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Review for Purrfect Auto
CHRIS A. on 10/15/2014
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"They did not set my ignition timing correctly, if at all"
I paid for service for ignition timing and throttle positioning to be adjusted. This was very specific, due to my car failing smog testing, it failed ignition timing.
I had purrfect auto service perform the work, directly after picking up the car, i took for the smog test. Purrfect auto said my car done.
During the smog test, it failed. The ignition timing was incorrect. It was supposed to be set at 10, it was 19. The smog technician proved it to me actually.
I paid $55.00 to have it set with a mechanic shop next door to the smog shop.
Reason, purrfect auto was closed and didn't trust them anymore. Using the shop next door guarenteed their work and that my car would pass smog, also, by waiting for purrfect auto the next day, I would lose $48.00 for the smog test.
Purrfect reponded negatively when I called them.
Said I took the car to many shops and the car was tampered with and refused to reimburse me the $55.00 I requsted. The only shop I took the car to was them, twice. I don't know why he (jim) was so hostile and rude. I was very nice to him throughout my dealings.
Maybe for simple services like oil changes, light bulb replacements, etc...they might be okay.
I can say that I don't plan on ever taking my cars for service there again.
Vehicle: Toyota Corolla
Service Date: 09/20/2014
Review Created: 10/15/2014 10:28 AM