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La Center, WA
Mazda CX-9
Verified Customer
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Punctual and priced well
We've been taking our vehicles to Bob for almost 5 years and he's seen us through some tough spots. We were delighted to get my rig in, done in the same day and over $100 cheaper than we what we were quoted! He tells you like it is and respects what you choose to do.

Mike F.
Ridgefield, WA
Volkswagen New Beetle
Verified Customer
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04/16/2019 Category: Service
Mike said the business didn't fix anything and didn't do what he was charged for.
Bob F. from Bob's Automotive responded on 04/18/2019

While Mr. Freeman is correct that we didn't "fix anything", what he neglected to state was, "THAT WAS HIS CHOICE" He brought his 2002 VW Beetle in because it was running rough, Mr Freeman had already attempted repais on his own and had installed a new ignition coil and other parts. Because his efforts failed he decided to bring it to us and let us find out what the issues were , then he could repair it himself. Our Certified Diagnostic Technician spent approximately 1.5 hours to determine the exact issues surrounding Mr Freeman's concerns. Mr Freeman was charged for 1.0 hours of Diagnostic time $119.65 + tax & fees. The reason for spending so much time on Mr Freeman's vehicle is simple. When we are dealing with a high mileage vehicle with an engine that is rough running, the need to determine the condition of the internal engine condition can save the customer a lot of money. We determined early the vehicle needed a complete tune-up. How ever due to the vehicle's high mileage it was imperative that we perform a cylinder compression and a cylinder Leak Down test, because putting tune-up parts in an engine with a burnt, leaking valve, piston or other damage is simply a waste of money! Mr Freeman obviously expects us to pay a tecnician a good living wage to find out what was ailing his vehicle, tell him exactly what it needed and not charge for our time and knowledge, this is simply unfair and not reasonable! Then lie about the entire episode, which makes him feel justified, but he knows better and the truth is the truth, say what you will, but facts still do not change! Good bye Mr Freeman we invite you to go elswhere from now on, your presence is not wanted in this establishment.

La Center, WA
Kia Sedona
Verified Customer
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Great Job
It's always a pleasure to take our cars in to Bob's Automotive for service. I know the job will be done by excellent technicians at a fair price. When I leave I have the peace of mind knowing my car is safe.

Josh C.
Ridgefield, WA
Ford F-150
Verified Customer
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08/25/2018 Category: Service
Josh said the staff was nice. He would not recommend the business for service because he spent a lot of money for an alignment, but they did not align the steering wheel.
Bob F. from Bob's Automotive responded on 08/29/2018

Mr Clark's Ford Pick-up has 280,000 miles, he did his own work installing SOME new suspension parts. All Mr. Clark wanted us to do was align the front weels, which we did and the wheels are straight & true. His steering wheel will not stay centered because of looseness in other steering parts he did not replace that are worn, primarily the steering gear box. We were not hired to diagnose the steering & suspension, just to align the front wheels which we did, obviously correctly as Mr Clark is not compaining of steering pull or drift, as he did before we aligned the wheels. Mr Clark's invoice reflected everyting he authorized. The Alignment, 2 Eccentric Caster / Camber Bushings, a small labor charge to replace the bushings and tax, $307. It is not our fault that Mr. Clark's mechanical & suspension diagnostic capabilities are not very good. Have you ever watched a Professional do a job and you think, "Hell I can do that", then you try it and find out it is much harder and there is much more to it than you expected. It is so sad that people think repairing a vehicle is so simple! So we get a bad review for not doing something we weren't asked to do or paid to do. I also find it sad that Mr. Clark spoke to our Asst.Manager and when our Asst. Manager advised him of the steering gear and sysem looseness he told our Asst. Manager, " Yeah, I know, it's a Ford thing" and he hasn't called us to complain or ask us to do anything to correct the issue, mosty because he knows IT IS NOT OUR FAULT!

Lefty K.
Ridgefield, WA
Chevrolet Pickup
Verified Customer
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04/13/2018 Category: Service
Spoke with Lefty's wife. She said the business did not call them when their vehicle was finished and they had to wait an additional day to get it back. This is why she would not recommend.
Bob F. from Bob's Automotive responded on 04/14/2018

We are sorry, it was right at 5pm when the job was finished and Lefty told me that he wasn't in a big hurry. Sad to see you go. I wish you well.

