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Weymouth, MA
Toyota Corolla
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Don't get auto body work done by this company
My car was hit by my father in my parents driveway. My parents have been a long time customer of Preferred Automotive. My mom did not want the accident on her insurance so I agreed to go to her auto body/mechanic to have the repairs done and she would just pay out of pocket. That was the WORST decision made. When I woke up that day I was informed my mirror had been hit. I went to look at the damage and there was much more than damage than just the mirror. From the mirror to the front bumper was damaged. My mom had already called and wanted to go talk to the owner Dean Carlton about fixing the damage. I agreed to this. We talked about on the driver's side of the car replacing the side mirror, replacing the headlight because it was cracked underneath, replacing the dented piece above the wheel, buffing out the scratches and painting the front bumper, replacing the rim if he could fine one cheaply because that was scratched up, check and make sure the seal on the tire was ok, fix the dent (gouge) on the driver's side door and paint Dean called it feathering. And verify that there was no internal mechanical damage and that it was just cosmetic.

What was done was the front bumper was painted and repaired along with the dent (gouge) on the door, However, the side mirror has a gap and is not flush against the car. It shakes when the car is in motion and is extremely difficult to use. They drove the car 23 miles while it was in their possession. What is that all about? They left a screw in the arm rest on the door. I don't feel safe having spare parts just lying around. Also the speaker cover that you have to remove to access replacing the side mirror was not put back correctly and crooked. To get to all the screws out the inside panel of the door needs to be removed and now the arm rest on the door keeps popping out of place. Also Dean tried to blame some scratches on the rear bumper on my father and there were no scratches on the rear bumper before giving the car to him to repair. When I asked about the headlight being replaced he said that it was going to cost my mom another $200. They did buff the headlights but I could have done that. They also were able to replace the rim which looks much better than the old one.

I am extremely dissatisfied with the quality of the repair. I had another accident in late June where I was parked in a friends driveway and her father backed into my rear door on the same side of the car. Going to Car Craft in Braintree the service and repair was amazing. At Preferred Automotive they didn't even wash the car when it was done and it looked like someone took their fingers and made squiggly line all over it guessing from the dust of when they sanded down to paint the car. I take pride in keeping my car in very good condition and this was an extremely disappointing experience.

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Weymouth, MA
Ford F-150
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Bad costumer service
Left a truck in there got rushed out the door when it wasn't right drives worse after the vist had to take it to a another mechanic who sorted in out in a half

Lisa P.
Providence, RI
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Not sure who is telling the truth.
I come to work from out if state so thought the reviews looked good. Had rear brake pads and rotors replaced. Five months later the rotor is bad from bad caliper. So...I called to see what they could/would do for me since I work now in another location. I was told text...that I could have it covered by Triple A warranty at any approved garage. Phone calls back and forth. Was told they were emailing warranty info which never came. Called again. Triple A didn't have them registered. Called again , still thinking the warranty would do something for me. As I was unemployed for 2 months then the brakes had maybe 3 months on them. Took to my garage...still thinking I would have something covered by this infamous Triple A warranty. My car is on the lift when I get another text telling me Triple A told Preferred Auto that they didn't have to cover anything. Finally got them on the phone and was spoken to very rudely. Asked to speak to my mechanic and I told owner he was coming shortly as was in the garage with another customer and he repeatedly asked rudely to speak to my mechanic. My cell went into garage and I have no idea what the conversation was. The whole time Triple A is telling me they don't have them on their list. As a customer...what am I supposed to think? I get texts, not calls. No warranty info. No coverage on my $400 break job. So Triple A finally found them on their list. Please don't inform me that a broken caliper took out my new brake job since this garage had their hands on that caliper. Not unusual when you get your car back and something else is broken . Next time I will stick with my own mechanic

Alexis C.
Weymouth, MA
Ford Explorer
Verified Customer
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Rude, overpriced, and incorrect diagnosis

Greg M.
Volkswagen Passat
Verified Customer
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04/05/2013 Category: Service
Greg said he has been to this business a couple of times before and everything went well. He said during this last visit he had to bring his vehicle back because he was not satisfied. When he brought his vehicle to this business they told him it would cost $1000 to repair an oil leak, so he was okay with that, but after the repairs the vehicle was leaking more than before. He was not happy with how long the work took. He would not recommend this business to others.

Honda Accord
Verified Customer
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Customer Service?
Over the past year, I have spent over $1500.00 in "wear in tear" costs at Preffered. Recently(Aug 12') I purchased 4 tires from Pref2fered. On Dec 26, 2012, I ran over a nail and preferred did the right thing in advising me that a new tire would be better than a patch given the location of the nail. Having just purchased tires from Preferred I thought I would get a prorated tire, however, they made me pay full price and then advised me that they had a hazard plan after I have already purchased 5 tires. Secondly, I had to wait over 4 hours to get a new tire. The right thing for Preffered would have been to give me a small discount on a new tire, since I have spent over $1500 in the past 8 months there and that there was an unexplained 4 hour rate.
The Team At P. from Preferred Automotive, INC responded on 01/05/2013
We have contacted Kim after receiving this review and have made things right for her. This unfortunate incident happened between the short week between Christmas and New Years. The exact match to the tire needed was not in stock and not available anywhere local. We had to pick tire up on the other side of Boston. That took some time. On the road hazard warranty, we do not normally sell road hazard because it is similiar to other extended warranties and most customers feel that is over selling. We do always strive for 100% customer satisfaction and look forward to servicing Kim's vehicle in the future. Thank you, Dean

