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Michael N.
Belmont, NH
BMW 3 Series
Verified Customer
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05/28/2020 Category: Service
Michael said he is very disappointed with the service that he received at this business. His vehicle was to have the tire pressure monitoring system repaired. When he went to get the vehicle the tire pressure indicator light was still light on the dash he and the owner of the business Paul engaged in a few words and the parts that were installed in the tires were not going to be removed by Paul nor was the vehicle going to be released without payment for the service. Needless to say he paid over $400 for the repair had he not he would not have received the key to his vehicle, and is currently repairing the problem himself. He cannot remove what was installed inside the tires due to not having the proper equipment.

Center Sandwich, NH
Volkswagen Golf
Verified Customer
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I brought my car to Auto Haus for a failed inspection from a different repair shop. Due to having the tie rod end replaced previously at Auto Haus, I would of thought both the inner and outer tie rod would of been replaced at the same time. I asked if they could inspect my vehicle, when I was informed other problems were found, I agreed to repairing a bushing. Late Thursday, I called to check if the car was done, when I was informed the part was damaged when replacing it. I asked if the part failed, the mechanic replied no. I was then informed a replacement part would not be in until Monday, my car was apart and not driveable. Five days later, I went to Auto Haus to pick up my vehicle right before closing. I didn't even get to the lights downtown, when I hear this horrible grinding noise coming from the left front, which is the side they worked on. I pulled into Hannafords Supermarket, where I was meeting my friend who had just dropped me off at Auto Haus and told him the car was making a grinding noise. He drove it and replied, not good, bring it back in the morning. The next morning I walked into Auto Haus and asked the mechanic if he worked on my car, he responded yes. I asked him if he test drove it. No response. He got in and drove my car onto route 3 and whipped it back into the parking lot. Needless to say, over another hour wait, I was informed they didn't tighten the hub in the wheel. I reviewed my receipt and realized I was charged the quoted price, less the front end alignment that was suppose to be done. I was also charged a 300% mark up on the tie rod end. At this point I was feeling unsafe even driving my car, so I brought my car to another mechanic. He couldn't believe the charges that I paid for, and he stated, the mark up on the tie rod end was absolutely ridiculous. As far ss the hub being left loose, at this time he said there appears to be no damage, but it could show up at a later date.
I paid 180.00 for a wheel bearing on my car today. I was quoted over 350.00 from Auto Haus. As i said to Paul, he must be dipping these parts in gold.

Meredith, NH
Chrysler Town & Country
Verified Customer
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It sucks and u chagre to mush u are bill shit lier
Dumass and i am not come again so fuck off
Paul J L. from Auto Haus of Meredith responded on 08/13/2016

Miss Garland I am sorry your experience was not to the level that most customers experience. It is not every day I have a customer bring in vehicle partially dismantled and a bag of hardware. While you may think being dismantled would shorten time need to fix the vehicle, a jigsaw puzzle actually takes longer. I would like to thank you for the education as I will never again put my reputation on the line trying to help someone.

Respectfully Paul Lanni

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