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Kelsie C.
La Vergne, TN
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Verified Customer
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Thank you!
Thank you for explaining this to me, as the things that you mentioned help me better understand where you were coming from. I appreciate your willingness to reach out to make this right, thank you again!

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Diagnostic Test
My car stalled, and I was towed here due to it being the the closet AAA partner. They ran a diagnostic test to tell me that my engine had a catastrophic failure and I would need a new engine, to the tune of $10k. They weren't able to tell me what within the engine failed. Needless to say, I'm getting a second opinion. I'm giving 2 stars because they decided after the fact, not to charge me for the diagnostic test, which was a nice thing to do considering they didn't really tell me anything I didn't already know.
Crystal I., Owner from Hillsboro Village Auto Service responded on 11/23/2016

Kelsie, we are dismayed to hear you felt you didn't have a satisfying experience. We could have speculated as to the cause but without taking apart the engine, we could not get to the root cause. Diagnostics to take the engine apart and determine cause would have been very costly and the end result would still have been a new engine. It sounded as if something inside the engine had broken, but again without taking it apart we could not say that for sure. It could have run out of oil, but since oil had recently been added we could not confirm that. The end result regardless of the cause is that you need a new engine. We do not replace engines so the price given was a basic rough estimate of what we anticipated you might find. We encourage you to get a second opinion as we understand that this is a difficult situation. We could have charged the diagnostic but in trying to take care of you as our customer we did not, as you mentioned. We wish you all the best in your future car care needs.

Angela W.
Nashville, TN
Toyota Yaris
Verified Customer
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Disappointed customer
I've always trusted the people at this shop. The mechanics are not the problem. Today, I went for an oil change, and asked them to look at my brakes (my car is a piece of junk and I let them know I didn't want to spend a lot on it, but just make sure it was safe). Whatever they had me sign at that time I thought was a consent to work on my brakes if they needed work. Apparently, it was a charge to just look at them, which I didn't discover until I paid almost $130 for an oil change. My brakes didn't need work they called to inform me. The girl at the register always has come off a little unfriendly (where the mechanics are always very friendly), so when I questioned the "brakes inspection" charge she was quick to be defensive and let me know she "explained to me" what the brake inspection entailed and basically, I'd be charged for it no matter what... Which was not explained.. I'm leaving as a loyal customer, not sure I'll come back after this. I feel about $90 over-charged... And that was w a 15% discount for the brake inspection (I came in bc I got an email to contact them about their specials, and called and they didn't know what they were, but would let me know when I brought my car in). Not happy.