Weymouth, MA
Ford Explorer
Verified Customer
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Dean and Lisa really steped up and showed me that they care about their customers , which is rare nowadays
Dean explained the missunderstandings from both sides and offered to fully remberse me for the whole Job , which was more than fair and generous , I explained that work was done and I did not want something for nothing , that was never my intention . Dean said the machanic that worked on my and my wifes car had been let go for less then par work and he rembersed me for the part I returned and a major part of the labor bill. He is a quality Person and I would now recomend him to all of my freinds. Thanks Dean and Lisa

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It was close
My first inconters were allright . They got me a sticker on my wifes car , but the machanic pushed to hard on the window button and pushed it in and broke it and when I asked he played stupid and said it was like that, I had a friend wire it so I could roll up the window but it looks like shit .My last visit was leagal robbery . My car broke down in the intersection and I pulled in . all it was was the bel that turns everything . I am no machanic although 3 friends of mine are and none of them answered the phone so I did not know what my options were.I told Lisa , ( I think, TYhe receptionist) the truth that I was broke and could not afford this , she told me that the belt and labor would be around $100. I said fine and because I live at tara gardens I would walk home and call me when it was done . I did not try to contact any of my machanic friends because $100 was doable but silly for a belt , especially since they gave me the cheapist noname one made .So I get a phone call telling me that my air condishoner compressor was gone and it would cost me $900 to fix my car . I told her again that I am recovering from Cancer and so is my wife and we live on a fixed income and I have been laid off for 3 years and 4 months and all I had was my rent money is there any way I can get out of it cheaper I asked. I asked if they could get me a used one or get me one from a junk yard like the one in brocton . I was told they were hard to find and you dont know if they work or not . Both are lies , they are easy to get and all ford ones are the same more or less I got one out of a sedan 2 days later for $30 and it took 10 minutes to take it out and it is easy to tell if they work by spinning it > I also asked if it could be fixed and I was told no . Another lie they could have fixed the clutch cheaper too . They pulled the old it will cost you $900 but we can be nice and give you a deal for $395 . What a buch of lies $245 in labor I helped my friend ( a liscenced Ford Auto Machanic) take one out and take off that cheap $5 wheel theyput on in place of my compressor and put the belt back on and charge it in 40 minutes alltogethr. So 2 days after you thieving Conn artists charged me $400 I had a beutiffull working Air conditioner for $30 parts and $30 labor . Every machanic that I have spoken too has said the same thing , They trried to scare me with a high price and then pretend they are helping me out by offering me $395 instead of $900 . When they could have had the junk yard drop off a used one like I asked them to do in the first place. and I could have been treated honestly and with respect and charged maybe $125 parts and labour . NICE JOB TAKING ADVANTAGE OFF A COUPLE RECOVERING FROM CANCER LIVING ON A FIXED INCOME!!!!!!!!!!! We still have not paid our rent . and I kept the reciept and my car blows ice , You people should be ashamed of yourselves and untill you contact me and repay what you overcharged me I will continue telling my story to anyone who will listen , and since I play Guitar in a night club band , I have been openning up the night with this lovely story and making sure they get the name and location right. You people should be ashamed of yourselves I am considering contacting the Better Busness Buerau
The Team At P. from Preferred Automotive, INC responded on 06/26/2012
We have recently spoke with Kevin and he has agreed that he was a little upset between breaking down, having to be at an appoinment and with other things in life that he overreacted but we did refund his money paid for by-pass kit and reminded him that we did give him the used compressor option but that we could not get it done the day of his breakdown. We did not have enough time left in the day to send someone to the salvage yard to pick up used compressor and get it installed in time. We could have a by-pass kit or a new compressor delivered asap and he had a appointment to get to. So the decision was made to bypass compressor to get him on the road asap. We are glad that we have resolved this matter with the customer and he is happy and will be returning.

Weymouth, MA
Ford Mustang
Verified Customer
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Car was brought in to replace the transmission cable. got it back with shifter lights out, electronics charger not working, emergency brake cable broken and passenger seat beat trapped under the console. In the past service has been good and accommodating, but not very happy with this visit.
The Team At P. from Preferred Automotive, INC responded on 05/01/2012
We at Preferred are very sorry that this job went wrong. We strive for 100% satisfaction. This shows that we are human and problems do arise and it is how we deal with these issues when they come up. We had provided Paul with a free loaner car and found that the shifter lights and charger not working was a fuse that had blown,we replaced fuse no charge. The e-brake cable was rotted and broke,we replaced cable at no charge and repositioned the seat belt. Paul has a 1995 Mustang that has 210336 miles at last service that we have been keeping running for him for many years and hope to keep running for more.We have spoke with Paul after seeing this review and he is happy with how we handled his unfortunate situation. We at Preferred are reevaluating our quality control process to eliminate situations like this. Sincerely, Dean

Joseph G.
Weymouth, MA
Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5
I brought my daughters car in for a heat problem it was very cold out so I didnt feel like repairing it soi decided to let prefered take a look so I dropped it off the car sat there all day and finaaly they brought it in and didnt do anything to it so when I showed up Dean shows me some online heatercore problem and says its going to be 850 bucks so I said no thanks and he charged me 80.00 for doing nothing and said he would appy that to the repair I went home and took care of it I just back flushed the heater core it took me 15 minutes and all is well I wouldnt give this guy any bussiness hes a cheat.
The Team At P. from Preferred Automotive, INC responded on 03/19/2012
This review has not been verified by SureCritic to be an actual customer review. We have tried to contact/locate the customer and have not been successful. The service date of this repair was well before we started SureCritic. We at Preferred Automotive pride ourselves on honest,quality work and always try to give the best service possible. We have been at it since 1991 and will do our best to keep our customers safe on the road. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. 781-331-8944 or Thanks, Dean Carlton