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JOSEPH D. on 11/20/2015
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"Honest estimate, pressure-free and customer-centered service"
I'm only in my 20s, and the only car I've ever owned--an ancient 93 Geo Prizm--has miraculously held together for so long that I don't have much experience with repair shops. So I have no idea how this place stacks up against the competition (especially in terms of prices). I can only say that I'm impressed.

I brought my car in because it was making a knocking noise when the wheels moved. This place could have seriously ripped me off: my car is so rickety that I would have accepted almost any diagnosis. Instead, they gave me an honest answer: it was my CV axles. (After listening to the knocking, a friend and former mechanic had told me that it was probably my CV axles but that it might be other things.) They also recommended other services to make my brakes less squeaky (only because I had asked them to look at my brakes). When I didn't want to pay for everything they recommended, they did only what was needed to get my car back on the road (i.e., replace the CV axles) and did not pressure me to accept other services. Now my car is back to its old self!

They were also careful to give an honest price estimate before they started work. In fact, the final price ended up being almost $100 lower than the estimate.

I felt that service could have been a bit faster, but then again I don't have much of a basis for comparison. They finished working on my car almost exactly one day after I agreed to have them work on the axles.
Vehicle: Geo Prizm
Service Date: 11/17/2015
Review Created: 11/20/2015 08:46 PM