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Bill W.
Bismarck, ND
Dodge Stratus
Verified Customer
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09/04/2019 Category: Service
Bill said the business told him on the phone that they would look at his vehicle with no charge but, when he got there they said it would be $30. He stated he felt that it was false advertising and they were not honest. He was very dissatisfied and will never go back.
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Donald E. from Country Auto Clinic responded on 09/06/2019

The customer was told that if the noise was very obvious to locate there would not be a charge, but if we needed to bring the vehicle into the shop and put it on a hoist there would be a charge only if he decided not to fix it. In alot of cases the diagnostic fee is waivered if we repair the vehicle. The customer had mentioned at the time the appointment was made that he had been searching the internet for an answer and also was looking for parts on Rock Auto. After I sent a Tech with him on a test drive and we determined the vehicle needed to be brought into the shop and lifted on a hoist for further diagnostics, He then let us know that his intention was not to have us repair the vehicle but wanted a free diagnostics so he could buy the parts online and fix it himself. I am sorry you feel this way, but it's impossible to run a business and not charge for a service.

Mandan, ND
Jeep Patriot
Verified Customer
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Not so great
When I went to pay the person said.. that will be $32..I was completely shocked..I didn’t say anything, just paid him but as I walking to my car I said to myself never again.. I won’t be back..all I had done was get a tail light bulb put in.. I have never in my life been taken advantage of like that in my life!
Donald E. from Country Auto Clinic responded on 09/12/2018

I am sorry that you were displeased with the bill it is not our intention to make you feel that you overpaid for this service. Please allow me to explain how the labor process works. The shop rate is $100 per hour flate rate. Which means that the published labor time from the manufacturer states it should take .4 tenths of an hour to do the job which would be 24 minutes. It took the technician around 20 minutes from start to finish to remove the tail lamp assy. and replace the bad bulb. You were charged .3 tenths which is $30 labor plus the price of the bulb. Published labor rates were put in place by the manufacturer as a guide line to suggest how long a job should take, and this is the fairest way to charge for a service.

Larry S.
Bismarck, ND
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Repair on Toyota Solara - One Week Later Engine Blew
Took 2003 Solara to Country Auto because of "check engine" light. Was told that it needed an oxygen sensor and a new battery. Had them replace the oxygen sensor and purchased my own battery at a total cost of about $800. One week later was driving east on I 94 and smoke came out from the hood and car stalled. Car was towed to Toyota dealership in Jamestown and was told that the engine had blown and it would require a new engine at a cost of approx $3,000. I don't know if this is poor service from Country Auto or purely coincidence. Nevertheless, even though I have had multiple vehicles serviced at Country Auto for about 20 years, this is the last time I will ever go to Country Auto.
Donald E. from Country Auto Clinic responded on 07/10/2018

This is surely an unfortunate circumstance. When the appointment was made the complaint was, check engine light is on and check charging system, battery goes dead. The technician scan the computer system and found 2 trouble codes one was for the ratio sensor and the other was a crank sensor code. The charging system was also checked along with the battery and the electrical system was check for a battery drain. The vehicle needed a ratio sensor and battery. Authorization were given for the ratio sensor replacement, which is mounted in the exhaust system. The total repair bill was $654.58. After talking to the service advisor at the dealership I was told the engine was knocking possibly due to a spun connecting rod bearing or piston wrist pin, he also  said the engine was full of oil. From my experience as a technician for over 30 years, it is impossible that replacing the ratio sensor in the exhaust system would have damaged the engine. You are a valued customer and have been for many years. I am sorry that this happened and I feel we are being wrongly accused in this situation.

Tessa H.
Bismarck, ND
Audi TT
Verified Customer
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04/04/2018 Category: Service
Tessa said the business did not do what she had asked. Instead, they tore her vehicle apart, damaging her stereo. They called her with the charges. The charges were $400. She stated the relay switch was not that expensive.
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Donald E. from Country Auto Clinic responded on 04/06/2018

I don't know what this customer is talking about, she was not charged anything, she didn't have to pay for the quote or the diagnostics we gave her. She was quoted parts from the dealer and decided she could find the parts cheaper online. She also had a friend with her that said he could do the job in 5 minutes because he had watched a you tube video. I am sorry you feel this way but I can't run a business if I have to sell parts and warranty those parts for the same price that you can buy them online.

