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Metamora, MI
Dodge Grand Caravan
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Not so great
The break Job is still sticking and burning smell after taking it back a second time. The breaks were not acting up when I brought the van in. You said I needed breaks so I let you do the job. The mechanic left rusty foot prints in the van. Just was not happy with the work. Spent a lot of money too. The van still pulls to the right.

Lapeer, MI
GMC Yukon
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Never coming back
We have had multiple instances where we have had to pay for multiple "fixes" that actually did nothing to correct the actual problem. Most recently we paid $400 to have the rear air conditioning repaired in our SUV. The problem is still not fixed and we cannot get any of our money back. I'm not going to pay to have them guess at the problem more. I will not be going back as this is not the first time we have paid a lot to come home with the same problem.
Debbie S. from Your Complete Auto Repair Service responded on 08/01/2017

I am very sorry to hear about your experience. We will be looking into this issue and reaching out to you as soon as possible. If you would like to discuss this matter with the owner, we do have a confidential email for you to discuss any questions / comments / or concerns with her directly. We hope to get this matter resolved.
The email to reach the owner is : carscustomerfeedback@gmail.com

We hope to hear from you soon, we do not like any customer of ours to have this type of experience.

Oxford, MI
Chrysler PT Cruiser
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I brought my car in because it was pulling to the right and was concerned it needed an alignment. I was told that the problem was with a tire and that they rotated them. I asked about the steering linkage and tie rods etc. and was told they were fine. However, I was told that I would need a second appointment to actually do the alignment, so I made the appointment and they did another inspection. All of a sudden, (only a day or two after the first inspection) I needed a host of front end work to the tune of $850! I asked why this wasn't discovered during the first inspection and was told it was missed by the technician! How can a certified technician miss that much? Needless to say I was extremely angry. I have been bringing my cars to Your Complete Auto Repair Service for years. I don't know what has changed, but their service acumen and abilities have obviously slipped a great deal! The service has gone down hill the last couple of times I have gone there to the point I doubt I will be back.

Rebecca B.
Lapeer, MI
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Very Disappointing Wast of Money
-Gave me several false diagnosis. -Could not fix my problem even after attempting several expensive things. -Did not complete all of the fixes that they said they did and charged me for. -Damaged other things while attempting to diagnose and fix the problem. -Applied patchwork fixes that did not hold up, and that created more damage. -Just as expensive as (or more so than) certified GM mechanics at my usual garage.

I normally go to the service department of Chevy dealerships for all of the service to my vehicle, for everything from oil changes to rip it apart and put it back together fixes. But I was recently tight on cash so decided to give Your Complete Auto Repair Services a try for a small list of issues I needed fixed. It was a mistake. The first thing, a new muffler, went fine. But when they started working on trying to diagnose why my engine light was on. They had me approve (and pay for) fix after fix, and it was not solving the problem. Finally, after dropping an obscene amount of cash, and still not having any positive results, I had to say enough, and cut my losses by walking away without getting my problem fixed. (I even went as far as picking it up once thinking it was fixed and I didn’t even get 6 miles away before the light came back on).

They told me it was safe enough to drive, but after driving it for about a week even more problems began to crop up until I had to bring it in to my dealership service department. Not only had Your Complete Auto Repair Services failed to fix what I had brought it in for, they managed to mangle some stuff in the process. I had to pay for some of the same repairs because, upon closer inspection, they had not made the repairs they told me they had. And, some repairs had to be redone, but correctly this time.

On top of everything, it turns out that Your Complete Auto Repair Services was not any cheaper than the GM-trained Certified Service technicians at the dealer service department—and I had to pay to fix what Your Complete Auto Repair Services broke while attempting to “fix” it the first time. The repair shop I usually go to was by far the least expensive and quickest route in the long run—lesson learned.

The person that originally referred me to Your Complete Auto Repair Services in the first place, returned for a problem with the vehicle starting and Your Complete Auto Repair Services worked on it and called it fixed, but the vehicle failed to start shortly afterward and so they then suggested a very costly fix. But instead, it was taken to another repair shop and fixed for only $130 and it has stayed fixed.

Lapeer, MI
Jeep Grand Cherokee
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poor workmanship
I have been having cars do my oil changes for sometime now. But on July 31,2015 will be the last time you will see any of my cars. When I got home first I noticed my lite gray garb bar was covered with black oily hand prints. I would have come back up there, but had a family emergence and had to be out of town. But the big problem was< I started to see big oil spots under the car where ever I parked it. When I got home and got under the car, I found the drain plug was just FINGER TIGHT. This is not acceptable. You also did the same thing to my son-in-laws truck a few months ago. I hope your workmanship improves, but I will find someone else to do my work.
Debbie S. from Your Complete Auto Repair Service responded on 09/30/2015

Ken, I'm really sorry to hear that you had a bad experience at our business. That certainly is not something that happens often and I would like to make it up to you. I would like to offer you a free oil change and tire rotation on your next visit if you would like to try our services again.
Thank You,
Debbie Stockman

Julie B.
North Branch, MI
Saturn Vue
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08/03/2015 Category: Service
Julie said the vehicle was fixed less than 90 days ago and had to bring it back. The parts were supposed to be covered under warranty, but they placed used parts on the vehicle. The used parts did not work and then she had to wait for new parts. She mentioned she is not happy with Michael or Chris because they should not zip tie parts together.
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