Thomas S.
Ridgefield, WA
Subaru Outback
Verified Customer
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11/28/2017 Category: Service
Thomas said that he was happy with the business until this most recent visit. He had his tires rotated and he had an oil change. While on a road trip out of town the vehicle began to vibrate and he took it into another service facility and found out the lug nuts were too loose.
Bob F. from Bob's Automotive responded on 11/30/2017

I have appologized to Mr. S. In the 25 years we have been in business, I cannot remember another instance of this happening. The young man who performed this work is no longer employed by us. His firing was not over this matter alone but an overall lack of attention to detail. We are sorry to see Mr. S go away unhappy, because this was an isolated incident. We are not perfect, we strive to be, but we are human. We take this review very seriously and this review prompted a shop meeting concerning attention to even the smallest detais. Our Tecnicians are not paid on commission, so they are not rushed, so there is NO EXCUSE for this ever happening. That message, I have yet again, made perfectly clear! Again we do appologize.

Tad D.
Olympia, WA
Chevrolet TrailBlazer
Verified Customer
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11/09/2017 Category: Service
Tad said he had his vehicle serviced at this business and when he took his vehicle to another place they told him the work was incorrect. He has to get new parts for his vehicle.
Bob F. from Bob's Automotive responded on 11/10/2017

The alternator on Mr Dunnings vehicle failed on a Friday evening. He called to my home and asked for assistance, it was too late in the evening to get his parts, so I asked him to have his vehicle towed to the our shop, even though we are closed on Saturday. He also asked if I could change his thermostat and make a few other minor repairs. I told him I would come in at 8:00 AM and repair it. I showed up and the vehicle wasn't there, I had some paperwork to take care after a couple of hours the tow truck showed up. Mr Dunning called and asked me to just do the alternator. I confirmed the alternator was faulty and I drove to Vancouver to get a replacement, I installed the part, during the work I found Mr Dunnings vehicle had several other issues besides the thermostat among them was a failing water pump. I advised Mr Dunning of the things I found and advised him to pay close attention to his guages durring the rest of his trip as his vehicle is in need of immediate repairs and it could overheat at anytime. I billed Mr Dunning at our regular rate, not an overtime rate! His alternator was charging when it left here and before he left I explained our 3 year, 36,000 Mile Nationwide Warranty and Nationwide Free Roadside Assistance Plan. This review is the first I have heard about any issues. I can assure you that if someone did incorrect work for me I would be on the phone calling and getting an explanation! This did not happen, nor has our National Warranty called to ask what happend so it has not been turned int to them! Having performed the work myself and have over 50 years experience, an incorrect installment of an alternator is almost impossible, and still have the system work and I am not suprised theat Mr Dunning has to buy new parts for his vehicle as it was in poor condition and in need of repairs in several different areas.

Namon M.
Ridgefield, WA
Chrysler 300
Verified Customer
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06/09/2017 Category: Service
Namon said this business wasn't welcoming. They were focused on money.
Bob F. from Bob's Automotive responded on 06/11/2017

