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Gregg C.
Bainbridge Island, WA
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Untrustworthy, Unreliable and Disloyal
I'll never do business with Green Light Garage again and will urge friends, neighbors and colleagues to avoid it like a plague ship. After scheduling an appointment (six days in advance), I made arrangements to be without my vehicle for 1.5 days (the period of time Green Light Garage told me they needed for the job). On the day, I arrived at 8:00 AM but Nick told me the shop would be closed due to inclement weather. No worries, I said. We agreed that I would bring it in the following morning. When I arrived 2/5/19 to drop off my car, I was told "we can't get to it until next week" and was advised to reschedule. I'd re-confirmed this appointment that same morning via telephone so this was a jolt. It's a rotten feeling to be left holding the bag like that, and reprehensible for an auto shop to have arrant disregard for people's work schedules and the pickup/dropoff rides they arrange to cover an auto repair commitment. Nick broke his word. And when people show you who they are, believe them. According to a review found on another site, Green Light Garage has employed this tactic before so take your business elsewhere before it happens to you. It's a civic duty to spread the word about bad businesses like this one. Green Light Garage's ad slogan should be, "We value our time more than yours because our customers are suckers and schmucks."

Wendy M.
Bainbridge Island, WA
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Not Honest
Had a lower ball joint replaced on my 96 Honda Civic and felt that their quoted price of approx.$200 to be resonable. However, There was an issue with removing my after market lugnuts and not having the key to remove them. I don't believe they are being honest with me claiming it took them two additional hours at $115 an hour to remove the four lugnuts. They claimed that they had to drill them out. This was not the case. I eventually found all four of them inside my Honda and put them back on my tire. When I went to talk to them about this they kept giving me excuses of additional things that they did to consume for that two extra hours they charged me for but none were substantial such as they had to move my car into the shop. This should not adjust their quoted price to me. They showed me the socket that they used to remove my lugnuts and this doesn't seem to me that it took them two additional hours for them to remove not to mention the time stamp on my phone from when they called me asking for the lugnuts key to remove them until the time stamp on my phone when they called me to tell me the work was done and I could pick up my car was not even two hours of time. I was sent away told that they woud call me after speaking to the owner about this. It has almost been a week and I am still awaiting their call.

Nancy B.
Bainbridge Island, WA
Volkswagen Jetta
Verified Customer
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Great job repairing our Jetta TDI
We brought our 2006 Jetta in to repair a broken window motor. Service was done quickly and I'm happy to report the window works perfectly! Thank you !!

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