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Judy D.
Chiefland, FL
Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Verified Customer
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01/05/2017 Category: Service
Judy said they didn't do what they told her they were doing. She was told they would check the hoses and rotate the tires and all they did was change the oil. She paid $39.95 and she believes they overcharged her. She was told they did not rotate the tires because she needs new ones, but she thinks they could have rotated them.
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Chiefland, FL
Jeep Cherokee
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 2/5Overall Rating 2/5rating 2rating 2rating 2
New management not so great
I took my Jeep there to have some tires taken off rims from my other vehicle. I told them that I needed the old tires put back on the rims. And that is what was instructed on my receipt. They called to tell me the Jeep was ready. And then they called to tell me my battery had shorted out! The battery was brand new. It was purchased a couple months earlier. And the Jeep sat in my driveway. I bought it for a back-up vehicle for my mail route. It started for me every time. And it started at Chiefland Tire when I took it to them! The manager insisted that they didn't do anything to short the battery. So I had to buy a new battery. And when I went to pick up my Jeep the tires were not on my rims. I told the manager that they did not put the tires on my rims. And he said that he told them that I didn't want the tires. I left the Jeep there for them to put my tires back on my rims. And when I picked the Jeep up, it did not have my tires on the old rims. it had two different tires. One had tread. The other was bald.

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