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Daniella K.
San Diego, CA
Dodge Durango
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Worst place ever for repairs
You could not pay me enough to ever go back to this place as well as when my Geico insurance is up I will not be returning to GEICO and this is the place they made me go it was horrible it took way longer than expected they would order parts from all these places and they would become damaged because they were salvage places and just a complete nightmare my car ran worse when I picked it up because of the service stuff and when I took it to Firestone they did find the one item that was the same that needed to be changed out the tie rod on the right side but other than that they said there's no way they could have a line in the car properly with that tie rod and then when I said will how much is it going to cost the cost was almost double at aj-usa as compared to Firestone and at Firestone I got on there for a long time so they always make sure that I did extra discounts and every discount that's possible for all of the work and they do a great job this place no I get my car back in my right mirror doesn't work properly and the quality control person Mario I said well I checked it and it was fine yeah it barely moved so that he was fine so it doesn't work but it worked when I took it in because I had just adjusted my mirrors in fact that white after the tire came off on my car or the truck and did all the damage because I needed to get way over but I wanted to make sure that nothing was going on the other side so I moved it completely in and then back out and it works fine but all of a sudden I go to them and it's not working something that should not have nothing to do with the rest of the car but they did something I'm just was not happy at all and again it took almost two and a half weeks for them to get my car fixed and then it wasn't fixed right so I did the other work that needed to be done at Firestone the tie rod and again it was half the price and the tiger that caused all of the damage I told him I needed it and Mario acted as if he never been told that and then so did you tell the service people I told everyone there and on the messages I left for Mario I reminded him each time I also told Trish at Geico so everybody knew and it's funny I pick the car up and I told him well where's the tire oh you needed that and acted like as if he's never even told and will give you till the service guy and then he says we'll all have to talk to them about it so he goes back out there and asked and miraculously the day before I pick the car up they took all the tires down so this was a cluster f** k from the beginning with this company and Geico so I will never go back I will not Rebecca the end of except for I have to go back because I have to get my mirror fixed but I'm afraid to take it there because I'm sure it will take them forever to get it done so I think I'm just going to go to Firestone cuz they said they would fix it for free but it's funny how all these things come up on dear code reader but my code reader it doesn't and I have a really good one did Alters electrical thing with the mirror what was never on there before so it was weird everything was clear. So I don't believe that they're honest and truthful at all and again I would never go back never would not recommend even my worst enemy to go here that's how bad this place truly is as a business!