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Brandon V.
Spring, TX
Chrysler 200
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Nice local garage.
I have taken a few vehicles to this garage for a year or so now. The last visit with my Chrysler 200 did not take long. It was for an oil change and tire rotation. What really frustrates me is when you take your vehicle in for a rotation and the air pressure isn't even looked at. All my tires were low and needed air so I assumed that would be taken care of. Also there was a check engine light on the car when I left. I cleared that myself and also handled the air pressure myself after my visit. I like the guys that work here but I expect more service than what was received. I'm considering going to the dealership and just paying a little extra to ensure my vehicle is taken care of.
Pat D. from Rusty's Garage responded on 12/27/2017

I'm so sorry about you bad experience at our shop yesterday. I will make no excuses, and only add my frustration to yours. I do not want this to ever happen again. I thought we had procedures in place to make sure we don't allow issues like yous slip through the cracks. Obviously we still have work to do in that area. I will make the necessary corrections here and while we may have lost you as a customer, at least we will not drop the ball again like we did with you. As you know from your previous visits and from other reviews this is not our SOP. Again, I'm sorry.

Randal H.
Spring, TX
Toyota RAV4
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Car battery
Had battery problem and dropped off Rav to check. Received call from garage telling me that the battery was the problem and everything else checked out okay. Was told it was $200 for new battery. When I picked up cat the bill was over $300. What they failed to mention was the additional charge for labor. I bell eve the garage should give a full estimate of what it costs when comparing options.
Pat D. from Rusty's Garage responded on 07/12/2017

Sorry for the bad communication Randy! I am happy to refund the money if you found a deal on a battery you would have taken elseware. I thought we were only talking the $30 diagnostic fee when you picked up the car. Our battery has a nation wide 42 month free replacement. I believe that's the best in the industry and is a little higher on the front end but cheaper in the long run. Again I apologize, no excuse for bad communication. Let me know what you'd like me to do and I will. 

Jason S.
Toyota Camry
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Oil change
I've been getting my oil changed here for awhile however I won't be back. This last oil change took over an hour and I had an appointment . I find an hour for on oil change to be ridiculous . I'll be going somewhere else from now on

Herman W.
Toyota Tacoma
Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5rating 3rating 3
Rusty's works with you on the price of repairs.
Free estimates. I would prefer dealing with the owner (Rusty) when we check out. Sometimes the folks at the desk are not always congenial.

Phillip L.
Spring, TX
Mercury Mountaineer
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When I checked on line the price of the part replaced, it was $114.20 and I was charged $268.07 for the part at Rusty's Garage. What a markup.
Everything was good except the mark up on the part replaced was considerable. The markup was over 100% compared to same part on Amazon.
Pat D. from Rusty's Garage responded on 07/25/2016

Hey Phillip, you never mentioned you wanted a cheaper fix when you approved our quote. The price we quoted was for a factory part purchased from a Ford distributor. We don't shop Amazon for cheap parts that take a long time to get that we can't warranty. So with our higher priced part you're guaranteed 3 things. 1st the right part (if we wait on the Amazon part for 2 days and it's wrong...then what?) and 2nd, quicker repair (you said you needed the car by 1:00) then 3rd, a two year warranty  that we can't do with Amazon. However we are perfectly willing to do cheaper, riskier, no warranty work...but that's not what we recommend. 

Aivars K.
Ford Pickup
Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5rating 3rating 3
Well, had to bring my truck back because the work was not done right the first time. Very fair, only paid for an additional part and not the labor. This was to repair a manual transmission. It seems that the work was done right, but I'm reserving judgement, that's why only 3 stars. I do like the people there and they communicated well. So right now I don't know if I recommend them at this time. Debating whether or not this is the mulligan I give them because I've been pleased in the past, but din not require major work.
Pat D. from Rusty's Garage responded on 10/23/2015

I'm sorry we made a mistake while repairing your transmission. There was no indication after repair that anything was wrong, it drove great. We didn't try to duck or dodge responsibility, we owned up and certainly tried our best to correct our error when the truck came back. We will stand behind our repairs and never leave you "hanging out to dry". My hope is to  regain your trust somehow, until then, please accept our apologies. 

Pat DePugh
Rusty's Garage

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