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Kari K. on 12/29/2017
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"Price gouging"
My son was on Christmas vacation when his car overheated. He pulled in to a parking lot to get off the main road. It just so happened to be European Auto Garage. We went in and spoke with the two ladies at the desk. We then spoke with a gentleman who said he would do a pressure test for $30. Diagnosis was the thermostat and the hose needed to be replace. We waited while they did the estimate which came back at a little under $400. $90 for parts, the rest was labor, fees, and taxes. We approved the work so it could be done on December 26th since he needed to be home on the 27th. We called 3 times to see if the car was fixed. When we spoke with the ladies up front we got an update each time. They did get the work done on time and called us to come pick it up. My son went to get it and came home very upset. When he got there they told him it would be $559.82. When he said his estimate was less than $400 the office lady told him he could either pay for the service or he would not get car and gave a sarcastic laugh. My son paid because he had no choice. He had to have his car. After checking with 2 other auto places we found out the price should have been less than $200. The receipt shows they doubled the price for parts and increased the labor cost. Dealing with the Tennessee Attorney General regarding the price gouging. For a place that started out so friendly, it is so sad to see they took advantage of a young couple with a newborn baby.
Service Date: 12/26/2017
Review Created: 12/29/2017 07:35 AM
Rich D. at European Auto Garage responded on 12/31/2017

Ms. Knight, thank you for your feedback.  We understand it is very frustrating for your vehicle to break down, especially when you are out of town, the weekend before Christmas.

When you came in Friday evening, even though we specialize in European cars,  we were happy to try and help you with your 2008 Ford Fusion. Our technician took a look at your vehicle and determined there was an issue with your cooling system.  He agreed to pressure test the system for $30.00, this was a discount off our normal $90.00 + tax diagnostic charge. The test showed that your thermostat and housing had failed along with one if not both of your radiator hoses (upper and lower). The technician then determined the series/type of thermostat and hoses it would need.  We quoted you the upper hose, because that was the one that was visible, the lower hose can only be seen with removing several parts above it. Our service advisor then gave you the estimate, and was very explicit that the estimate could change, if it was determined that the lower hose was needed as well.  Ultimately after your car was disassembled, it was determined that you in fact did need the thermostat housing, and lower radiator hose, not the upper hose. The lower hose was slightly higher in price than the upper hose, and required more labor to access the hose.  It was also determined that your vehicle needed additional coolant (since the original coolant was empty due to the parts failure), and new clamps to attach the hose, as the old old clamps had lost their tension and were no longer functional. If you noticed, we did not charge you the original $30.00 diagnostic testing.  Your vehicle was repaired and you were charged at our normal shop rate using the published flat rate manuals to determine the labor time required to complete the repair. It would be wrong to assume we can/would take any other factors into consideration when charging for our services.
When your son came in to pick his vehicle up, he was given the completed, detailed invoice for his review and signature.  At that time he started using extreme profanity and yelling at the woman checking him out.  He proceeded to curse at her in front of other customers and children.  At that time she attempted to explain that when the estimate was given, it was explained that it could change, once the technician determined which hose(s) would be needed. At no time did she state that if he didn’t pay, he wouldn’t get his car or laugh at him.  She was actually stunned by the way he was yelling at her. In fact he was the one that said, that he had no choice, that he needed his car. He then paid his bill, and threw his Coke on our lobby floor as he was leaving. If you would like to review the video that we have of the interaction, we would be more than willing to show you.

We understand that European Auto Garage is not for every customer.  We provide an exceptional level of service and integrity that our customers have come to expect. We are not a discount shop and use OEM parts, diagnostic equipment, and procedures.  We provide a 3 year 36 thousand mile nationwide warranty with all our repairs. We apologize for any misunderstanding and we were simply trying to ensure a safe and uneventful trip home.

The Team at European Auto Garage

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Diane B. on 04/10/2017
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"Not A Good Fit For Me"
I tried EAG as an alternative to the local dealership which which I had no major complaints. My car was repaired after a very lengthy wait for parts. Price-wise, it proved to be the same as my dealership. I was disappointed in the lack of communication between me, the office and the mechanics. Frankly, I do not think they are especially interested in acquiring me as a customer.
Vehicle: Porsche Boxster
Service Date: 03/28/2017
Review Created: 04/10/2017 09:11 AM
Rich D. at European Auto Garage responded on 04/10/2017

Hi Diane,

We apologize your repair took longer than you anticipated, however the part (Ignition Cylinder) needed to repair your vehicle, was a "VIN coded" part.  This part had to come direct from the manufacturer in Germany. This is not a part that is able to be stocked either with the dealer or us. To error on the side of caution, we provided you with a loaner car, so your vehicle would not leave you stranded, while we waited on the part to be delivered.

We empathize with you, that having a vehicle repaired can be a daunting experience, especially when dealing with high end cars and parts. We apologize if we did not communicate effectively with you, and will work to make sure it doesn't happen in the future. At European Auto Garage, we not only want to be a dealer alternative, we aim to be better than the dealer.

We do appreciate your business, and hope to see you in the future.  If there is anything we can do, please do not hesitate to ask.

The Team at European Auto Garage

(865) 862-5270
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