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Yvette O.
Macomb, MI
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Something Isn't Right
Okay, I'm not sure I believe all these reviews are real. The good news is they have a great manager working there now. His name is Dean. However, I took my Cadillac there to get the a.c recharged and thenthe battery started draining. My car ended up there for 3 months with them trouble shooting the problem which they never could fix. They ended up putting a kill switch on the car and that cost me $95. Then 6 months later there was a short in the kill switch and they said the car was perfectly fine and didn't need a kill switch at all and wanted to charge me $95 to disconnect it???? Needless to say the battery died after they disconnected it. Then...I bought my daughter a new used car and took it there to get the a.c charged forgetting what happened before...then today her battery is completely dead.

Macomb, MI
Ford Focus
Verified Customer
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A job that probably took 10 to 15 minutes, and I ended up paying $451.00 dollars??????
It is unfortunate, that the people of the USA, have to pay a high cost for maintenance on their vehicles. When I dropped my Vehicle off, Half the job was done by myself. Everything was removed except for the window and 6 screws!

Washington, MI
Dodge Intrepid
Verified Customer
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Failed to meet time expectations - job took 4 days
Price for the parts were high. Labor price was fair.
John W., district manager from Mr Muffler Auto Repair responded on 09/07/2016

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  We apreciate the oportunity to correct the problem.

Daniel L.
Clinton Township, MI
Saab 9-3
Verified Customer
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04/30/2016 Category: Service
Daniel said his last experience with the business was not satisfactory. It took them three times to get it right, they ordered the wrong parts twice, gave him an incorrect estimate, and ended up charging him about $200-$300 more than initially quoted. He said he would not recommend them for service based on his experience.
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richard M.
Macomb, MI
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This is actually for the Macomb Township Shop which is owned by the same people. I do not see any reviews for that store nor will it let me. I can see why. Yesterday I started my can and heard a loud pop. Then the car was too loud for me to drive. I started it today and could smell gas and seen allot of exhaust but thought it was the muffler causing that. I dropped off the car and told them I thought I needed a muffler. They called me back later and said it could be patched for $90. When I went to pick it up I started it and smelled the gas plus there was still allot of exhaust. I went in and told they guy about the gas smell and he said well that wouldn't be the muffler. When I got home I called and spoke with Phil. I said " why wouldn't you call me and tell me there was something else wrong with this car?" His reply " We are busy and can't look at every car" The thing is there is no way they could not smell the gas and see the exhaust and know that this was not a muffler issue. So this is a 2005 with 160000 miles and now I am afraid that it will be something with the engine and it will not be worth being fixed. So of course if they had called me and told me I had a major problem I would not have had them patch the muffler until I found out what was wrong and if it was worth getting fixed. Really just a dishonest place as far as I am concerned.

Mount Clemens, MI
Lincoln Town Car
Verified Customer
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They messed my car up.
I went for an oil change my car ran fine before. Afterward it kept wanting to stall out. They said they would run diagnostics but it was 110 an hour even tho it was their fault

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