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Van Nuys, CA
Honda Fit
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I’ll be honest
I’ve been looking for a maintenance place to rely on after 6 years of really horrible experiences with the Honda dealership. One of my best friends recommended you guys and for the most part nobody seems like a total con man.

I went for a routine oil change and ended up paying more for additional recommendations which I was prepared for and okay with. What I was concerned with was that when I drove my car the next day the emergency brake was extremely stiff and awkward to handle for the first time since I bought the car in 2012. The car kept making a rattling noise whenever I accelerated too. So I took the car back.

Al took me to see the mechanic Rudy who said that the brake seemed fine to him based on his personal preference but I am entirely sure as the owner of the car for 7 years that this brake was way tighter and required more force than normal not just for this car but a typical car in general. I also showed him the rattling noise and he did some work on it.

When he was done the rattling noise was gone but the brake was still awkward...just looser but still requiring excessive force to pull. He said that’s as good as it gets and I’d get used to it. It’s been a month and I’m not used to it.
Steve S. from Automotive Instincts responded on 10/24/2019

I have been in contact with Elan. He has promised to come by & give me the opportunity to make things right! We adjusted his rear brake shoes as they were very loose. The difference in feel is very different. We will do what ever is necessary correct this issue!   

Steve Summers

Owner  818-349-5900

Los Angeles, CA
Honda CR-V
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They are overcharging
I generally get good service and believe they are honest about what needs to be repaired, however, this time I got a quote of "$1083.32" for replacing my front struts. I checked the RepairPal website and the Fair Price Estimate was $553 to $718. I did not order the work done and mentioned this to them when I picked up the car. I also emailed a copy of the estimate and asked them to explain why their's is hundreds of dollars more but have not received an answer. This shop participates in the RepairPal website and agrees to abide by their estimates. I had the work done at another shop for around $700. I am very disappointed at their attempt to overcharge me and will not be returning.