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Carmen M.
Mercedes-Benz S430
Verified Customer
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Initial Diagnosis
The initial diagnosis and repair of my Mercedes S430 did not completely remedy the problem. I returned the car to EAG and as I fully expected, they rediagnosed and fixed the problem. I never had any concern that they would not not solve the problem. After more than a decade of doing business with EAG I never question their competence or integrity.

Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Car didn't work when I picked it up.
After a diagnosis and a $450 bill, the same problem existed. However, I have been doing business with EAG
for over a decade and I know they will make it right.
Rich D. from European Auto Garage responded on 02/14/2018

Hi Carmen, Please feel free to bring your vehicle back to us for further diagnosis.  I understand you needed a battery, and the Check Engine Light (with the voltage faults) did not return for our technician on his initial test drive.  Once you bring the vehicle back, Andrew will personally monitor the progress of your repair/diagnosis, and update you with the status.  Thank you for the continued opportunity to service your vehicles.  We realize we have been working with you for many years, and as always,  appreciate your business!

The Team at European Auto Garage
(865) 862-5270

Anna H.
Land Rover Range Rover Sport
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
02/02/2018 Category: Service
Anna said it was a horrible experience, and she will not do business with this facility anymore. She chose not to elaborate further.
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Rich D. from European Auto Garage responded on 02/06/2018

Thank you for the feedback Anna. We completely understand why you were upset with the mess that a failed o-ring caused. We feel very passionate about providing a high level of customer service, and did everything we thought possible to correct the situation.  When the owner of European Auto Garage immediately came out to your home to clean your garage floor, we hoped that would show you how committed we are to providing exceptional service. Unfortunately sometimes parts fail, even when we use Original Manufacturer Equipment, such as the Oil Filter Kit that was used on your vehicle.  

The Team at European Auto Garage
(865) 862-5270

Tera F.
Knoxville, TN
BMW 3 Series
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Completely misdiagnosed my car. First said transfer case motor, then said entire transfer case. Neither were correct. The problem was my transmission. I should get the money back that I paid for their incompetent misdiagnosis.
Rich D. from European Auto Garage responded on 08/30/2017

Thank you for your feedback Tera.  We apologize you were not satisfied with our diagnosis of your car.  We understand it is very frustrating to purchase a car, and then have to turn around and take it to the shop for extensive (unexpected) repairs. However, your frustration should not be directed at European Auto Garage, but at the warranty company and dealership where you purchased your vehicle.  Our technician is a factory trained/ ASE certified technician. He spent over an hour inspecting your vehicle and duplicating your complaint.  Everything was then sent to you in a detailed inspection report.

At the time your vehicle was diagnosed, there were several issues reported to you. Only one of which was the transfer case. We spoke with your warranty company (which took several weeks to for them to respond to our initial request) and they advised they would only cover a transfer case actuator to start with. If that did not fix the problem, they would authorize the replacement of the entire transfer case.  We were directed by your warranty company to follow these steps in order to cover your repair. Andrew (our Service Manager) explained this when he received the information from the warranty company,  and was authorized by you, to start the repair process on your vehicle.

We realize there was a delay in getting the transfer case. Your warranty company would only cover a portion of the transfer case as "good will" and this determined it had to be a used transfer case. These are not readily available like a new part.  You then chose to take it to another shop and have it re-diagnosed. We have no way of knowing if their diagnosis was correct.  We were not given the opportunity to complete the job, with the recommended parts.  In the past three years we have only had to replace two transmissions in your make and model car however we have replaced 20 transfer cases.  The transfer case is known to be a problem, so much so, that BMW keeps the part in stock.

We were not paid by you, or the warranty company, for the work that was completed. In good faith, our Service Manger let you take the car before we were paid, while we waited on the additional part that was determined that you needed.   

Again, I apologize if you feel your car was misdiagnosed or that you were misled.  That is not how we do things, or how we want our customers to feel, here at European Auto Garage.  We would appreciate you contacting us to discuss this matter, or if you would reconsider your low review.

The Team at European Auto Garage

(865) 862-5270

Danny C.
Knoxville, TN
BMW 528i
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Parts and labor is to high
Nice garage but two ladies that meet me was clueless and Lil guy that came out to discuss what's going on seemed under qualified for he's position is he saw certified if not he doesn't need to be reviewing mechanics notes I think the ase certified mechanic that serviced car is more qualified than and more knowledgeable about what's wrong with car and parts labor with is same as BMW dealership 😂 why go here? I wouldn't recommend this guy's they think there best but couldn't catch rest $1300 to press bushing in lower control arm and remove two well abs sensors four Allen head bolts are you kidding me went to pee boys fixed 360.00 bucks thx but no thx big shot out peonies for not trying steal my hard earned money I think they needed new tires for there race car lol until they treat each car individualy as there year and mileage considered if your driving 1998 528i with 268000 and paying same as 2017 Porsche with 20000 they'll go out busines soon to bad but greed rules sorry no money for you
Rich D. from European Auto Garage responded on 08/25/2017

Thank you for your feedback Danny.  We apologize that we were not able to help you with your vehicle today.  If you were looking for a discount shop, that is not who we are.  We have ASE certified, factory trained technicians and install OEM or OES certified parts. Our clients expect a certain level of service competence, and trust; that is who we strive to be.

Looking at your estimate, it was not for press bushing in lower control arm, and the removal of two "well abs sensors".  We priced out both front control arms (complete assemblies) with bushings, alignment, and to remove and replace both the front and rear ABS speed sensors.

Thank you again for your feedback. We are glad to hear that you found a solution, that worked for you. 

The Team at European Auto Garage
(865) 862-5270