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Shirl F. on 05/08/2017
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"Dishonest about problem"
Where do I start?!?! They lied about parts that needed replaced. They claimed my ball joint was bad and that it burned up my wheel speed sensor. I told this to a mechanic friend of mine who said that is complete BS and that the ball joint wouldn't do that. He sent me to another place who found the issue quicker, showed me pictures as to why Rusty's was full of it, and replaced the part quicker. Oh.... they fixed the actual problem for $300 less than Rusty's.

I'm now wondering if Rusty's even replaced the parts they claimed they did and whether they even needed replaced.

And to top it all off, my truck broke down this morning and it was the wheel barring, not the entire "ball joint hub & wheel speed sensor". My guess is they would have replaced the wrong parts, or only the actual barring and still charged me the full assembly price.

2nd top it all off, they worked on my rear brakes and now the parking break is acting up.
Vehicle: Chevrolet Silverado
Service Date: 05/05/2017
Review Created: 05/08/2017 12:13 PM
Pat D. at Rusty's Garage responded on 05/08/2017

OK, Let's take this one item at a time. 1st, we don't lie. And I also agree with your mechanic friend about ball joints, they probably won't cause a speed sensor to "burn up". But we never said anything about your ball joints. We told you that your hub bearing is bad, noisy and in need of replacement. We also said that the bearing, not the ball joint, could burn up the wheel speed sensor (a part of the hub). I gave you a quote for a hub bearing, (Timken parts and labor $580) you declined the work...that's completely your prerogative. 2nd, You dropped off complaining of rear brake noise. Our initial test drive confirmed the brake noise back there and we didn't hear the severity of the front noise then, until we fixed the rear brakes and test drove again. But that point is mute because we had already quoted you the front wheel bearing repair. these problems are progressive. The fact that the front bearing worsened to the point of "must repair now status" does not make this my fault, or me a liar. I do regret that we didn't hear that front noise louder initially, so that we may have pressed the issue harder. But we didn't lie. BTW, we too gave you a lower cost (and lower quality) option...but we choose quality first! And lastly the parking brake. You said "the pedal is way easier to push" after our repair. I came out to your truck and showed you that your parking brake was working perfectly. You agreed! So please elaborate on what you mean by "acting up". And bring them back if you think there is an issue and we will take care of it ASAP.  

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