Mrs. Martin called us on the moring of 7 June and asked if we could get their car in for an Washington State Emissions Waiver. She stated her husband had already worked on the car, but there were several codes that didn't mean anything and they didn't want to fix it because it would cost too much. As I was asking her some questions, that she didn't know the answer for, she handed the phone to her husband. He said he was owned a truck repair business in Ridgefield and he worked on the car, scanned it with a "code reader", repaired it to the point it was running good and he just wanted as waiver. I told him to bring it in, we were busy, but we would fit him in on that day. The wife dropped the car off and that afternoon we brought it in and started going through the prescribed Washington State Procedures for Emissions Repair. "Code Readers" only provide basic Federally Regulated Emissions information, where as we use a computerized scanner that costs $15,000. We found Mr. Martin's vehicle has 7 codes stored in the system and 3 were for basic engine operation, which is necessary for the electronics to operate efficiently. They are Metered fuel, Metered air and Metered spark. without these three system operating as desigend any electronic emissions sensor information will be unreliable. Mr. Martin's Chrysler had unmetered air getting into his engine. After performing a Non-Toxic Pressured Smoke test of his intake system we found the Intake Manifold and the EGR Valve to be leaking. I called Mr. Martin and explained this to him and gave him an estimate for the Intake Manifold repair, the EGR was new he had just installed it, the brand was one I would NEVER USE cheap Chinese knockoff! Mr. Martin responded very firm and insistant that he only wanted a waiver. So I had our Tech continue his testing and finish the job. We spent nearly 1.5 hours on Mr. Martin's car, we followed the Washington State Law to the letter (they set the minimum charge at $150.00, not us) We gave Mr. Martin his money's worth and then some. He was billed $176, sales tax and fees are not a waiverable expense! He got a full explanation of what was wrong and why certain steps needed to be done in order to prevent replacing parts that function, but are currently, just getting incorrect info. Mr. Martin came flying into our lot on his "Harley" right before closing, to get his vehicle. He came in trying to act like a "tough biker"  Through his money on our desk, said "Is this what I need" as I was getting his change, asked for the keys, gave them to his wife told her to go on, looked at me and said "This is all I get for my money? What did you do" I started to explain we did exactly what he asked for and what we found out, he called me a F--N thief and stormed out. Got on his Harley pulled into the street, off to the side where gravel is still laying from the winter and proceeded to spin his tire throwing gravel on the front of one of our customer's cars chipping the windshield. I am 66 years old and I have been in business here since I got out of the service 24 years ago! If I was "all about money" as Mr. Martin said, I would have ripped people off for enough by now to retire, but no I'm still working every day and I enjoy what I do. I and our Technician's are "Trained Professionals" the attend 10 hours of training every quarter to stay current in this industry. We have the best and latest equipment on the market, because we want our customer's vehicles to be serviced and repaired correctly. So to anyone that reads this, IF ALL YOU WANT US TO DO IS PROVIDE YOU WITH THE REQUIREMENTS FOR A WASHINGTON STATE EMISSIONS WAIVER, PLEASE GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! DON'T COME HERE BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT IS MAKING YOU! Now if you want our services, we are happy, ready and willing to help you. I believe the other 600+ good reviews on here will attest to that and show what we are all about!
For God, Country and All Veterans
Bob Ford

Ben D.
Ridgefield, WA
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Verified Customer
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02/25/2017 Category: Service
Ben said he feels like this business overcharged him. He will not recommend this business for reasons already stated.
Bob F. from Bob's Automotive responded on 02/28/2017

This customer brought his vehicle to us after he purchased it with a complaint of an automatic transmission "Hard Shifting" issue, a battery charge issue and a general inspection. First we diagnosed the transmission "Hard Shift" issue and found no fluid pressure or shift issues. Automatic Transmission diagnostic testing takes approximately 45 minutes to and hour. Finding the "Hard Shift" issue to be an engine misfire issue, we finished the overall inspection, removing the wheels to check brakes, testing and checking the steering & suspension. We foundthe right rear wheel bearing begining to fail, all ball joints loose, the steering stabilizer worn out along with the engine in desperate need of a complete tune-up. We also found during this time the vehicle had a parasitic eletrical drain that was discharging the battery when not in operation (this repair was approved and alone took approximately 2 hours to tack down the electrical short causing the issue). With chasing the customer "False Transmission Diagnosis" and completing the inspection we had approximately 2.5 hours work and time into the job before we stated any repairs. We developed a couple of different estimates, based on condition, safety and value. We called Mr. D. and explained his options and the associated costs. We answered his questions and complied with his wishes. Mr. D. chose the repair we completed and approved the estimate, which the final bill was less than the estimate. We used only Original Equipment Quality or better parts, as we always do! This entire process and approved job took approximately 6 hours over 2 days. I would suggest Mr. D. in the futrure find a shop that does not hire dedicated and trained Automotive Technicians that concern themselves with the customes safety and best intrests in mind. There are plenty of shops that will do inferior work for less and use cheap "Knock Off" parts. It is sad that we constantly go over and above for our customers and have for 24 years, yet some feel a burning desire to complain, even after they have approved what you are doing! Just a sad sign of the times.