Bismarck, ND
Dodge Pickup
Verified Customer
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Bad customer service
My experience with this company has been not fun at all. I brought my vehicle there to get fixed. They said they fixed it and charged my over 500 dollars. Upon starting the vehicle I realised they didn't fix it. They took it back in and fixed the problem, which was alot easier fix than the previous fix. When it came time to pay the bill they didn't lower my bill at all. They charged me 190 to find the problem and then when they didn't fix it right the first time I still got charged for there mistake. It cost me over 500 to put a starter in my vehicle. When I talked to them about the problem they didn't act like it was a big deal at all. As a business owner I'm very displeased with them. I wouldn't recommend anybody to country auto clinic.
Donald E. from Country Auto Clinic responded on 08/17/2017

First of all when the appointment was made by the customer he had two issues that needed to be diagnosed. The first was an engine tick that goes away when the engine warmed up, second was check squeak noise on engine start up. The first issue was diagnosed, the engine tick noise was either coming from engine pistons or lifters, also had an exhaust leak of right side exhaust manifold. Customer did not want further diagnosed at this time. The second noise was the squeak on startup, tech removed serp. belt and inspected the idler pulley, water pump, and tensioner assy. The tensioner assy and idler pulley bearings were making noise. Recommended to customer idler pulley, tensioner assy, and serp. belt. The customer agreed to have repaired. The following day when the vehicle was picked up there was another noise at start up that was not there the previous day, the customer was upset and did not want to believe us that we did not hear the noise earlier. The tech then rechecked the new noise and found it was coming front the alt. We removed all parts from the first repair, so the customer was not charged for these parts or the labor to install them. He then agreed to have the alt. replaced, which took care of the noise. The customer was not charged $190 to find the problem, there were 2 diagnostic charges for the 2 separate issues he had with his vehicle. He got charged $76 to replace the alt. plus the cost of the part. The alternator, not the starter was replaced.

Tom S.
Wilton, ND
Buick Enclave
Verified Customer
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11/10/2016 Category: Service
Tom said they wasted his time. They were trying to take more money from him by extending the time it took to complete the work. It was pretty empty and it was clear they needed more to do.
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Donald E. from Country Auto Clinic responded on 11/14/2016

The customer dropped off his vehicle at 11:13 AM and was picked up and paid for at 1:54 PM. He was only charged for and hour of diagnostic time. The customer concern for the vehicle was to check for a battery drain, and had to jump start vehicle. The tech first tested the charging and starting system, load tested the battery and installed tester to monitor amount of milli-amp battery drain. The battery failed the load test and was charged for and hour the retested failed again. It also takes up to an hour for all modules to power down to properly test for a drain. We recommended a new battery and a possible reflash per General Motors TSB. #09-06-03-002G that addressed a discharged battery and parasitic current draw. We did not sell the customer anything that he did not need.

Cory H.
Bismarck, ND
GMC Acadia
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
06/07/2016 Category: Service
Cory said the employees of this business fixed his wife's vehicle. They drove it home for 10 minutes and it broke again. He has not had a problem with the business so he would still recommend them.
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Donald E. from Country Auto Clinic responded on 06/09/2016

The vehicle came into out shop with the customer complaint that the a/c would not hold a charge and the freon would leak out after 2 days. We did not do any work on the a/c system prior to this visit. The system was charged and leak tested, the tech found that the a/c evaporator was leaking and would need to be replaced. After repairs the system worked great, customer pick up vehicle on Friday and the a/c quit cooling on Saturday. We rechecked the system and found the a/c compressor locked up, due to lack of lubrication from the system being low on freon numerous times. Even though we were not at fault for the issue we worked with the customer and did the repairs, parts and labor, at a reduced rate. This was just and unfortunate circumstance that was beyound anyones control.

