and we're very frustrated. That said this is still our mechanic of choice.
Bob F. from Bob's Automotive responded on 08/02/2016

We are apreciative of the kinds words and vote of confidence. I am however startled as the reasons you maked us down. I feel like you gave a substandard score because we told you the truth and it wasn't good news. The worst part of my duties is telling a customer their vehicle repairs will be very costly and sometimes i have tell them the vehicle is not worth the cost. But to mark us down because our your bad luck is a little unfair, don't you think. I believe this is the first time I have and my business has been penalized for honesty. Please remember that when you decide to replace the vehicle our offer of looking it over, at no cost, before you purchase is still availoable.

Ridgefield, WA
Subaru Legacy
Verified Customer
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Mostly so far so good
I got fed up with Gaynor's and decided to try the local mechanic. I've used them for two oil changes and a tire rotation so nothing major yet but here's my assessment so far:
* I like being able to make an appointment online.
* They are a tad more expensive than Gaynor's.
* I'm frustrated that so far they have not called me when my car was finished being worked on. I have had to call and ask them if it was done. Not convenient and has caused some scheduling problems.
* I wouldn't say they were rude but I definitely would not describe them as friendly but I get the feeling that if I become a "regular" that feeling will change.
* I'm satisfied with the work so far but like I've said it's only been two oil changes and a tire rotation. I'll give another review after my first major repair.

Overall I am not blown away but I will continue to use them because there is no such thing as a good mechanic and they are close to my house.
Bob F. from Bob's Automotive responded on 07/30/2014

I find Mr Henley's review a little unjust, for several reasons.
* Our everyday Lube, Oil & Filter Service is $36.17 total. That is comparable to all of our competition, except for advertised specials.

*Mr Henley's last words to me as he left our office was " what time do you close?" I told him 5 PM, he said "I'll pick it up before you close" I would have called him, but he stated when he would be in so I didn't. I'm not sure what he expects. 

* As for descibing us as "Not Friendly" Again how could I Honestly respond, we have been here at this location for 21 years and I have never had someone tell me I'm not friendly! Just the opposite!

* But Mr Henley's final statement tells me all I need to know! Quote "there is no such thing as a good mechanic" I suppose thre are nothing but good cooks, bakers, doctors, lawyers and customers, only mechanics are bad! I will encourage Mr. Henley to use our competition's services because we have good honest customers that respect our efforts and we can use our time to better take care of their needs! We really don't want someone coming here that thinks we "no good" Good luck in the future Mr Henley you will need it with that attitude!

Bradley M.
Ridgefield, WA
Chevrolet Colorado
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 3.0/5Overall Rating 3.0/5Overall Rating 3.0/5Overall Rating 3.0/5Overall Rating 3.0/5
04/21/2014 Category: Service
Bradley said the business was pretty expensive for what he had done. He noted he thinks they are a great business, but still just on the expensive side.
Bob F. from Bob's Automotive responded on 04/23/2014

On 4/15/14 Mr McCoy brought his vehicle to us with a complaint of failing the Washington State emissions test. He asked about our charges and we explained our charges and the Washington State procedures for obtaining a waiver for not completing the necessary repairs allowing him to renew his license registration. We completed the initial diagnostics and found 5 different emission trouble codes.As required we troubleshot all 5 codes, this required the betterpart of 2.5 hoursof time. After all diagnostics were completed, we contacted Mr. McCoy and explained his options. I personally explained that repairing his thermostat was the most important of the issues with his vehicle. I gave Mr. McCoy a compled cost down to the penny, he agreed and gave us the ok to complete that repair. Even after we explained everything to Mr.McCoy before we started any work and gave him a completed cost, which he agreed to, Mr.McCoy thought we should have not charged for the initial diagnostics as well as the repair. Mr. McCoy's vehicle requires a unique thermostat that comes fitted into an aluminum housing and they are considerably more costly thatn most, not to mention the thermostat requise nearly 2 hours labor to change. The condition of Mr mCcoy's vehicle leads me to believe that very little if any maintenance is ever done, so I doubt that other than a "Quickie" oil cjange he has never done any work to this vehicle. We were aware of Mr McCoy's desire to not spend as dime more than required to get his license and gave him the best repair for the vehicle's perfomance and longevity as well as keeping the expense down as best we could. If Mr. McCoy thought we were charging him too much, he should have left after I initially explained our charges and procedures during his initial visit nor should he have approved the repairs we performed. I am sure there are other shops that would have done things very differently so Mr.McCoy could have obtained a "Waiver". but we respect the law, the environment and the customer's rights. You shouldn't complain about something you gave your approval to on 3 seperate intervals during the repair process. I will suggest Mr. McCoy find another repair shop because we will not sacrifice our quality or our integrity for a couple of dollars. We perform correct repairs and we follow the law, even if we don't agree with it! We perform NO REPAIRS unless the customer APPROVES the estimate FIRST. If we are not acceptable, I am sorry. We strive to keep our costs down to a minimum, but quality, highly educated technicians, appropriate testing equipment, not to mention All the other expenses. We do the best we can, if it's not good enough, we are sorry we couln't meet your expectations. Please remember we are in Downtown Ridgefield, 20 miles from a decent parts store, we are not in a high traffic area with 100's of thousands of customers passing our shop everyday and a parts store next door.