La Center, WA
Honda Civic
Verified Customer
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Nothing change/wrong year of car
Number 1. My car is a 1998 not 1999.
Number 2. My licence plate is not 881-XCO. Has not changed on invoice.
Number 3. My address is not 7509, it has been changed.
All of these are changed or over looked. How many other invoices are over looked and said about their car is not the right year?
Bob F. from Bob's Automotive responded on 06/19/2015

Mrs Keasy, I realize you are upset because we gave your car a physical and found the issues you are having a a little more expensive than spark plugs, I would think that if we followedf your initial request and performed a tune up and yet you still had the same problem that wiuld be our fault too! The fact is we drove you 8 miles to your house, diagnosed your car, gave you a complete report on the issues required to fix your car. We saved you the cost of repairs you wanted done , that didn't need to be done, we used the same license #, address that was in our files from your last visit, July 2011 and the year of your car comes from our system. We put your VIN # in our system and your vehicle information is brought up. Most likely yopur vehicle was built in June, July or August of 98. However thisis the third time in 5 years you have visited our business, the first time we performed repair the second and this time you simply wanted to know what the vehicle needed so you cou buy your own parts and have a neighbor install them. Exactly as you told me on the phone! So I am asking you to not bother us again! We try to keep our diagnostic charges down to "Costs" only. But your complaint is only about my clerical skills not our tecnial abilities. OK! The License # is your old number, not one I made up, your address is your old address, I din't know it changed, you never told me it changed and the vehicle year came from your VIN#. Now I fully understand what you want from us, so let's agree to "divorce" you find another shop that will operate as you desire and we will continue our operations. Thank You Have a great life!

Mark H.
Chevrolet Pickup
Verified Customer
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04/17/2013 Category: Service
Mark said he was very upset about this visit because the owner was very rude and would not answer his questions. He said the owner told him to step out of the office at one point. He said he ended up sitting in his vehicle for over 20 minutes waiting for someone to help him. He said he will never use this business again.
Bob F. from Bob's Automotive responded on 04/25/2013
Mr Higgins called us because his truck would not start after he stopped at a gas station. He stated had a very important appointment that he absolutely had to get to, then he got upset because we wouldn't come to the gas station, 3 miles away and work on his truck. We provided him a phone # for a local tow company and he had his truck towed to our shop and the tow truck unloaded the vehicle inside our shop! Even though we were very busy, we got him to his vehicle right away and diagnosed his issue as a bad starter. All the while Mr Higgins insisted on assisting the technician working on his truck. Several times I had to advise Mr Higgins, our insurance doesn't allow customers to help or wonder about our shop unsupervised, yet he kept looking in tool boxes, looking into other vehicles and asking the technicians questions. He was never asked to "step out of the office", he was asked to stay out of the garage working area. We advised him and gave him an estimate. Then he was upset that we wouldn't make a special trip to Portland, get his starter and not charge him for the 40 mile round trip. At no time did Mr Higgins wait 20 minutes for service, the only waiting Mr Higgins did was for the starter to be delivered and during that time his friend picked him up, he returned after the truck was finished and ready to be delivered. Now, after reading his review I am saddened that I took him in right away in front of several regular and excellent customers. Far too many people in this country feel their situation is absolutely the most important and trumps all others. I long for the day when the citizens of this country actually cared for one another!

