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Columbia, SC
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1st off my first review which has not posted yet I assume because I haven’t seen it but after I posted I was called to take my review down, no sir I am not. I’m actually making another review because they are wanted to charge me for another wheel alignment when I just recently paid to get one! And I went back and told them it was not right but they insisted it was fine. Matter of fact my tires are BALD in the back so how is it being aligned when they first told me I could not get one because my tires are bad and made me go buy new ones in order to have a wheel alignment done. Browns is inconsistent and a waste of money, believe me I will make sure I tell every person I know not to go to broad river road browns. And I will not be going back unless the work is faulty and I just want my money, I will not allow them to touch my car again.

Sarasota, FL
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This place is a rip off and when I say rip off I mean RIP OFF!!. I am a military service member and have been away from home for almost ten years.During that time my wife has had our 2002 BMW (excellent condition low mileage) service there.I have always been skeptical of the prices they were charging her but I had no other alternative.

I recently retired from the military and sent my wife with the car in for a check of the AC, and rattling noise under the car which I thought was the catalytic converter. When I received the price quote I almost fainted. $5,501.55.Yes you are reading correctly!!. FIVE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED ONE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS!!

They basically wanted to replace the entire AC system compressor dryer and add refrigerant and replace catalytic converters.I took the car to a German mechanic shop and it took him 15 mins to realize the system had too much refrigerant 9.69 when the system was designed to hold 7.6.He vacuumed the system checked for leaks, refilled the system with the required amount and WHALLA! the AC was working perfectly.

I did not need to replace the dryer,compressor. The car did not need the catalytic converters replace either the heat shield was banging against the muffler.
So Brown Motor Works was robbing my wife for the ten years she took the car there while I was on active duty which I knew but had no alternative.

Bottom line!! - Either they cannot do a proper diagnosis or they are highway ROBBERS preying on innocent women, who fall prey to their ridiculous, prices. DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR THERE! UNLESS YOU HIT THE LOTTO!!
R.A. B. from Brown Motor Works responded on 06/21/2018

Mr.Alexander.I can not find a invoice where we have worked on this vehicle.Can you give me the invoice number off the repair order we gave you so i can check on this please?

Tamika J.
Irmo, SC
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