Riley Q.
Concrete, WA
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Billed an unfair amount for service
The shop charged over $150 to, ultimately, remove and reinstall four bolts and retorque a nut. They didn’t even have to drill the bolts out. Much of the charge was for diagnostic work that I didn’t ask for and wasn’t required for the work I wanted done. What’s more, their findings proved to be inaccurate when I insisted they do the work I initially asked for. I was shocked when I received the bill after three hours in the waiting room. The technicians didn’t seem like bad guys, but based on my experience, I would emphatically suggest avoiding this shop to anyone who values fairness when dealing with a mechanic.
Donald E. from Country Auto Clinic responded on 05/23/2016

Customer complaint was (check clunking noise when sifting). The technician working on the vehicle road tested the vehicle, raised it on the lift and inspected the drivetrain and fluid levels of trnasfer case and front and rear differentials. There was a small amount of driveline play which was normal for the age and miles that were on the vehicle. The customer wanted us to check the torque on the output flange of the transfer case, the driveshaft was removed from the vehicle which is a two piece driveshaft. The flange nut was checked with a torque wrench and found to be at the correct torque, then all u-joints were inspected at that time also. We found that the u-joint at the transfer case was bad and customer declined to have repaired. Her was charged 1.5 hours for the work at $95.00 per hour. The technician spent over 2 hours on the vehicle and the customer was only charged for published flat rate for the work that was done.

Bismarck, ND
Nissan Altima
Verified Customer
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Rip Off
Told my Brake Job was $200.00 and it was $334.00. Put Rotors on my car with out asking me. Never call me about them.
Told them about this and they could have cared less.
Donald E. from Country Auto Clinic responded on 08/04/2015

This customer called and got a price quote over the phone, it is impossible to give an accurate estimate without inspecting the vehicle first. We did not know that it needed rotors until it was taken apart and visually inspected. All customers are given a phone call with the price and also to let them know what is wrong with their vehicle before repairs are made. There must have been a misunderstanding with the phone conversation when this customer was called. All repairs are only done after the customer authorizes them.

Bismarck, ND
Ford Pickup
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Wasted $116 going there
They put my vehicle on the computer and for some reason decided not to follow up on what was wrong with it like finding out which cylinder had the bad coil pack so they just recommended to replace them all to the tune of $1000. It is a v-10 and the bad coil was number 10 in case they are wondering. I took it some where else after they had it and that is what they told me. I used to get good work done but won't go again. No confidence in them anymore. Rating this visit a 1 is generous.
Donald E. from Country Auto Clinic responded on 07/13/2015

The customer forgot to tell you that he was called within two hours and dropping off vehicle. There were four coil misfiring and there was engine coolant in a few spark plug tubes coming from leaking intake manifold. It was recommended by us to replace all the coils due to the mileage and the high rate of fail on these coils. It was also suggested to replace intake gasket due to leaking coolant. When the customer pick up his vehicle he agreed with the service writer that it made sense to replace all the coils when the repairs were made. The other repair facilty just put a bandage on the problem, we did a complete diangosis, and we will not do a simple repair when we find other issues.

Travis L.
New Salem, ND
Dodge Pickup
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
04/06/2015 Category: Service
Travis said he paid $9600 for his vehicle to be repaired and it still is not finished correctly. He would not recommend them as a result.
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Donald E. from Country Auto Clinic responded on 04/15/2015

I attempted several times to contact Travis to discuss the situation. I looked at all past history on his truck and with all the work orders added up he never $9600 with us as he stated. The truck came here from another shop that could not get it fixed, plus he had an aftermarket performance module installed on the engine which over stressed the fuel system components and thats what  caused all of his problems. We cannot be responsible for issues that customers have with their vehicles when they are not left stock as the manufacture intended.

Tim M.
Bismarck, ND
Volkswagen Golf
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
12/12/2014 Category: Service
Tim said there was total miscommunication on the pricing. They took significantly longer than promised and did a poor job putting his vehicle back together. He would not recommend them to others based on this experience.
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Donald E. from Country Auto Clinic responded on 12/23/2014

Tim had brought his 2000 VW Jetta in with the problem of no heater motor operation, customer wanted us to diagnose and check the circuit between the switch and blower motor. After removing temperature control head to gain access to blower switch we were able to deteremine that the switch was bad. Customer was called and given and itemized estimate, which included the cost of diagnostics, parts, and the repair labor. Customer told me he had to talk to his wife and would call me back, after the call back he declined to repair the vehicle. We then reassembled the vehicle as the customer requested. Upon picking up the vehicle he did not want to pay for diagnostics, So after some discussion I dropped are flate rate from $90 per hour to $65 per hour and removed all other charges from the invoice. I don't know what more we could have done, I explained to him that there was no flate rate for electrical problems because of the unknowns related to ecectrical issues, and that there was no way possible to give him and accurate estimate before starting the diagnostic process.