Megan L.
Ridgefield, WA
Scion xD
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5
01/16/2013 Category: Service
Megan said the business overcharges. She would not recommend this business, but she chose not to elaborate.
Bob F. from Bob's Automotive responded on 01/18/2013
Ms Lawton had her vehicle towed to our business with a complaint of "vehicle not starting". We brought the vehicle in direectly off the tow truck and started diagnostic testing. We tested for diagnostic trouble codes (found none), fuel pressure (within spec), ignition (good spark from coil) and the timing (operting normally). We found all systems operational and within manufacturer specifications. Further testing found the vehice had "Flooded" on a cold morning start up, most likely due to a poor tune parts condition. We reccommended a vehicle tune and fuel injection flush. With the customers approval of the work suggested and the price of the estimated work, we completed repairs. 7 days later Ms Lawton's boyfriend returned and complained the vehicle mileage had gotten extremely bad, down to 10 MPG from what he stated was a 38 mpg average before we completed repair of the vehicle. I asked him if the car was running ok and he stated it ran fine, it was just getting horrible fuel mileage. This didn't make any sense to me. How could the fuel mileage have fallen to 10 mpg from a manufacturer stated average of 33 mpg and the vehicle run "good"? However I asked that he return the vehicle as soon as possible, because a condition such as that could cause serious damage. Upon the vehicles return we checked the condition, Checked our work and the current exhaust gas readings, all systems were normal. We found the fuel tank to be nearly full and the on-board computer system showing a 28.7 MPG average. Having owned a 2008 Scion xD for 4 years, I was very familiar with the on-board computer system operation and I tried to explain to Ms Lawton's boyfriend taht after filling the fuel tank the computer "zero's" the mpg average and starts at zero mpg, then averages the mileage against the fuel used as you drive, therefor your average immiediately after a fill upo will be low but it rises rapidly as you drive. Needless to say he didn't belive us. I'm sure that they will see a much higher average mpg as the fuel is consumed. I am sad that Ms. Lawton feels that $339 including sale tax is too much to pay for 3 hours of work and 4 iridium spark plugs ($14 ea.) a fram air filter ($16) and the chemicals used to clean the fuel injection. If she truly thought we were over charging, I find it odd that Ms. Lawton has not called us or otherwise contacted us, since she ok'd the iniotial repair, just her boyfriend. If I thought I was being overcharged, first I would never have "OK'D" the initial work and secondly I would speak directly to the business manager. I think they were embarsssed they didn't fully understand their vehicles operation and in society today, many people refuse to accept they made a mistake, issues are always somebody else's fault and the computer and social media makes it easy to "lay blame" without fear. We did everything above board, our charges were fair, reasonable and Ms Lawton's vehicle is performing just as Toyota manufactered it to! I find it sad for a good customer take action like this without first even contacting or speaking to me first.

Ford Pickup
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5
$2000 brake job and radiator exchange
I know that you do estimates right out of the "book" but I also know parts for this job are $500 so $1500 labor is out of line. I have always trusted and recommended Bob's but no more.
Bob F. from Bob's Automotive responded on 12/02/2012
Mrs Woodhouse brought their Ford F350 4X4 to us and ask us to look at the heater and to look it over for a trip to Utah, We did and gave them a legitimate estimate, i even suggested to Mrs Woodhouse the vehicle may not be worth the repair, given the 200,000 miles and overall condition. The truck was not safe to drive and this I told Mrs Woodhouse as well. Everything to do with brakes on all 4 wheels should be replaced, the rear wheel cylinders are leaking, the shoes are worn to metal ruining the brake drums, the front brakes have been seriously overheated damaging the brake caliper movement, overheating the brake rotors causing both to have cracks completly through the outer surface! Being a 1996 4X4 the process for relacing the rotors is very involved and because they haul horses regularly, we will not sacrifice their's or the public's safety for a small cost savings on inferior, low quality parts or service. Additionally we found the radiator leaking, the thermostat is not working properly, should be replaced and the cooling system needs to be flushed. Mrs Woodhouse also requested an oil change & lube. Throw in nearly $200 sales tax, the estimate of repairs was and still is legitimate. Note we didn't start any repairs and try to force a sale, we kept the customers best interest in mind through the whole process, for Mr Woodhouse to be upset with us is grossly unfair, a lack of maintenance, concern and attention for his vehicle on his part in no way should be construed into us attempting to rip him off. Vehicles are merely machines and proper care and maintenance is required of the owner, neglect IS COSTLY. I'm sure Mr Woodhouse is upset that his vehicle is in the condition it is, and that it is going to be costly, but that is not the fault of Bob's Automotive Inc. We performed exactly as requested and reported our findings. I am positive Mr Woodhouse can find someone to use low quality and used parts to piece his truck together. Sometimes people are their own worst enemy, not us! By the way the estimate read $875 parts and $890 labor + sales tax. For God Country and All Veterans, Sinceley, Bob Ford

Sam O.
Ridgefield, WA
Toyota Camry
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 5.0/5Overall Rating 5.0/5Overall Rating 5.0/5Overall Rating 5.0/5Overall Rating 5.0/5
03/31/2020 Category: Service
Sam said he is happy with this business, the employees seem to know what they are talking about.

Julie M.
Ridgefield, WA
Chrysler Town & Country
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 5.0/5Overall Rating 5.0/5Overall Rating 5.0/5Overall Rating 5.0/5Overall Rating 5.0/5
03/27/2020 Category: Service
Julie said she was pleased with the service.