Eric H.
Ridgefield, WA
Buick Century
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 3.0/5Overall Rating 3.0/5Overall Rating 3.0/5Overall Rating 3.0/5Overall Rating 3.0/5
04/05/2014 Category: Service
Eric said this business does a great job making sure he is a satisfied customer but he did have to take his vehicle back three times to get the job done correctly.
Bob F. from Bob's Automotive responded on 04/08/2014

We appolgize to Mr Hazen and all of our customers for this let down. While it truely only affected one customer all our customers expcet us to perform to our best always, this time we didn't. We offer no excuses, the Technician who initially worked on Mr. Hazen's vehicle was removed from our employment as his stated experience far exceeded his true ability. We will not employee Technician's who cannot perform to their pre-employment stated experience levels and the level of quality expected of us all here at Bob's Automotive Inc.. We are sorry for Mr. Hazen's issues with our service and we will definately make it up to him as we did fail to deliver the level I personally expect from this business.

Tork A.
La Center, WA
Nissan Maxima
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 3.0/5Overall Rating 3.0/5Overall Rating 3.0/5Overall Rating 3.0/5Overall Rating 3.0/5
12/12/2013 Category: Service
Tork said he was not satisfied, but it may have been his fault or misunderstanding. He said the vehicle was idling high and he was told they removed a sticking and corroded throttle, but a $300 to $400 part would be needed. When they put the throttle back in, it was the same as before. His vehicle was not fixed, but he would return to this business.
Bob F. from Bob's Automotive responded on 12/18/2013

 We are sorry for Mr Austad's issue. I initially looked at his vehicle late in the afternoon and the part he needed to complete repairs was no available due to the age of the vehicle. the next morning, I tried to explain this to Mr Austad, but I was having difficulty speaqking because I had just fallen off a ladder 10 minutes earlier and  I was waiting fore my wife to come take me to the emergency room. Our new Assistant Manager had only been on the job for 1 day, so needless to say a series of misfortunate events occurred. We will contact Mr Austad, provide a better explanation of the events and make things right with him as soon as I can return to work, probably after the first of the year. Again we are sorry for the miscommunicatons, we will do better. 

Chloe F.
Ridgefield, WA
Hyundai Accent
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 3.0/5Overall Rating 3.0/5Overall Rating 3.0/5Overall Rating 3.0/5Overall Rating 3.0/5
09/21/2013 Category: Service
Chloe said she brought her vehicle to the business because her vehicle would not start. She is not sure what the diagnosis was but they did not fix it all the way. After picking up her vehicle, she plugged her phone charger into the cigarette lighter. After that, it wouldn't start and she had to jump start it. She has not contacted the business regarding the issue and she is not sure if she will.
Bob F. from Bob's Automotive responded on 09/24/2013
Miss Ferrier called and asked us to look at her car. She stated it would need to be towed in because it wouldn't start, they had friends & family members look at it and they had tried to jump start it but nothing worked. When the car got to us we found what appeared to be sode spilled on the console, around the shifter. Further inspection found the soda had gotten on the neutral safety switch and the switch stuck, we took the console out, freed and cleaned the switch. While doing this we had the battery on the charger. We tested the battery and found it to be in marginal condition. 

Ms Ferrier was adamant, all she wanted us to do was get her car so it would start, she stated her friends and father could take care of the battery and other issues we found. Her total bill came to just ober $100. and the issue she wanted corrected, was corrected. She chose for us to not put in a new battery and she declined other  reccommended services as well.