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Toby W.
Dodge Caravan
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Alan G.
New Hyde Park, NY
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Very poor service!!!
Brought my vehicle in for inspection, had an 8:00 am appointment. No one there to open shop till 8:05 am. Waited 10 minutes for them to get vehicle in shop. Total of 2 hrs 25 minutes for inspection, told them I need inspection and new belts installed by others are squeeking! Received an invoice of $88.00, vehicle failed inspection, yet passed NYS inspection 2 weeks earlier.
One of the items listed for failer, belts squeek, asked did you fix the belt issue, reply no! WHY NOT?Why didnt you fix the belt issue? Explained I lived in NY, was leaving to return sat am, its thursday, please contact me with a repair price. Thurs no reply, fri no reply, now its a week later still no reply. GOD only knows how they pay their bills.I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone if I cared about them! Companies like this should not be allowed to have a business!!!!

Pasadena, MD
Chevrolet Camaro
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