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Kassie L.
Fairborn, OH
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Tried to overcharge from quoted price
We were in Florida on vacation Nov 23, 2015. Decided to get the transmission fluid and filter changed. We had spoke with Aamco in Titusville who stated they could get us right in. After arriving at Aamco, they couldn't get it done. Looked to find someone else in the area and came across Jamie's Auto Repair. He stated we should run from Aamco as he had a few cars from customers that had used them and were not happy. We asked for a price, he stated $140. Ok same price everyone else had quoted us. Took the truck to Jamie's the next morning. We had asked how much it would be to also check the rear ujoint at we had a slight vibration from the drivetrain. He stated $60 to replace it. Had him replace the ujoint as well. So we are at $200 now. He was beating the yolk to get the bad ujoint out instead off pressing it out, he cracked the yoke. We know things happen. He could not locate a yolk to replace the part that day, it had to be ordered from Ford at $69. So we find a rental car for $50 a day. His girlfriend, Amber, came back and asked why we were still there. We explained it to her. Her comment was "he's covering the rental car, right". Nope. Left in the rental car and came back the next day to pick up the truck. Truck wasn't quite ready. So we waited a few more minutes. The truck gets finished and his employee, Dalton, takes it for a test drive. We go into the office to pay the bill which we were figuring around $270 plus tax, since we already figured on paying for the yolk. He starts tell us the type of transmission fluid, gasket and filter that he used and an hour of shop time for the tranny service and an hour of time for the ujoint, plus the ujoint of $30 and yolk of $70. Then he starts adding time for the yolk and gave us a price of $398.42. We asked how he came up with that price. His response was there was shop time for the tranny service and all the parts for that then shop time for the ujoint and parts. We asked how come he had quoted us one price of $140 for the tranny service and $60 for the ujoint and now he was changing it. We told him he must have something duplicated in his billing. He stated no and goes through the list again. We told him he was the one that broke the yolk but yet we were willing to pay for the part but not the labor we was charging to replace it. He started getting an attitude about it. I guess he thinks he can quote one price and the double the charge in the end. Needless to say we wouldn't advise anyone to take any vehicle to him to get serviced. He was located on Buffalo Road but was moving to a new location around the corner.

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