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Carlsbad, CA
Ford Econoline Wagon
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I took my carpet cleaning Van into your shop 2 weeks ago because my breaks were going out. You guys diagnosed it as a master cylinder that was leaking into the booster and wanted to charge me $1,100 out the door.

I thought that might be a little pricey so i looked up how much the parts were and the cost of the parts was only $150. If you charge me double for the part that would be $300 plus labor.

I had someone else look at it and the booster didnt even need to be replaced and i only paid $320 out the door for parts and labor.

How were you guys justifying charging me $1,100? It seems to me like you were trying to charge me 3 times what i should be paying for the service.

I feel like i should review your company online so you wont try and rip people off anymore. You can make this right by giving me my $58 back. 7604022077
The Team at Daves B. from Daves Better Auto Repair responded on 02/22/2019

I called the customer and thanked him for the review. But for his safty I  informed him that once the master leaks into the booster the rubber is conaminated you can't just suck the fluid out.The booster is going to fail and you will not have power brakes. I hope he takes my advice or do more research for his safety.

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