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vida g. on 05/30/2016
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I have been a customer since 2014. I used to go to dealers but Purrfect Auto provided the best service. I am very happy to have discovered them. They are very honest. They will not insist on a service when your car does not need it yet.

Last Friday (May 27, 2016), I called Purrfect Auto around 2:30pm and asked if they would be able to service my car for oil change. The attendant said they could squeeze my car in at 4pm. I got there on time and they started working on my car right away. I showed them one of their coupons and accommodated it too.

Once you try Purrfect Auto, you will never go back to the dealers.

Thank you Purrfect Auto!!! :-)
Vehicle: Honda CR-V
Service Date: 05/27/2016
Review Created: 05/30/2016 03:29 AM