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Review for Capeway Sunoco
Rob K. on 12/19/2014
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Rob said the facility completely ripped him off and they have lost a good customer. He was charged $1900 for a brake job on a two year old vehicle. He is a fleet owner and puts parts on vehicles all the time. He has never put calipers on a two year old vehicle and they tried to tell him his were frozen. They were talking to him like he did not know anything. The markup on the prices for the parts were at least three times above what they should have been because he looked them up online. They even tried to charge him $45 for a tire rotation when the tires were already taken off for the brake job. When he pointed this out, they had to concede it was a mistake. Then he had to bring his vehicle back a second time because they forgot to bleed the brake lines. His experience was absolutely disgusting and he will never be back. The facility should refund him at least $600 to be fair. He will not recommend them due to this experience.
Vehicle: Toyota Tundra
Category: Service
Service Date: 12/18/2014
Review Created: 12/19/2014
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The Crew . at Capeway Sunoco responded on 12/29/2014

The charge was for a complete front and rear brake jobs, the vehicle is over 2 1/2 years old (man date 6/12) with over 58K and that is the correct time for a brake job due to the corrosion on the calipers.  We used the word "frozen" in this industry which means calipers are corroded and don't slide properly which was the case.  We do not talk to customers poorly, we talk to all customers the same whether in the business or not.  We know what most of our customers do for work and that doesn't matter to us, we handle each customer the same and with respect.  We would never use any parts purchased online, due to too many mistakes and very poor quality.  Our prices are competitive with any Good Quality oriented repair shop.  We did complete the tire rotation first as asked by customer and called customer about brakes and by that time tire rotation was complete and vehicle out of the bay.  We heard from customer to continue with brake job, but we chose to refund customer as a customer service issue.  We did not and would never forgot to bleed brakes after completing a brake job.  The only reason we did again the 2nd time was to please customer and measure brake pedal travel again to show there was no problem found and we explained that to customer.