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Pamela W.
Severn, MD
Jaguar XK8
Verified Customer
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Sometimes communication in person is better than over the phone. I was able to meet and discuss issue and problem was resolved.

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X k 8 convertible
I sent a request to fix my vehicle if it is under 800. But I haven’t heard anything from anyone
Pam Williams
Black jaguar xk8 convertible
Shane Ewing & M. from English Auto responded on 05/24/2019

I got your message and apologize for not getting back to you.  I wanted to try something to get your car running better and wanted it to be a suprise after the issues that you had.  I will contact you shortly and hope you will consider removing this bad review.

Steve W.
Glen Burnie, MD
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
"Low Engine Coolant" Problem
Recent service visit to address an intermittent "Low Engine Coolant" indicator resulted in more than 250% cost overrun...much higher than expected...and certifiably much higher than Annapolis Jaguar service quote for precisely the same work order performed by English Auto. Owner seemed perplexed...could not rationalize nor reconcile the substantial cost difference. Offered me a choice of one of three remedial options (1) $60.00 cash refund, or (2) a free car wash? or (3) discount on a future repair? Needless to say, I am very reluctant to return myself, let alone recommend English Auto to one of my dear friends, or professional associates. The whole experience left me feeling very negative...uncertain....as if I had been taken advantage of. This matter is still unresolved...my "Low Engine Coolant" indications have returned.... This time I was told they might have overlooked a bit of air in the coolant system...an "air bubble." I was told to add a "bit of water" to the coolant recovery tank, and that should solve the problem. Again, it's a good thing I am not a woman...otherwise I might have removed the cap to the recovery tank while the engine was running or hot. And we fellow know what happens when you do that! Anyway, the little it of water that I added was more that a quart. So now what am I supposed to think...that English Auto did not service the system to the proper levels...that my Low Engine Coolant" problem was improperly diagnosed...that by adding so much more water, I probably diluted the coolant and I am now proceeding down the path of a "Engine Hot" problem? I simply do not know and my confidence about the English Auto team is substantially diminished. I derive no pleasure from writing this negative review. Yet, I feel it would be unfair to the users of English Auto if I gave them glowing remarks fully knowing that I may not be a "standalone" in this type experience. Now it's your turn..... I wish you good luck!

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