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Adrian T.
Volkswagen New Beetle
Verified Customer
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11/13/2014 Category: Service
Adrian said it took the business over a month to fix her vehicle and she is not sure it is even completely repaired. When she took her vehicle in, it was running fine and they were only supposed to fix the catalytic converter. She had to keep paying for repairs because every time she went to pick her vehicle up it would not run. She would not recommend the business because of what has already been shared.
Ben D., Owner from T&S Automotive and Exhaust LLC responded on 11/21/2014

Dear Adrian, We value all our customers and your feedback is very important to us. Frist of all, I'm sorry that you were unhappy with the recent repair experience of your 2004 VW Beetle. I hope you can let us know how we might have done things better. We appreciate any feedback you may have.

Here is a brief history of the recent work we have done on your VW Beetle after carefully reviewing the repair history:

On 10/10/14 your car was brought in for failing emission test and check engine light. The codes were O2 sensor, catalytic converter. In addition, we also found code on brake vacuum pump. We agreed and replaced the O2 sensor and the catalytic converter. After replacing the blown fuse, test showed a short to ground fault with the pump and it needed to be replaced. You decided to supply us with your own part. We provided you a loaner car while waiting on your part. You brought the pump to us and the loaner car back on 10/22/14. We removed and replaced the pump, cleared ECM and test drove the car. No more error code and car was ready.

11/4/14 The Beetle won't start and we came to you and found random misfire code that was the result of low voltage from a weak battery. Test showed the battery to be bad and should be replaced. Again you supplied us with your own battery and we replaced the battery. We only charged for labor at a 25% discount.

11/12/14 You called and told us your car won't start again. Charging the battery didn't help. We towed the car in and found that the fuel pump was bad. We understand your frustration and offered you a new fuel pump at cost. We paid for the towing and didn't charge any labor.

We understand your frustration when multiple things go wrong with our cars seemingly at the same time. Reviewing what we did showed that we really tried our best to help. I hope you will let us know how we might have done differently and that you will reconsider the bad review you gave us. Thank you.

Ben Dewhitt

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